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Chapter 590: Problem Arises!


Without delay, Huang Xiaolong picked up an early Tenth Order God Realm divine dragon beast core and began refining it.

Even though Huang Xiaolong picked an early Tenth Order God Realm divine dragon beast core, the demonic essence energy contained inside was daunting.

It swirled like a neverending vortex, vigorously rushing through Huang Xiaolong’s body, giving him a sensation like his body was on the verge of exploding in the next second.


Excruciating pain!

This was the only feeling that occupied his entire being at this moment.

If this demonic essence energy wasn’t first refined by the Dragon Pearl, even if Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique was ten times stronger than it was now, he would still be hard-pressed trying to refine the demonic essence energy contained inside an early Tenth Order God Realm divine dragon’s beast core.

Despite the terror of the potent energy, every strand that Huang Xiaolong managed to absorb strengthened his True Dragon Physique by a point, providing comfort from the pain.

Hence, it could be said that Huang Xiaolong was hovering between torture and happiness.

At Huang Xiaolong’s current strength, refining a mid-Second Order God Realm beast core was merely a matter of two breaths’ time.

On the other hand, refining an early Tenth Order God Realm divine dragon’s beast core was another matter altogether, it took him a good half a month!

Half a month later, Huang Xiaolong finally finished absorbing that beast core.

Prior to refining it, his cultivation was already at peak mid-Second Order God Realm, but he finally advanced to late-Second Order God Realm.

At the same time, his True Dragon Physique was much tougher and resilient than before. 

After the first early Tenth Order God Realm divine dragon beast core, Huang Xiaolong continued with a second beast core.

Because the founder of the Hailstone Holy Sect was an ice divine dragon, many of its subordinates and the sect’s important figures mostly consisted of demonic beast of draconic origin.

Hence, these Tenth Order God Realm beast cores originated from divine dragons.

After advancing to late-Second Order God Realm, refining a Tenth Order God Realm beast core was slightly less torturous compared to the first time.

Even so, the excruciating pain was real.

The passage of time flowed by.

From the second early Tenth Order God Realm divine dragon beast core, he moved on to the third, the fourth, the fifth, so on and so forth.

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

By the end of three months, after refining the seventh early Tenth Order God Realm beast core, Huang Xiaolong’s strength grew again, reaching peak late-Second Order God Realm.

But his advancement speed only brought a wry smile to his face, this True Dragon Physique of his was truly a bottomless pit.

It mystified him greatly that after refining seven early Tenth Order God Realm divine dragons’ beast cores, he had only advanced from peak mid-Second Order to peak late-Second Order God Realm.

The amount of demonic essence energy contained inside a beast core, given to any other Second Order God Realm master, it would be enough to propel them to Third Order God Realm.

And seven beast cores were more than sufficient to aid anyone in breaking through to Fourth Order God Realm.

Unfortunately,  he didn’t even manage to advance to Third Order God Realm.

Merely attempting to break through to Third Order God Realm was this difficult, later on when he proceeded to enter the high-level God Realm, this issue would only be magnified a hundredfold.

As for the Highgod Realm, how much energy did he need to refine, what about the laws that he needed to comprehend

A bitter smile surfaced after a short bout of vexation, he could only continue to refine Tenth Order God Realm beast cores.

Luckily, Tenth Order God Realm beast cores were not short in supply inside the Hailstone Treasure vault.

Over a hundred pieces were sufficient to last Huang Xiaolong a period of time.

When the early Tenth Order God Realm beast cores were finished, he proceeded with mid-Tenth Order God Realm beast cores.

Things progressed in the same manner, and five months swiftly passed.

Two days before the Black Warrior Auction House’s annual auction was scheduled to begin, Huang Xiaolong finally stepped into Third Order God Realm!

From half-step God Realm to Third Order God Realm in less than five years.

Even Huang Xiaolong himself could hardly believe his rapid cultivation speed.

No doubt, if the news of Huang Xiaolong’s advancement to Third Order God Realm was made known, it would raise another great wave throughout the Black Tortoise Galaxy.

From the time Huang Xiaolong participated in the outer disciples' assessment where he defeated Wang Biaoyuan until now, only a little more than a year had passed.

One day before the Black Warrior Auction House’s annual auction, after stabilizing his cultivation, Huang Xiaolong exited his closed-door practice, coming out from the Yard No.1.

From there, he headed toward his Master Feng Yang’s manor.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived at Feng Yang’s manor, the first word the latter said upon seeing Huang Xiaolong was, “You kid are always hiding away in closed-door cultivation, one can’t even find your shadow.

Even for me, your Master, wanting to see you is a difficult matter.”

Huang Xiaolong scratched his head sheepishly.

“Your Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother must have told you about the upcoming inner disciple assessment, the Azure Dragon Institute will be sending some of their inner disciples over to spectate.” Feng Yang entered into a serious topic, no longer teasing Huang Xiaolong.

Nodding his head, Huang Xiaolong affirmed, “Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother did mention it.”

“There’s still four years time till the next inner disciple assessment,” Feng Yang stated with a slight frown between his brows, “time is too short.” A flash of worry flitted across his eyes.

Despite admitting that this youngest disciple of his was extremely talented, always managing to surprise him and everyone, Feng Yang was still doubtful that Huang Xiaolong could defeat that bunch of freaks from the Azure Dragon Institute.

Knowing the crux of his Master’s worry, Huang Xiaolong reassured him confidently, “Master, don’t worry, your disciple will not disappoint you.”

Feng Yang was momentarily stunned seeing the brimming confidence on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

His anxiety eased a little, smiling as he said, “You’re so confident The Azure Dragon Institute’s inner disciple leader, Xiang Mingzhi, will also be present, although I don’t know his real strength, a few years ago, he killed an early Fifth Order God Realm master.”

Huang Xiaolong had an expression of extreme indifference as he replied, “In the coming four years, I will strive to improve my cultivation.”

Feng Yang laughed with ease, “Very good then, but you need not give yourself too much pressure.

The inner disciple assessment four years later will be held in our territory, that Xiang Mingzhi won’t dare injure you gravely.” Even though Huang Xiaolong was confident, inwardly, Feng Yang still couldn’t see the possibility of Huang Xiaolong defeating Xiang Mingzhi four years later.

Knowing that his Master Feng Yang still had doubts, Huang Xiaolong let the matter rest for now as he changed the subject, “Master, any news of Senior Crazy Lady”

The reason he took out the sacred grade immortal spirit stone for auction was mainly to lure out the fugacious Senior Crazy Lady.

If she didn't show up, there was no point to this time’s auction.

Feng Yang admitted, “There is yet any news of her as of now, but I have a feeling she will definitely show up in tomorrow’s auction.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded. 

Subsequently, he asked Feng Yang about some issues related to cultivation that he had come across.

Both Master and disciple talked for a while before Huang Xiaolg excused himself, leaving Feng Yang’s manor.

He made his way to the North Star Square, taking the transmission array to Black Warrior City.

Because it was the eve of the Black Warrior Auction House’s annual auction, Black Warrior City was many times livelier than usual.

The appearance of a sacred grade immortal spirit stone had attracted many masters from all corners of the galaxy, there were even some coming from the faraway Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Vermillion Bird galaxies.

The Black Warrior City’s spacious wide streets felt crowded compared to normal days. 

Walking out from the transmission array, Huang Xiaolong headed straight toward the Divine Fort Residence in Changzhi City.


Arriving at the Divine Fort Residence, Huang Xiaolong took out the Hailstone Divine Pills, distributing them to his parents, Shi Xiaofei, Blessed Buddha Emperor, Duanren Emperor, and the rest.

Each person received a hundred pills.

One hundred Hailstone Divine Pills were enough to last his parents, Shi Xiaofei, and the rest a good couple of years or so.

However, his younger brother, nephew, sister, and a few others were not in the residence.

According to Huang Peng, the lot of them ran outside since morning and had yet to return.

“Family Head, it’s bad!” Just as Huang Xiaolong finished distributing the Hailstone Divine Pills to his parents, Zhao Shu was seen running in in a flustered manner.

When he spotted Huang Xiaolong, the words blurted out by reflex, “Sovereign, Third Young Master and the others are in trouble!”

The Third Young Master that Zhao Shu was referring to was Huang Xiaohai.

“In trouble!” Everyone’s hearts sank to the bottom.


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