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Chapter 617: Opening A Cultivation Cave


By the time Huang Xiaolong reached the Supreme Harmony Hall, there were already many disciples in the vicinity, both outer disciples and inner disciples.

Noticing Huang Xiaolong’s figure walking in, the disciples in the great hall were up in a furor.

“It’s Senior Brother Huang Xiaolong!”

“Senior Brother Huang Xiaolong!”

Many outer and inner disciples greeted Huang Xiaolong with excited faces.

Reverence and adoration could be seen shining in their feverish eyes. 

Huang Xiaolong nodded as he was greeted, wearing a faint smile on his face as he continued moving to the side hall counter to collect his elite disciple robe and identity token.

Coincidentally, when he entered the side hall, he ran into Jiang Bi, Li Dufeng, and their group of followers.

It seems like Jiang Bi also came for the same purpose, to collect his elite disciple robe and identity token.

When Jiang Bi, Li Dufeng, and his group saw Huang Xiaolong, their expressions tightened, all the arrogance they showed in the past was nowhere to be seen.

Each of them voluntarily lowered their heads and retreated to the side, giving way to Huang Xiaolong to enter first.

When he was passing by Jiang Bi’s side, Huang Xiaolong halted, looking at Jiang Bi with mirth in his eyes as he asked, “Have your injuries healed”

Jiang Bi’s face muscles twitched at Huang Xiaolong’s caring question, that slap he was served yesterday was by no means light.

Landing straight on his face, it felt like his brain was jarred and his eyeballs shifted left to right, completely unable to tell which way was north, south, east, or west.

Yet, recalling the scene that day, Jiang Bi had no anger at all, even smiling flatteringly at Huang Xiaolong, “They are already healed, many thanks to Senior Brother Huang for showing mercy that day.” His bow was so low that it seemed like there was a great mountain placed on his back, his forehead almost touching the floor.

Even that Xiang Mingzhi had his little birdie burst from Huang Xiaolong’s kick, would he even dare to have any dissatisfaction toward Huang Xiaolong

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “That’s good then.” His attention then moved to Li Dufeng.

Just a look and Li Dufeng’s legs were already shaking, his knees knocking against each other.

Flustered, Li Dufeng fell to his knees, “Senior Brother Huang, please spare me, I beg you! I was wrong.

I won’t dare anymore, please don’t kick my little birdie, no, no, I-I mean, don’t kill me!” Incoherent sentences spouting his pale lips face ashen with fear.

This Li Dufeng had been strutting around by relying on Jiang Bi, arrogant to the extreme.

Moments ago, Huang Xiaolong indeed wanted to make him suffer a little, however, watching him like this, he lost all interest.

Ignoring the rest, Huang Xiaolong stepped inside the side hall.

Inside the side hall, the Elder in charge was more than welcoming and amiable, personally helping Huang Xiaolong exchange his elite disciple robe and identity token, then politely escorting Huang Xiaolong out.

When he came out, Jiang Bi and the rest were still standing at the side of the entrance, not daring to enter, while Li Dufeng was still kneeling on the floor.

Only after he was sure that Huang Xiaolong had left the Supreme Harmony Hall did Li Dufeng get up slowly, feeling that he had just survived an ordeal as he wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong returned to his yard, Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother Liu Yun and Third Apprentice-sister Qi Wen called him.

With a wide smile on his face, Liu Yun said, “I’ve been thinking that in these one or two days you will definitely need to choose a peak as your own cultivation dwelling.

You have the Hailstone Treasure, thus aren't lacking in any spirit stones or elixirs.

But opening a cultivation cave not only requires spirit stones and elixirs, there are also formations, spiritual pool, etcetera that are needed.

I have a flagon of Nine Yang Holy Water here, it’s useless keeping it by my side, so I brought it over for you.”

Liu Yun took out a jade flagon that resembled a gourd.

Third Apprentice-sister Qi Wen also took out ten longswords, explaining, “These ten longswords are items refined by ancient Gods, called Ten Killing Swords, they can be used to arrange a Ten Killing Formation.

Junior Apprentice-brother can lay it out in your new place.”

Huang Xiaolong received both items to peruse.

Opening the jade flagon, he saw that inside it was another space containing a spiritual lake of several li radius.

The spiritual lake’s surface was heavy with spiritual energy, whereas the lake’s bottom seemed to be hiding nine suns.

Nine glows fractured to the water surfaces, soft and tempting.

This was the Nine Yang Holy Water!  

Nine Yang Holy Water was one of the top grade water types in the universe, extremely rare.

Even scouring most auctions houses, it might still be difficult to find this level of holy water.

With this Nine Yang Holy Water, he’d be able to nurture those spiritual elixirs and flowers above a hundred thousand years, and even higher, on his own peak.

Moreover, those Ten Killing Swords were forged from the Divine World’s iron, exuding a chilling killing intent.

Using them to lay a formation around his dwelling, its defense was sure to be impregnable.

Huang Xiaolong received both of them excitedly, “I thank Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother and Third Apprentice-sister, but I cannot take the Nie Yang Holy Water and Ten Killing Swords without giving anything back in return.” He took out two thousand Three Revolutions Golden Pills as he said this, giving each of them one thousand pills.

Seeing that it was the Three Revolutions Golden Pills, Liu Yun and Qi Wen were dumbstruck, joy floated to their faces a second later.

Neither of them pretended to be polite with Huang Xiaolong, accepting the pills happily.

Liu Yun laughed, “Looks like it is I, this Senior Apprentice-brother that took advantage of you.

With the help of these one thousand Three Revolutions  Golden Pills, my strength can be enhanced by a lot.”

Third Apprentice-sister Qi Wen also smiled, “If we knew there was such a good deal here, both of us would have come last night.”

All three laughed joyously.

“Junior Apprentice-brother, after the battle yesterday, your reputation has even shadowed this Eldest Apprentice-brother of yours,” Liu Yun laughed, “I say, in another hundred years, your name will probably ring louder than our Master’s!”

This wasn’t just Liu Yun touting.

Currently, Huang Xiaolong’s name not only spread to the Azure Dragon Galaxy, it even spread to the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird Galaxies.

Every corner had people talking, people gasping in astonishment, and sighing in amazement.

Of course, there was much jealousy flying around too.

Qi Wen’s laughed, “Now our little Junior Apprentice-brother is the idol revered by many large forces’ disciples.

I say, he will probably be the idol of the four big galaxies in a hundred years.”

Indeed, many family disciples, prominent or otherwise, were diligently cultivating with Huang Xiaolong as their goal.

“Especially the young women, declaring that they won’t marry anyone but our Junior Apprentice-brother.” Liu Yun teased.

Huang Xiaolong was actually embarrassed by this, smiling awkwardly, “Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother, Third Apprentice-sister, please don’t make fun of me.”

Both seniors couldn’t stop grinning.

“Now that Junior Apprentice-brother was promoted to the ranks of elite disciples, there are a few characters that you must be wary of, the Great Five elite disciples of the elites.” Liu Yun turned serious.

“The inner disciples have the Great Ten, and the elite disciples have the Great Five Elites, Jiang Yu, Long Junze, Gudu Jiu, Pan Haicheng, and Wang Xiaomei.”

He paused slightly and continued, “All Great Five Elites are very strong, all of them are peak late-Sixth Order God Realm.

Jiang Yu is that old witch’s personal disciple, Long Junze is an odd case, Gudu Jiu is from the Gudu Family, and Pan Haicheng is an insidious character.

Lastly, Wang Xiaomei is a Wang Family disciple.

Wang Biaoyuan is her younger brother.”

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered as he listened.

Qi Wen added, “If junior Apprentice-brother wants to open a cultivation dwelling, according to our guess, Jiang Yu, Gudu Jiu, and Wang Xiaomei will definitely send people over to cause trouble, therefore, you must be extra careful.

Matters involving elite disciples, us both and Master will not interfere.”

“En, I understand.” Huang Xiaolong smiled, not taking things to heart, “Many thanks to Eldest Apprentice-brother and Third Apprentice-sister’s reminder.”

Both of them knew from Huang Xiaolong’s expression that he didn’t take their words to heart.

They shook their heads inwardly, but neither said more on the topic.

Staying a while longer, they bid farewell and returned to their respective dwellings.

The next morning, Huang Xiaolong exited Yard No.1, flying toward the Black Warrior Institute’s Red Flood Mountain Range.

Although the elite disciples were allowed to pick their own peaks and open their own dwelling, it did not include choosing any place their hearts desired.

It was limited within the range of the Red Flood Mountain Range.

The Red Flood Mountain Range spanned over a large land area, consisting of five to six hundred thousand peaks, both big and small, whereas the number of elite disciples was only a little more than two thousand or so.

Therefore, empty peaks were in abundance. 


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