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In Huang Xiaolongs grip, the Mulberry Sword quivered, seemingly in anticipation, even before the Nether Ice Palace masters that flew toward Huang Xiaolong spoke one syllable.

Multiple sword qi rays shot over, piercing through every single master from the other party. 

That group of Nether Ice Palace masters stiffened in the air.

Their eyes were dazed as they looked at their own bodies, plummeting from the high air in the next moment.

The situation over here immediately attracted the attention of other Nether Ice Palace masters nearby.

Angry roars reverberated from several different directions as they flung attacks at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong watched with an aloof expression, his figure flickered into a blur as he moved.

With every move, the Mulberry Sword in his hand would bring a rain of blood, accompanied by tragic wails that rose and fell like the waves.

Moments later, the sea below was dyed red. 

The screams stopped, leaving an eerie silence in the cold air.

With every kill, Huang Xiaolong would move the corpse into the Asura Ring.

In a short time, the number of corpses inside the Asura Ring had increased by several thousand Saint realm cultivators, and twenty corpses of God Realm cultivators.

However, not every single one of the Nether Ice Palaces people were killed.

Huang Xiaolong left one alive, an Elder of the Nether Ice Palace who he soul-scoured for information.

More precisely, he searched for the location of the Nether Ice Palaces headquarters.

Undoubtedly, Huang Xiaolongs goal was to cut the weeds and dig up the roots.

As long as the Nether Ice Palace Lord and Grand Elders were dead, then the Nether Ice Palaces forces would share the same fate as the Zhao Family; split and divided, swallowed by the Demonic Cult and the Mo Family.

Shortly after, Huang Xiaolong was done with soul-scouring the Nether Ice Palace Elders mind and he ended the Elders life.

He then flew in the direction of the Nether Ice Palace headquarters, located not far from the Black North Sea.

At Huang Xiaolong current flying speed, he would arrive in slightly over an hours time.

When he reached the Nether Ice Palace, the Palace Lord was busy manhandling four maids.

‘Battling one against four.

The moans and grunts grew louder.

It seemed like the Nether Ice Palace Lords lower part was well endowed, but then again, Huang Xiaolong wasnt in the mood to appreciate these things.

The Mulberry Sword in his hand slashed down.

“Who⸺!” The instant Huang Xiaolongs Mulberry Sword slashed down, the Nether Ice Palace Lord immediately sensed hostility.

His shout rumbled like an angry thunder.

In fact, this was a high level sound technique called Great Vibrating Thunder Sound. 

At the same time, the Nether Ice Palace Lord flew up from the four maids naked bodies.

However, that Great Vibrating Thunder Sound might have an effect on others, but it was completely ineffective on Huang Xiaolong.

Just as the Nether Ice Palace Lord was about to leave the four maids, Huang Xiaolongs sword pierced through his Qi Sea.

The Mulberry Swords tip slid through his Qi Sea, emerging from his back.

Huang Xiaolong pulled his sword back as the Nether Ice Palace Lords miserable scream rang out, stumbling to the floor.

The four Nether Ice Palace maids shrieked in panic.

Regardless of their naked bodies, they ran as fast as they could toward the door.

Without looking back, Huang Xiaolong made a slash with the Mulberry Sword to the back and the four maids collapsed, a foot away from the door.

“Who are you” Deathly pale, the Nether Ice Palace Lord asked through gritted teeth, yet his entire being reflected the fear in his heart, “May I presumptuously ask, how did our Nether Ice Palace offend this gentleman”

 Huang Xiaolong replied with a deadpan face, “Didnt you order your men to search the Black North Sea and capture me”

Nether Ice Palace Lords face tightened: “It was you!” This person in front of him was his sons murderer

Huang Xiaolong did not continue talking.

He raised the Mulberry Sword and stabbed it through the eyebrows of the Nether Ice Palace Lord, true immortal essence fire rushed down the length of the Mulberry Sword.

The Nether Ice Palace Lord, a peak early-Ninth Order God Realm master—dead!

Before Huang Xiaolong integrated with the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, he was able to send those mid-Ninth Order God Realm Li Family guards flying with a punch, not to mention that his real strength had grown by leaps and bounds after integrating with the Black Tortoise Divine Fire.

Hence, killing a peak early Ninth Order God Realm was, in fact, quite easy.

Huang Xiaolong threw the Nether Ice Palace Lord as well as the four maids bodies into his Asura Ring and walked out from the inner hall through the doors.

When Huang Xiaolong stepped out, the Nether Ice Palaces masters were rushing in his direction from every corner, tightly encircling him.

From the large group of Nether Ice Palace masters, an alluring woman clad in colorful brocade robes stepped forward.

Even without asking, Huang Xiaolong knew that this woman was the Mistress of the Nether Ice Palace.

He acknowledged that this womans cleavage was astounding, quivering from the slightest step.

Despite them being veiled by the colorful brocade robes, Huang Xiaolong intuitively felt that they were really big.

He couldnt resist taking a second glance.

Inexplicably, Huang Xiaolong visually compared them with Shi Xiaofeis.

Although Shi Xiaofei was not lacking in any way, in terms of size, she lost to this Nether Ice Palace Mistress.

“You are What matters do you have breaking into our Nether Ice Palace Where is my husband” The Nether Ice Palace Mistress directed several questions at Huang Xiaolong, not knowing that her husband had already died in Huang Xiaolongs hands.

Huang Xiaolong did not answer.

Taking a quick look around at the people encircling him, he flew up, spinning into a giant wind cyclone right inside the heart of the group containing the Nether Ice Palace masters and their Mistress.

The giant wind cyclone expanded even further in the blink of an eye, covering the whole Nether Ice Palace headquarters.

Including the Nether Ice Palace Mistress, all Nether Ice Palace masters were pulled into the wind cyclone.

This giant wind cyclone was the same move that Huang Xiaolong used at the Zhao Family Manor, Dragon Twirling Clouds.

After integrating with the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, Huang Xiaolong comprehended its devouring power, increasing his understanding of Dragon Twirling Clouds.

A horrifying devouring power continued to expand outside of the giant wind cyclone.

The top of the giant wind cyclone had transformed into thousands of great wind dragons.

Half an hour later, the giant wind cyclone vanished, so did the thousands of great wind dragons in the sky.

Looking at the corpses of the Nether Ice Palace masters hovering in the air, Huang Xiaolong collected all of them, throwing them into his Asura Ring and disappearing from the scene.

After leaving the Nether Ice Palace headquarters, Huang Xiaolong made his way out of Peace Emperor World, rushing back to Martial Spirit World.

As for how the Demonic Cult and the Mo Family planned to swallow the remnants of the Zhao Family and the Nether Ice Palace, Huang Xiaolong was not interested.

These small forces of Peace Emperor World were not even qualified as first rank forces in the Black Tortoise Galaxy, Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to subjugate them,

Once he was out from Peace Emperor World, Huang Xiaolongs speed increased.

Three hours later, he was finally back in Martial Spirit World.

‘Im finally back. Standing high in Martial Spirit Worlds stratosphere, breathing this worlds air, Huang Xiaolong vanished in a flash of light, speeding back to the Huang Clan Manor.

When he returned to Martial Spirit World this time, Huang Xiaolong keenly felt that its spiritual energy had improved, no longer feeble and chaotic like before.

Looks like his parent and the others had worked hard to help Martial Spirit World recover in his absence.

Very soon, Huang Xiaolong could already see the Huang Clan Manors silhouette.

Compared to the time he left, the Huang Clan Manor had completely transformed once again.

Those depraved murals and statues built by the Ying Family Grand Elder Ying Fei and the others were demolished and rebuilt.

This newly rebuilt Huang Clan Manor was even grander, more majestic, and more beautiful than before.

“Big brothers back!” Huang Xiaohai spotted Huang Xiaolong, hollering in delight.

His voice rang clearly in the entire Huang Clan Manor.

Instantly, all the Huang Family, Shi Xiaofei, and the others rushed out, breaking into happy smiles.

Although, when Huang Xiaolong left, he had mentioned that he might return several years later, telling everyone to wait for him here, as the years passed, it would be a lie to say they did not worry about him, especially Shi Xiaofei.

When she saw Huang Xiaolong, her beautiful eyes were red-rimmed.


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