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Chapter 608: A Super Huge Bet


After solidifying his recent Fifth Order God Realm breakthrough, Huang Xiaolong no longer secludes himself in closed-door cultivation.

Coming out from his Yard No.1, he headed to Black Warrior City.

Very soon, his silhouette appeared in the Luo Tong Residence.

In these two years, his parents' strength had grown significantly, both his father and mother, Huang Peng and Su Yan, had broken through to peak late-Fourth Order and late-Fourth Order Xiantian realm respectively.

His younger brother Huang Xiaohai and his sister had both stepped into Tenth Order Xiantian realm, whereas his only nephew, Guo Xiaofan, he was now half-step Saint realm.

Although Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu had yet to reach peak half-step God Realm, their strength had greatly improved.

Blessed Buddha Emperor, Duanren Emperor, the Guo Family Ancestor, Yu Ming, Hao Tian, Fei Hou, and the others also showed significant improvement.

Elf Queen Kelly was also a half-step God Realm, not forgetting the beastmen tribes as well. 

In the two years period that Huang Xiaolong was in closed-door practice, the Jiang Family had indeed sent masters over trying to assassinate the members of the Huang Family, his parents being the prime targets.

However, due to the Blazing Stonedragon Beast, Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger, and other demonic beasts’ protection, those assassins sent by the Jiang Family never returned.

This made Huang Xiaolong especially glad that he had captured these demonic beasts, and at the same time, his hatred toward the Jiang Family deepened.

‘There will be a day when I shall personally annihilate the Jiang Family!’ A cold gleam flickered in his eyes.

A super force like the Jiang Family that had existed for more than a million years, no one would dare to say words like annihilating it.

Not even the Black Warrior Institute Principal, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal, nor the other two galaxies’ Institute Principals.

Yet Huang Xiaolong didn’t have a shred of doubt that he could.

“Big brother, we’ve just returned from outside, the entire Black Warrior City is talking about the competition between you and that so-called Xiang Mingzhi.” His brother Huang Xiaohai said, unconsciously revealing some hesitation at the end of this sentence.

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t perturbed at all, “They’re talking about how tragically I'll lose, how miserable I’ll be played with by that Xiang Mingzhi, and then be killed by him.” He already knew about these denigrating comments circling around.

“Big Uncle, I even heard the Jiang Family, Wang Family, and Gudu Family have jointly set up a gambling house just for the fight between you and Xiang Mingzhi.” Guo Xiaofan fumed indignantly, “It is them who sent people to major cities in the Cloudsea Mainland to spread ill rumors about you, those rumors are really harsh to the ears.”

“A gambling house” An idea struck Huang Xiaolong.

“Yeah, there’s one in the Black Warrior City too, at the Big Void Street up in front.” Guo Xiaofan muttered.

His interest stirred, Huang Xiaolong asked some questions about the gambling house.

One hour later, alone, he headed leisurely toward the Big Void Street, easily locating the gambling house’s big building.

The insides of the gambling house were crowded as a beehive with disciples from top forces coming and going, waves of laughter and excited voices filled the air.

Occasionally one or two sonorous voices cut across the hall.

“As long as someone says the sentence ‘Huang Xiaolong is a little pup’ or a pig, a trash, or say ‘Huang Xiaolong is a piece of **’, then that person will be given one hundred Xuanwu coins!” A Jiang Family steward yelled loudly stood in front of the gambling house building.

In front of him was a large pile of Xuanwu coins.

At a glance, there seemed to be at least a million Xuanwu coins there.

“Huang Xiaolong is a little pup! Huang Xiaolong’s a pig! Huang Xiaolong’s a trash! Huang Xiaolong is a piece of **!” A disciple of a small family stepped forward, shouting the words with a face full of flattery.

“Good!” That Jiang Family steward laughed in an exaggerated manner, and with a casual flick of his hand one hundred Xuanwu coins fell in front of the small family disciple, praising loudly, “Very good, these one hundred Xuanwu coins are yours!”

Following that, many more small families’ disciples rushed up to in similar flattering manner, shouting at the top of their lungs.

Watching this, the present disciples from the Jiang Family, Wang Family, and Gudu Family hurrahed in elation.

An unnoticeable sharp light glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

He didn’t expect the Jiang Family would resort to such low and shameless methods, but since they were the ones who started it first, they shouldn't blame him.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Huang Xiaolong stepped inside the gambling house, coming to the counter where bets were taken.

Behind the counter were three female disciples belonging to the Jiang, Wang, and Gudu Families.

Of course, their appearances were more than pleasant to the eyes.

“Is there a limit to the betting amount” Huang Xiaolong asked with a cold impassive expression.

The Jiang Family female disciple giggled coquettishly, “It seems like this little brother doesn’t know that this gambling house was opened by our Jiang, Wang, and Gudu Families.

No matter how high the bet is, we’ll accept it!” As she was saying this, her flirtatious eyes barely moved away from Huang Xiaolong’s face, whispering suggestively, “Can little brother tell me how much you want to bet”

Before coming here, Huang Xiaolong had changed his appearance, but even so, he was still a good-looking young man, the three female disciples were charmed to the point they could barely think straight.

“I bet ten billion.” Huang Xiaolong added with indifference: “Bet on Huang Xiaolong’s win.”

“TEN BILLION!” All three females shrieked simultaneously in shock.

A brief moment later, all three female disciples shook, quivering from head to toe with laughter.

“Little brother, you really know how to tell a joke.” The Wang Family female disciple’s slender jade-like finger tapped against Huang Xiaolong’s firm chest, fawning like an experienced brothel prostitute, “If you really have ten billion, then I’m yours.”

Obviously, not a single one of them believed that Huang Xiaolong had ten billion Xuanwu coins, and thought that Huang Xiaolong was joking with them.

It was ten billion, not one million.

Even with their Jiang, Wang, and  Gudu Families behind them, they couldn't easily take out ten billion as they liked for a bet.

Forget ten billion, even a hundred million was enough to crush dead the three of them.

“I’m not joking.” Huang Xiaolong stated calmly, as he casually flicked his sleeve.

 Countless Xuanwu coins rained down from the void, issuing a muffled heavy ‘thud’ as they hit the floor.

As if a giant mountain descended into the hall, even the whole building shook.

The family disciples present in the hall immediately looked over due to the commotion.

Seeing the enormous mountain of Xuanwu coins, all of them were dumbstruck for a moment.

The initially noisy hall fell into a sudden eerie silence.

Whereas the three families’ female disciples were gobsmacked staring wide-eyed at the tall mountain of ten billion Xuanwu coins before their eyes, their thighs turned to jelly, getting wet between their legs from excitement.

Ten billion ah!

All three female disciples’ eyes shone brightly.

Their breathing quickened, rendering their twin peaks jostling up and down looking as if they were trying to break free from the bindings.

It didn’t take long for the Jiang Family, Wang Family, and Gudu Family’s Elders to appear in front of Huang Xiaolong.

No doubt, his ten billion bet had alarmed the three families' Elders.

“This esteemed brother, are you sure you want to place a ten billion bet… on Huang Xiaolong’s win” The Jiang Family’s Elder looked suspiciously at Huang Xiaolong, furrowing his brows.

Huang Xiaolong’s manner and expression were indifferent, “Correct.

What’s wrong, is your gambling house declining”

“Hehe, if brother dares to bet, we dare to accept.” The Wang Family Elder declared sonorously, “Even if you bet twenty billion, we dare accept just the same.”

“Since you said so, then I’ll bet twenty billion.” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand again, creating another dazzling scene as another pile of ten billion Xuanwu coins fell neatly beside the first pile.

Twenty billion!

The various disciples watching this were gasping from shock.

“There is actually be someone who bet twenty billion on that Huang Xiaolong to win.

Has this kid gone mad  Which family’s super prodigal son is this!”

“That Huang Xiaolong’s bound to lose! These twenty billion are absolutely entering the Jiang Family, Wang Family, and Gudu Family’s pockets! Even if one is filthy rich, does he need to throw his wealth this way”

The people in the hall discussed heatedly.

The Jiang, Wang, and Gudu Families’ Elders were stunned, especially that Wang Family Elder, feeling the muscles on his face twitch—good heavens, he was really betting twenty billion! He had a suspicion that if he had said thirty billion just now, this young man would really take out thirty billion!

Suddenly facing such a big amount, the three Elders hesitated.

“This esteemed brother, please wait for a moment, we need to contact our Patriarchs.” The Jiang Family Elder said cautiously.

Although he too thought that Huang Xiaolong was bound to lose, the three of them couldn't decide on such a huge amount alone.


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