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He Zhiwu, He Fei, and Zhang Yijia all backed away to a corner of the hall.

They watched the distorted Wang Na screaming hysterically, not knowing what to say to pacify her.

Wang Na vented her anger for a good while before she calmed down and stopped destroying things in the hall.

“What else did you found out” After Wang Na took a deep breath, she turned around and asked the three, who were almost huddling in a corner of the hall.

He Fei pondered if he should say anything further, but in the end he took a small step forward, “The rumors flying around outside say that some ancestors tried to threaten Huang Xiaolong, demands the divine grade spirit stone treasure, but all of them were already killed by Huang Xiaolong!”

“Some” Wang Nas eyes were round as fists, “Are you sure it was Huang Xiaolong who killed them He alone”

“That is what the rumors say, that Huang Xiaolong killed them himself.” He Fei replied.

Wang Na sucked in a breath of cold air, urging, “Which ancestors” 

“There is Evil Ghost Ancestor, Unscrupulous Old Monster, Green Devil, …” He Fei listed out a total of thirteen names.

Every name caused Wang Nas eyes to widen a fraction with disbelief, confoundment, and terror; terror birthed from the very core of her soul.

Each of these ancestors and old monsters mentioned were existences whose names sent a shiver down the spine all the four galaxies!

Her own strength could only occupy the bottom place amongst the thirteen people.

And the strongest one among the thirteen, the Evil Ghost Ancestor, was an existence that she dreaded.

Yet, even he died Killed by Huang Xiaolongs hands!

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!!” When He Fei finished, Wang Na was hysterical again, shrieking sharply, “Huang Xiaolong that rotten bastard, how is it possible He cannot possibly have this strength.

Right, that must be it, it must be those ancestors that signed blood contracts with him who acted, its them who killed those thirteen ancestors, definitely not Huang Xiaolong!”

He Zhiwu, He Fei, and Zhang Yijia secretly exchanged a look in silence.

In truth, the three of them also found it hard to believe that it was Huang Xiaolong who killed those infamous masters.

As strong as Huang Xiaolong could be, he was still a measly God Realm cultivator.

Would a mere God Realm cultivator have the ability to kill a Highgod Realm master One couldnt help but feel ridiculous hearing such rumors.

Not to mention the fact that those thirteen ancestors werent people who had broken through to Highgod Realm for a mere day or two, each persons name had shaken the four galaxies at one point.

The weakest of them was a peak mid-First Order Highgod Realm master.

Also, the Evil Ghost Ancestor was an existence comparable to an early Second Order Highgod Realm.

A God Realm cultivator killing an early Second Order Highgod Realm master It was really the biggest joke ever.

The Azure Dragon Institutes main hall.

All the institutes Grand Elders were gathered, talking in low, cautious whispers into the ear next to them.

The main hall buzzed, the topic of their discussions being Huang Xiaolong.

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi sat on the main host seat, expressionless.

No one could tell what he was thinking.

A while later, Qin Yi made a waving motion in the air.

The main hall immediately quieted down.

“Everyone, what are your thoughts on the matter” Qin Yi spoke.

Grand Elder Pan Li stood up saying, “Saying that Huang Xiaolong alone killed the Evil Ghost Ancestor, Unscrupulous Ancestor, and the other masters can be nothing but fabrication.

Huang Xiaolong deliberately made an uproar in order to a create a favorable situation for himself before the Highgod Advancement Tournament begins!”

“Thats it, his intentions are to create an unseen pressure for the various talented disciples that will be participating in the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

This way, no one would dare to compete with him for the first place.” Grand Elder Tang Qian also stood up to state his opinion.

Following that, more and more Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elders chimed in.

Without exception, all of them were adamant that Huang Xiaolong was making things up.

Qin Yi pressed his hand down on the air again to stop everyone from clamoring, “Even if this matter is Huang Xiaolongs fabrication, the matter of Red Robed Supreme and the other eight Highgod Realm masters serving Huang Xiaolong, signing blood contract with him is probably true.”

Everyone had no answer.

“Institute Principal, letting things as they are now is detrimental to us, there will be more and more Highgod Realm masters going to Huang Xiaolongs side.” Another Grand Elder solemnly stated, “We should immediately gather other super families masters together and kill Huang Xiaolong.”

“I second that, things will only grow worse if they\'re allowed to continue in this direction.

Perhaps, one day, our Azure Dragon Institute will be destroyed by him!”

“Kill Huang Xiaolong!”

Other Grand Elders stood up in support.

Qin Yi sighed softly and said, “Even if we want to kill Huang Xiaolong now, it is easier said than done.

With what excuse are we to gather other masters to kill Huang Xiaolong Also, dont you all forget, behind Huang Xiaolong are Feng Yang and the Ascending Moon Old Man.”

The hall fell into silence.

“But, I\'ve just received news from the forbidden land, Mingzhi has succeeded in obtaining the Old Ancestor Yang Gangs heritage.

Moreover, he has formed his godhead, breaking into the Highgod Realm!” Just as the hall fell into a heavy silence, Qin Yis voice resonated.

All the present Grand Elders were stunned, then exclaimed.

“Congratulations, Institute Principal! Mingzhi obtained the Old Ancestor Yang Gangs inheritance and broke into the Highgod Realm.

Adding his Azure Dragon Divine Fire on top of that, in this terms Highgod Advancement Tournament, hell easily suppress all others, winning the first place!”

“Thats right, as strong as that Huang Xiaolong is, hes not a match for Mingzhi!”

In the blink of an eye, the atmosphere in the hall turned from somber to full of cheers, congratulatory voices resounding non-stop.

Old Ancestor Yang Gang that Qin Yi spoke of was none other than the Azure Dragon Institutes first Principal.

Xiang Mingzhi successfully obtaining the heritage of the first Azure Dragon Institute Principal, Yang Gang, was truly a pleasant surprise to them at this point in time.

“Also, Mingzhis godhead is a top rank ten godhead!” Qin Yi added.

As he said this, the depth of his eyes shone, revealing his happiness.

“What Top rank ten godhead!!”

The buzzing hall now boiled with excitement, all the Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elders were ecstatic.

The legendary top rank ten godhead!

In the four galaxies, in so many tens of thousands of years, the highest ranked godhead ever condensed was a rank nine godhead!

No one had ever succeeded in condensing a rank ten godhead!

And now, Xiang Mingzhi, their Azure Dragon Institute Principals personal disciple, actually condensed a rank ten godhead.

Furthermore, it was even a top rank ten godhead!

“Therefore, even if more Highgod Realm masters are willing to serve Huang Xiaolong, it is irrelevant.

When the Highgod Advancement Tournament begins, Huang Xiaolong will be dead for sure, and when he dies, his divine grade spirit stone treasure will fall into our Azure Dragon Institutes hands!” Qin Yi snickered.

“Right, with Mingzhis top rank ten godhead and his talent, killing Huang Xiaolong will be as easy as turning over his palm!” Grand Elder Pan Li laughed loudly.

“When that divine grade spirit stone treasure falls into our Azure Dragon Institutes hands, well imitate Huang Xiaolong and recruit some Highgod Realm masters, conquering the four galaxies!” Another Grand Elder suggested in laughter.

With the Azure Dragon Institute intentionally leaking the news of Xiang Mingzhi obtaining their first Institute Principal Yang Gangs heritage, breaking into the Highgod Realm and condensing a top rank ten godhead, the news spread over the four galaxies like wildfire.

The four galaxies were in an uproar.

From then on, it seemed like the four galaxies only had two topics of conversation, Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhi.

Hence, it didnt take long for the news to reach Huang Xiaolongs ears.

“Top rank ten godhead…” Huang Xiaolong merely snickered in contempt.


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