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Chapter 628: Sneak Attack


Eighty percent!

Hearing Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi say that this Rising Sea Ascending Moon Divine Pellet could actually increase his parents’ chances of breaking into the Saint realm by eighty percent, his eyes immediately lit up.

This was a genuine heaven-defying godly pill ah!

Eighty percent! Meaning to say, as long as he could get his hands on this Rising Sea Ascending Moon Divine Pellet and let his parents consume it and cultivate, there would be no problem for them to break through to Saint realm.

However, the latter part of Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s words made Huang Xiaolong frown; only one person knew how to refine this pill

“Who is that person” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“He’s the Ascending Moon Old Man.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi answered.

“That time when I was set to take the Black Warrior Institute disciple selection assessment, the Ascending Moon Old Man’s name was already well-known.

He’s one of the galaxy’s top alchemists, but so many years have passed, I don’t know if he’s still alive.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled bitterly, the possibility of that was too remote.

So many thousands of years had passed, it was really hard to say if that Ascending Moon Old Man was still living.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi had been sealed inside the Dragon Pearl for fifty to sixty thousand years.

Even if that Ascending Moon Old Man was still alive, he’d most likely have ascended to the Divine World long ago.

“Still, even if the Ascending Moon Old Man is no longer around, there should be his successor.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi solemnly said.

Huang Xiaolong’s dimmed eyes brightened once more, “You know where the Ascending Moon Old Man’s cultivation cave is located”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi nodded, “The Ascending Moon Old Man used to cultivate in the Wintry North World.

“Wintry North World!” Huang Xiaolong was as surprised as he sounded, wasn’t that where Shi Xiaofei followed her Master, Crazy Lady Yang Yi, to cultivate What a coincidence!

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi laughed at Huang Xiaolong’s reaction, “Coincidentally, your woman is cultivating in the Wintry North World.

Since you’ve already broken through to peak late-Fifth Order God Realm, and taking that step into the Sixth Order won’t happen in a year or two, why don’t you take this chance to go have a look, and visit your woman as well.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, however, hearing ‘your woman’ in every sentence from the old dragon’s mouth filled Huang Xiaolong’s forehead with black lines.

Yet, when Shi Xiaofei’s delicate face appeared in his mind, a touch of gentleness could be detected in his eyes.

‘Xiaofei’s Moon Summoning Rhyme should have progressed to the later parts of the first stage…’ Huang Xiaolong estimated to himself.

In the blink of an eye, seven to eight years had passed since the day Shi Xiaofei left for the Wintry North World to cultivate.

At that time, Crazy Lady Yang Yi had mentioned that with Shi Xiaofei’s talent, it wouldn’t take her more than thirty years to cultivate the Moon Summoning Rhyme until the third stage.

After she reached the third stage, her Pure Luminance Enlightened Buddha Physique would be awakened.

When Huang Xiaolong was speaking to his parents about wanting to make a trip to the Wintry North World, telling them that he would be away from the Golden Dragon Peak for a period of time, Zhao Shu entered to report that there was someone named Li Ming is outside, wanting to pay a visit.

“Li Ming” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered.

Although he rarely ventured out of the Golden Dragon Peak, he was still quite informed about the elite disciples residing around the Red Flood Mountain Range from Yang Feiyue and his group.

Among the Great Five elite disciples, other than Long Junze, the rest had formed their own organizations like Jiang Yu did with the All Dragons League.

Gudu Jiu established the Angels Corp, Wang Xiaomei started the Great Thousand Doctrine, and last but not least, Pan Haicheng had the Pan Tiger Society.

This Li Ming was the Pan Tiger Society’s second in command, Pan Haicheng’s left and right-hand man, possessing a strength only marginally weaker than Pan Haicheng himself.

A late-Sixth Order God Realm, infinitely close to advancing to peak late-Sixth Order God Realm.

“Invite him in.” Huang Xiaolong pondered slightly before saying to Zhao Shu.

“Yes, Sovereign!” Zhao Shu respectfully complied and backed out.

Shortly after, he returned, leading a brawny young man that exuded a sharp and violent aura from head to toe.

Following behind Zhao Shu, Li Ming’s gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong just as Huang Xiaolong was seizing him up.

An invisible energy wave began to spread outward as their gazes collided, a cold gleam flickered in the depths of Li Ming’s eyes.

Holding the gaze no more than a split second, both men shifted their gazes away while Li Ming uncouthly slumped himself into a chair, “Huang Xiaolong, our Society Chief wants to see you, come with me to the Pan’s Tiger Peak now.” Lofty and condescending.

As expected, he was someone sent by Pan Haicheng.

Hearing the clear commanding tone coming out from the other side, a menacing curve raised the corners of Huang Xiaolong’s lips, “And if I don’t go”

A nasty chuckle sounded from Li Ming, “Huang Xiaolong, I admit that your strength is not bad, that even those trash like Lin Tong, Ceng Leng, and the others from All Dragons League aren’t your opponents.

However, my advice is, you’d do better to follow me to the Pan’s Tiger Peak.

A person that our Society Chief wants to see, no one has dared to refuse a second time!” Before this, Pan Haicheng had sent someone over once to invite Huang Xiaolong.

Finishing his well-intentioned words, the sharp, violent aura from his body erupted.

Based on his identity, even the other four of the Great Five elite disciples would interact politely with him, but this Huang Xiaolong actually sent a peak half-God Realm slave to invite him in!

He had never been so despised!

Exactly at this time, a silhouette flickered, accompanied by a whelming energy sweeping at him.

Li Ming was greatly alarmed, slightly panicking, he was about to leap back in order to dodge, but he was already sent flying into the air.

Together with the chair he was sitting on, they were sent flying quite a distance away.

A few breaths later, a muffled boom was heard.

Li Ming’s mouth opened, spewing large mouthfuls of blood as he clutched at his chest.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong, there was anger as well as fear in his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong scoffed after glancing at the blood red handprint on Li Ming’s chest, taking slow steps toward him.

“Huang Xiaolong, you’re shameless! Actually using a sneak attack!” Li Ming wobbled as he tried to stand on his feet, a quivering finger pointing at Huang Xiaolong’s face in anger.

His eyes turned red with fury.

Huang Xiaolong snickered, “Sneak attack” He disappeared in a flicker again, reappearing right in front of Li Ming with his right hand raised up, and pa! A resounding slap connected with Li Ming’s face.

Li Ming was sent flying a second time.

Landing on the ground, he rolled all the way to the hall doors.

“Do I even need to sneak attack to deal with you”  Huang Xiaolong scoffed as he strode toward Li Ming.

Li Ming felt a fiery pain in his right cheek.

Although he didn't know what the right side of his face looked like now, he was dead sure that it was swollen.

Amidst his fear, other negative emotions surged up in Li Ming’s heart: humiliation, wrath, and crazy killing intent that pierced the sky.

No one had the guts to treat him this way!

Never ever!

“Huang Xiaolong, I’m going to kill you!” Li Ming stood up with mad scarlet eyes as his momentum rush up in crazy speed.

“Heaven Central’s Great Law Mighty God Palm!” Li Ming hollered as he lunged toward Huang Xiaolong with both palms facing out.

Golden palm imprints shot out, shattering the space, tilting heaven and earth, lighting up the entire hall with a blinding light.

Huang Xiaolong was coldly indifferent, a thousand arms fanned out at his back and his two hands met Li Ming’s attack head-on.

Golden light exploded in the air, obscuring everything.

A second later, Li Ming was sent flying out from the main hall doors, all the way until he was out from the Nine Halls Bagua Formation, stuck to the ground like a dead dog.


Li Ming was coughing up blood again and again, the light in his eyes dimmed, filled with fear and apprehension facing Huang Xiaolong.

“No, this cannot be!”

Cannot be! He was a late-Sixth Order God Realm that was close to advancing to peak late-Sixth Order God Realm.

Even facing any one of the Great Five elite disciples, he wouldn’t lose so uglily, so thoroughly!

Huang Xiaolong was but a Fifth Order God Realm! Recently promoted to the ranks of elite disciples!

Huang Xiaolong had already stopped in front of him, watching him with cold indifference as he lifted his foot and kicked down.

Frigid Asura Qi seeped into Li Ming’s body through Huang Xiaolong’s foot, together with the sounds of breaking bones and Li Ming’s blood-curdling scream.

“To me, you’re no different from the All Dragons League’s Lin Tong, Ceng Leng, or any of those trash.” Huang Xiaolong said icily.

“Huang Xiaolong, you will regret this!” Li Ming spat out with his feeble voice, burning hatred could be seen from his eyes.

“Is that so” Another kicked went down.

Another tragic wail escape Li Ming’s throat.

“Scram back and tell your master that if he wants to see me, he should come himself.” Huang Xiaolong sent Li Ming flying out with another kick, “Get lost now!”


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