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Chapter 618: All Dragons League


The Red Flood Mountain Range was a long way from the Misty Rain Mountain Range.

At Huang Xiaolong’s current speed of Fifth Order God Realm, he flew for two days straight before arriving at the Red Flood Mountain Range.

Legend has it, this Red Flood Mountain Range was the place where the first Black Warrior Institute Principal cultivated.

Naturally, it was only a legend.

After hundreds and thousands of years had passed, the truth or falsity of things became hard to distinguish.

But it was a fact that the spiritual energy shrouding the Red Flood Mountain Range was rich and abundant.

Looking into the horizon before him, Huang Xiaolong could see from afar that the top of the Red Flood Mountain Range was blanketed by a layer of thin fog — spiritual clouds that only appeared when spiritual energy was concentrated to a certain extent.

Huang Xiaolong flickered, entering the mountain range, and began selecting the peak he wanted to for his cultivation cave.

Some peaks were already taken by other elite disciples, there were also peaks with overgrown weeds and thick bushes.

In between these were peaks with faint wisps of spiritual energy.

The better ones had thriving vegetation and flowing water.

Despite all these peaks being part of the Red Flood Mountain Range, there were vast differences between them.

A good piece of land was nurtured by natural spiritual energy rising deep from the earth itself.

The longer it was nurtured, the richer and more abundant its spiritual energy will be, which directly affects the quality of his cultivation cave.

Huang Xiaolong flew past peaks after peaks, checking them all with his Eye Of Hell, selecting carefully.

Opening his first cultivation cave naturally couldn't be done sloppily.

Two hours later, Huang Xiaolong exclaimed in surprise as he quickened his speed toward a peak located to the south from where he was.

Moments later, he stopped in the air above the peak of a great mountain.

This mountain beneath him was approximately eight thousand li in radius, with natural spiritual energy seeping out from the land.

Moreover, the land’s spiritual energy was formed long ago.

All the way up to the peak, lush green trees, and colorful flowers grew on the land, there was even a waterfall as a water source.

In short, it was the ideal Feng Shui spot for opening a cultivation cave.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes grew increasingly bright the more he looked.

‘This is the spot!’ Huang Xiaolong decided.

The Blades of Asura appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s hands, slashing out to the front.

Numerous blade lights fell like raindrops, the weeds, grass, and flowers flew up, turning into dust.

In a few breaths’ time, a plot of land several hundred li in radius at the mid-mountain area had been cleared by Huang Xiaolong.

He decided to open his cultivation cave in that place.

The natural rocky waterfall would be right in front of the cultivation cave, with a mountain at its back.

With a little effort, this would become an ideal cultivation spot.

On top of that, adding the Five-colored Divine Banner that he won from Xiang Mingzhi, he would definitely be able to increase the spiritual energy in this peak to exceed any other peaks in this Red Flood Mountain Range by a hundred times over.

However, just as Huang Xiaolong took out the Hailstone Holy Cauldron from the Hailstone Treasure vault, planning to use the Divine World iron inside the vault to refine his cultivation cave, a lone elite disciple was seen flying in his direction from afar.

That elite disciple saw Huang Xiaolong’s actions and was slightly stunned.

He then approached Huang Xiaolong wearing an odd expression on his face as he observed him “Brother has just been promoted to an elite disciple”

Seeing the other side’s expression, Huang Xiaolong immediately knew that this elite disciple had no idea who he was.

Although most of the higher echelon of the Black Warrior Institute recognized him, it didn't mean that all Black Warrior Institute disciples did as well.

Therefore, it was absolutely normal for some outer disciples, inner disciples, and elite disciples to not know who he was.

“Yes,” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“No wonder brother doesn’t know,” that elite disciple said, “This peak belongs to the All Dragons League.”

Huang Xiaolong’s brows wrinkled in confusion, “All Dragons League”

The elite disciple opposite Huang Xiaolong was staring at him like he just crawled out of a stone somewhere, “Brother doesn’t know about the All Dragons League The All Dragons League is a society created by Senior Brother Jiang Yu.

The majority of elite disciples are members of the All Dragons League, and Senior Brother Jiang Yu is the League Leader.

Not only this mountain peak, even the surrounding twenty peaks all belong to the All Dragons League!”

As the elite disciple spoke, he pointed toward the surrounding area comprising over twenty mountain peaks.

Those peaks were quite similar to the one Huang Xiaolong had chosen for himself, with vibrant spiritual energy and a picturesque scenery.

 A deep frown appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead, “That Jiang Yu actually dared to create a personal society within the institute, don't the higher echelons interfere in this”

That elite disciple shook his head in a wry smile, “Jiang Yu is Vice-Institute Principal’s personal disciple, who dares to interfere Moreover, the Black Warrior Institute has no rule that forbids one from doing so.

These twenty peaks were delimited by Jiang Yu, hence no elite disciple would dare to open their cultivation cave here.

A dozen years ago, there was also a newly promoted elite disciple that didn’t know this rule, chose a peak here, and opened his cultivation cave, do you want to take a guess what his ending was”

“That disciple’s had both of his arms broken, then thrown into the poisonous snake pit, enduring the torture of millions of snake bites for one whole month.” The elite disciple shivered involuntarily as he described it, “Brother, I advise you to leave quickly before those people from the All Dragons League arrives.

At that time, you won’t be able to escape even if you want to.”

Huang Xiaolong grinned nonchalantly, showing he didn’t care.

Instead, he asked, “May I know brother’s name”

“Yang Feiyue.” That elite disciple replied, then urged Huang Xiaolong even more anxiously, “Brother, leave quickly, those people from the All Dragons League are here! Why aren’t you leaving Once they catch you, they will really break your arms and toss you into the poison snake pit, they don’t give a damn which family you belong to.”

Huang Xiaolong slightly craned his neck, spotting more than a dozen silhouettes flying over in the distance.

It seems like these guys were the said All Dragons League members.

Shortly after, the group of people had reached the place where Huang Xiaolong was.

Yang Feiyue’s face tightened seeing the newcomers’ faces.

Amongst the dozen people, the person leading at the front was one of the All Dragons League’s deacons, Chen Gaoming, a peak late-Fifth Order God Realm master.

The others with him weren’t weak either and were considered to be strong even amongst the elite disciples, each of them possessing Fifth Order God Realm strength or close to that.

Upon his arrival, Chen Gaoming shot a glance at the several hundred li of cleared land on the mountain below.

He then turned to look at Huang Xiaolong with a menacing grin, “Brat, you’re a newly promoted elite disciple, am I right It has been a long time since anyone dared to open their cultivation cave in a peak that Senior Brother Jiang Yu delineated, you sure have some big dog-guts.”

Behind him, the group of elite disciples also showed some nasty smiles.

“Senior Brother Chen Gaoming, he didn’t know that the mountain peak was taken by Senior Brother Jiang Yu, considering that he’s new and ignorant of the rules…” Yang Feiyue chose his words with deliberate care, trying to plead for Huang Xiaolong.

“Yang Feiyue, roll to the side for me!” Chen Gaoming raised his head, barking, “Do you want me to throw you into the snake pit as well”

Yang Feiyue trembled, his larynx moved visibly as if he wanted to say more.

Still, no further words were said as he retreated to the side, but he did not leave.

Chen Gaoming’s attention returned to Huang Xiaolong, a cruel light in his eyes, “Brat, are you going to break your own two hands or do you want us to do it If you do it yourself, you'll get half a month in the snake pit, but if you make us do it, then be prepared to spend one  whole month in the snake pit!”

Huang Xiaolong wore an aloof expression, “If you lot break your own arms, then you can scram.

If you make me do it, not only will I break your arms, I’ll even break your ‘third leg’.”

Everyone was stupefied for a second.

Then, the All Dragons League members turned vicious.

“Punk, you’re seeking death!” One of the All Dragon League members leaped out, aiming a killing punch at Huang Xiaolong.

“Peril Fist!”

Great force rolled from the fist, proving the elite disciple’s strength, an early Fifth Order God Realm master.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t even look at the attacker, casually raising an arm and countering with a fist.

That All Dragons League elite disciple snickered loudly seeing that a newly promoted elite disciple actually dared to confront his attack head-on: “Ignorant thing that doesn’t know what death is!”


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