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What really surprised Huang Xiaolong was the fact that the effect of the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet could truly be described as miraculous.

After consuming and refining two of them, his parents and several others broke through to Saint realm on the same night!

Whereas his bro Xie Puti merely took one to successfully break through.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong was still worried if one bottle was sufficient, he didnt expect to have some leftover, which were given to Fei Hou, Haotian, and the Huang Family guards that had been following loyally by his parents side for so many years.

Thus, those on the Golden Dragon Peak who were stuck in the Xiantian realm all advanced into the Saint realm.

Watching his parents and the others finally breaking through to Saint realm, his eyes were a little red from joy.

Breaking into the Saint realm meant that his parents lifespan would exceed a thousand years.

At the very least, within a thousand years, Huang Xiaolong neednt feel anxious about the issue of his parents limited lifespan anymore.

The time Huang Xiaolong spent with his parents wasn\'t much, as well as the time he spent accompanying them.

What he could do was try his utmost to increase everyones cultivation so they could live longer.

The sun was shining gloriously the next day as it rose on the horizon.

Bathed under the bright rays of the sun, the Golden Dragon Peak appeared illusive.

When the sky brightened entirely, the whole Golden Dragon Peak was a hive of activity.

Despite the Ascending Moon Old Man saying he wanted to hold a simple apprenticeship ceremony, the people on the Golden Dragon Peak dared not do a careless and sloppy work.

The entire Nine Halls Palace was colorfully decorated, brimming with excitement and joy.

More than two hundred Saint realm subordinates worked together, from preparing the meat to picking spiritual fruits and serving wine.

Not many guests were invited, only the Black Warrior Institutes Grand Elders and above, no more than sixty people.

No doubt, Huang Xiaolongs Senior Apprentice-brothers, Liu Yun and Cheng Yang, and Third Apprentice-sister Qi Wen were present as well.

But Huang Xiaolong didnt expect that old witch Wang Na to come.

Huang Xiaolong originally wanted to tell the old witch Wang Na to roll back where she came from, but his Master Feng Yang and the Ascending Moon Old Man assented to her presence.

Thus he could only go along with both his Masters decision.

Upon arrival, most of the Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders were flashing beaming smiles at Huang Xiaolong, enthusiastically congratulating him.

Huang Xiaolong ordered his subordinates to receive the congratulatory gifts, but it goes without saying that half of these Grand Elders belonged to Wang Nas faction.

They were congratulating him on the surface, but who know what evil curses they were throwing at him in their hearts.

The apprenticeship ceremony began exactly at noon.

It goes without saying that no one dared to raise the slightest ripple of trouble, hence the ceremony progressed smoothly.

The Ascending Moon Old Man was smiling from ear to ear the entire time, and on this rare occasion he actually put on a presentable brocade robe.

Unfortunately, the robe was bright red in color, rendering Huang Xiaolong speechless. 

When Huang Xiaolong respectfully offered the Ascending Moon Old Man a cup of tea, greeting him as Master, the Ascending Moon Old Mans face split into a wide laugh, “Good! Good! Good disciple, Master has been waiting for this day for more than ten thousand years, it is finally here! Today, Master is happy, very happy, extremely happy!” The hall echoed with Ascending Moon Old Mans exuberant laughter.

The present Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders all wore a smiling expression as they nodded enthusiastically in agreement, starting another wave of congratulations.

When the laughter subsided, the Ascending Moon Old Man solemnly took out a small wooden box, saying, “Master has nothing much to give you, but Master has kept this little treasure for sixty thousand years.

Today, it is yours.” With that said, he passed the box to Huang Xiaolong.

As for what was inside the little box, the Ascending Moon Old Man did not mention, neither did he open the box in front of everyone.

Watching this, the present Grand Elders eyes flickered with curiosity, secretly trying to guess what the little box contained, including Wang Na.

However, the box had a layer of restrictions placed on it by the Ascending Moon Old Man, thus even using some secret method, none of them were able to probe the inside.

Huang Xiaolong received the little box with both hands, thanking his Master and putting it away into his Asura Ring, deciding to see what was inside later that night.

With the rituals of the apprenticeship ceremony finished, the banquet began.

The Golden Dragon Peak was filled with cheers and laughter, wine cups clinked endlessly into the night, permeating the air with wine fragrance.

From the beginning, Wang Na had only shown calm composure, as if she had completely forgotten what took place yesterday.

But Huang Xiaolong knew that this old witch didnt forget it at all, instead, it was carved deep into her bones.

The banquet lasted well into the night, then the Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders, Vice-Principals Su Haodong, Li Zhiqun, and old witch Wang Na took their leave accordingly.

Later, his Master Feng Yang and Senior Apprentice-brothers and sister also left.

After a full day of bustle, the Golden Dragon Peak finally calmed down.

Back in his own courtyard, Huang Xiaolong took out the little wooden box the Ascending Moon Old Man gave him during the day.

Even he was extremely curious what was stored inside the box.

According to the method the Ascending Moon Old Man taught him, Huang Xiaolong undid the restrictions around the wooden box and opened it.

Looking at the item inside, Huang Xiaolong blanked for a second.

Placed inside was a five-cornered stone, looking somewhat like a demonic beast core, yet it also looked like a gem at the same time, something that bore no energy fluctuations.

This old man couldnt be giving him a piece of stone, right

While Huang Xiaolong was still in a blank, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis thrilled voice shook in his mind, “This… this is, a godhead!”

“Godhead!” Huang Xiaolong was astounded, staring at the stone in his hands with disbelief.

This thing was the legendary godhead!

“There\'s no way Im wrong, thats definitely a godhead!” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi confirmed, still sounding very excited.

“It absolutely is, no mistake about it! Kid, this is a peerless treasure ah! The Ascending Moon Old Man is really generous, giving you such a treasure!”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes also lit up, if this was really a godhead as Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said, then it really was a peerless treasure, far exceeding the True Dragon Kings demonic beast cores.

The True Dragon Kings demonic beast cores merely contained demonic essence energy, but this godhead was vastly different; it contained a Highgod Realm masters godforce as well as their Gods Law! 

Lately, Huang Xiaolong had been racking his brain trying to figure out where to find another batch of Highgod Realm divine dragon beast cores to increase his strength.

Who would have expected the Ascending Moon Old Man to be giving him a godhead!

Now, he was already a Sixth Order God Realm.

With every small order he advanced, he needed to refine a large number of Highgod Realm divine dragon beast cores, but perhaps even after refining two hundred of them he still wouldnt be able to step into Seventh Order God Realm.

But now, with a godhead in his hand, Huang Xiaolong did not doubt that he would be able to break through to Seventh Order God Realm!

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Huang Xiaolong asked, “Old Dragon, can you tell what rank this godhead is”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi too regained his composure slightly, releasing a strand of his spiritual sense to probe around the stone before replying solemnly, “This should be a rank five godhead.

Before dying, the owner of this godhead was probably a late First Order Highgod.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Rank five Then it was a mid-level godhead, slightly higher than Huang Xiaolongs expectation.

At first, Huang Xiaolong thought that it was a rank one, rank two, or rank three godhead.

Huang Xiaolong returned the godhead into the wooden box with a heavy expression and exited his courtyard, heading toward Ascending Moon Old Mans courtyard.

The moment he entered, the Ascending Moon Old Man was smiling sheepishly at him, “My little disciple, have you seen Masters little treasure Do you know what that thing is” The expression on the old man face was overly triumphant.

Huang Xiaolong felt a little speechless looking at the old mans complacent expression.

Initially, he came over to thank this Master, but now, looking at that face, he felt that this old man was asking for a beating.



Bright red clothes are normally worn at weddings or during Chinese New Year.


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