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“According to your judgment, what is that Huang Xiaolongs strength now” Wang Na questioned in a somber voice.

He Zhiwu and He Fei exchanged a glance.

He Zhiwu hesitated before speaking, “I think his strength is on par with Eldest Senior Brother.”

The Eldest Senior Brother was referring to Liu Yun.

“What you two are saying is, that Huang Xiaolongs real strength is already comparable to a peak late-Tenth Order God Realm master” Wang Na asked again in detail after hearing He Zhiwus answer, unable to accept it.

Liu Yun was someone who had cultivated for more one ten thousand years.

How long had Huang Xiaolong been cultivating

Both He Zhiwu and He Fei were dejected as well.

In fact, the two of them also found it hard to believe that they were defeated by Huang Xiaolong.

However, what happened earlier couldn\'t have been an illusion, their injuries and pain were the best evidence.

They smiled wryly inside while nodding their heads at Wang Na after her second question.

Wang Na sucked in a breath of cold air.

She did not speak further, her expression sullen to the extreme.

Huang Xiaolongs strength had actually grown to this extent!

“Vice-Principal.” The two of them called out cautiously after seeing Wang Na remain silent for a long time.

Wang Na regained her senses.

“Saint Mother Yao Chis birthday banquet is nearing, and the Institute Principal will definitely bring Huang Xiaolong to participate.

This subordinate feels that it\'s a good opportunity.” He Zhiwu suggested.

Wang Nas eyes lit up, “Youre saying that if that Huang Xiaolong becomes the Saint Mothers legacy inheritor, then we can…”

“Exactly, but with Huang Xiaolongs current strength, theres only a handful of people below the Highgod Realm that are capable of killing him.” He Fei solemnly reminded.

Wang Na pondered, “You two need not worry about this, I have my own arrangement.”

“Yes, Vice-Institute Principal.”

Three days later.

After Huang Xiaolongs three days of construction, a new grand dwelling once again stood on the top of the Golden Dragon Peak.

The newly built dwelling was as grand as a palace, gleaming under the sunlight.

Its surrounding land was once again filled with spiritual trees, flowers, and medicinal herbs.

Huang Xiaolong nodded with satisfaction looking at his new work.

Then he flew straight to his Masters manor.

When he arrived, his Senior Apprentice-brother Liu Yun and Third Apprentice-sister Qi Wen were already there.

Other than them, his Second Apprentice-brother Chen Yang was also there.

These years Huang Xiaolong rarely saw Chen Yang and their relationship was nothing to speak of.

Even though Chen Yang saw Huang Xiaolong, he had no intention of exchanging any greetings, whereas Huang Xiaolong wasnt the kind of person that went about flattering others.

‘Treat others as they treat you, hence Huang Xiaolong also ignored Cheng Yang.

When Feng Yang saw that all of his disciples had arrived, they departed from the Black Warrior Institute with him at the front, heading to the Great Lake World.

With ample time before the day of the banquet, their journey proceeded in a relaxed manner.

From time to time, they would stop for a day or two when passing by certain world surfaces.

Their journey progressed without incident.

Roughly a month later, Feng Yangs group finally arrived at the Azure Dragon Galaxys Great Lake World.

Tearing the Great Lake Worlds outer barrier, the five people entered its atmosphere.

The moment Huang Xiaolong entered, he immediately felt the rich water element spiritual energy in the environment.

Moreover, this Great Lake Worlds water spiritual energy contained a unique life force.

Although faint, Huang Xiaolong was able to detect it, which surprised him.

One must know, life force within spiritual energy was something rarer than rare.

Huang Xiaolong had been to quite a few world surfaces, but he had yet to see a world surface that had life force within its spiritual energy.

Thats why this Great Lake Worlds water spiritual energy that contained life force came as a surprise to Huang Xiaolong.

Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen also detected the faint life vitality contained in the spiritual energy, their expressions mirrored Huang Xiaolongs.

When Feng Yang saw his disciples expressions, he chuckled and said, “It is said that in the primordial times, a God of Life died in this Great Lake World.

Furthermore, his godhead integrated with the Great Lake World and thats why there is life force in the spiritual energy here.”

“The God of Lifes godhead!” Huang Xiaolong and the others were astounded.

Feng Yang smiled, “Yes, of course, thats how the legend goes.

Whether its true or not, no one knows.

In these millions of years, countless masters have tried searching for this fabled godhead, but until now, not a single person succeeded.”

A light flickered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

No one ever found it If this Great Lake World really contained the godhead of a God, Huang Xiaolong was confident that he would be able to find it.

That\'s because he had the Blood Sacrifice Law!

He could use the Blood Sacrifice Law to find the godhead, just like that time when he was searching for the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings sealed arms.

Huang Xiaolong had already decided.

After Saint Mother Yao Chis banquet, he would try to search for that primordial Gods godhead using the Blood Sacrifice Law.

When a perfection stage Tenth Order God Realm broke through to the Highgod Realm, condensing their godhead, the godhead condensed also varied according to the persons cultivation technique.

Therefore, godheads also had different attributes.

Cultivators cultivating earth element techniques would condense an earth element godhead, cultivation related to fire would create a fire element godhead, then water element, metal element, and lightning element. 

Other than the common elements, there were also the light element, dark element, and life element!

The light, dark, and life element godheads; these three were the hardest kind of godheads to condense.

Especially the life element godhead.

Due to the vibrant life force contained inside a life element godhead, if it was absorbed by cultivators below the Highgod Realm, it could improve their physique from the core and also increases ones lifespan.

Hence, it was more valuable than most godheads.

Godheads of other elements might not be suitable to absorb due to the differences between a persons cultivation technique or their physical limitations, however, the life element godhead was different.

Regardless of a persons cultivation technique or physical limitations, they could easily absorb the life force inside the godhead.

The Huang Family could also do so.

If he could find this life element godhead, even though he himself didn\'t need it, the life force inside it would be beneficial to his family and Shi Xiaofei.

“I was wondering who might it be, so its the Black Warrior Institute Principal.” While Huang Xiaolong was pondering about that God of Lifes godhead, a voice sounded.

Turning to look, a group of people could be seen flying toward them in the distance.

It was the Jiang Family Patriarch and Jiang Family members.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed.

Moments later, the Jiang and Gudu Families people reached Feng Yangs group.

“Haha, Black Warrior Institute Principal, youre also here to attend Saint Mother Yao Chis banquet” The Jiang Familys Patriarch, Jiang Wuhuang, flashed a radiant smile as he greeted Feng Yang, “What a coincidence, were also here to attend the birthday banquet.” [1]

Judging from the smile on Jiang Wuhuangs face, no one would have guessed that he held a deep grudge toward Huang Xiaolong.

Feng Yang responded mildly, “Coincidence, indeed.” 

The Gudu Family Patriarch Gudu Yes gaze swept over Huang Xiaolong, Liu Yun, and the others, then back again on Huang Xiaolong while speaking to Feng Yang in a flat tone, “I didnt expect Institute Principal Feng Yang would bring along his youngest disciple to participate in Saint Mother Yao Chis birthday banquet.

Is Institute Principal hoping for another stage battle during the banquet, so that your disciple can once again amaze everyone with a brilliant act”

Gudu Yes words were full of mockery and provocation.

A sharp light gleamed in Feng Yangs eyes, “Patriarch Gudu need not exert yourself over this.”

A tall young man beside the Jiang Family Patriarch took a step forward, condescending and provocative as he glanced at Huang Xiaolong from the corner of his eye, “So, youre that Huang Xiaolong I hope you can maintain your legendary undefeated record on Saint Mother Yao Chis battle stage.”

“Institute Principal Feng Yang, well meet again at the banquet.” Jiang Wuhuang let out a horrid laughter, as he and Patriarch Gudu flew off with people from their families.


Yes, Wang Nas Wuhuang Peak is named after the Jiang Family Patriarch, Jiang Wuhuang.


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