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Chapter 578: Controlling Sword With Qi


Huang Xiaolong grew serious watching Jiang Bi’s rising momentum.

This Jiang Bi was stronger than Huang Xiaolong had predicted.

On top of that, he could feel an extremely pure Buddhism energy from Jiang Bi’s body.

Huang Xiaolong had refined the Godly Mt.

Xumi, a treasure of the Buddhism World, therefore the Buddhism energy in Huang Xiaolong was also pure, however, the Buddhism energy emitted from Jiang Bi’s body wasn’t any weaker than Huang Xiaolong.

This was the Golden Buddha Arhat Physique!

The Golden Buddha Arhat Physique was a unique physique that was ranked higher than Wang Biaoyuan’s Indestructible Vajra Physique.

No wonder this Jiang Bi held steadfast to the first rank among the inner disciples, no one could shake his position.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

In the next moment, his body shifted away in a rapid flicker.

Simultaneously, two humongous divine dragons flew out, one black and one blue, integrating with Huang Xiaolong who had already transformed into the Asura Physique.

“The Ninth Move of the Dragon God, Dragon God in the Clouds!”

One thousand arms appeared behind Huang Xiaolong’s back, with fists clenched, and bombarded down on Jiang Bi without hesitation.

Huang Xiaolong had soul transformed, taking the initiative to attack first, moreover, he went all out in the first move, displaying the Godly Xumi Art.

Dragon roars reverberated in the heavens as myriad dragons flew out like a furious stampede, rushing towards Jiang Bi.

No one predicted that Huang Xiaolong would attack first, including Jiang Bi.

Not to mention, Huang Xiaolong’s speed was too fast, so fast that the opponent could hardly react.

By the time Jiang Bi regained his senses, Huang Xiaolong’s attack was right in front of his face.

“Arhat Samsara Body Reversing Palm!” The instant Jiang Bi reacted, he made an abrupt twist, and the space in his proximity turned and twisted with him, as if he had crossed over to another dimension of time and space.

At the same time, both his palms struck at Huang Xiaolong.

“The Tenth Move, Dragon Piercing through Heaven and Earth!”

“The Eleventh Move, Dragon Astounding the Fiendgod!”

“The Fifteenth Move, Unrivaled Myriad Dragons!”

Huang Xiaolong launched attack after attack, with a cunning combination of his martial spirit ability, Space Concealment, and Phantom Shadow.

Every corner of the spacious hall was filled with Huang Xiaolong’s afterimages.

Too fast!

That was the first thought that struck every spectator's mind.

Huang Xiaolong’s speed too fast for them to capture anything but his afterimages and even those were just blurred vestiges of his afterimages.

Filling their line of sight were dragons that covered heaven and earth, attacking Jiang Bi, wave after wave.

Affected by Huang Xiaolong’s horrifying attack power, all the disciples had scurried off to the edge of the great hall. 

Jiang Bi stood where he was, like an invulnerable giant mountain, withstanding Huang Xiaolong’s consecutive attacks.

But as Huang Xiaolong’s attacks became more vigorous with each move, he was finally forced to step back—one step!

One step was just the beginning.

With that came the second step, and the third step!

Facing Huang Xiaolong’s crazy storm of attacks, Jiang Bi was astonished inwardly, and at the same time, he was depressed and enraged.

Correct, depressed and enraged.

He, the leader of the inner disciples’ Great Ten, was actually attacked by a newly promoted inner disciple to the point where he retreated step after step!

What enraged him the most was the fact that he did not have an opportunity to attack!

Each of Huang Xiaolong’s attacks was violent, tyrannical, and came from all directions, destroying everything, tearing everything, giving him no chance to dodge nor a chance to retaliate, leaving him no other option but withstand them. 

However, as enraged and depressed as he was feeling, Jiang Bi was actually very calm.

For one, he didn't believe that Huang Xiaolong could maintain these blistering attacks.

He was waiting, waiting for Huang Xiaolong to exhaust his energy, for that was the time when he needed to stop attacking.

Huang Xiaolong’s tyrannical attacks went on for more than a dozen moves when it suddenly halted.

All of his afterimages dissipated, revealing his true body, standing still just ten meters away from Jiang Bi.

Joy flooded to Jiang Bi’s face and a sharp gleam shone in his pupils.

Just as he had expected, Huang Xiaolong was finally exhausted!

When he was about to retaliate, a light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s hand, revealing a wooden sword!

An extremely common wooden sword!

Yet, a slight quiver from the wooden sword sent a rain of sword lights, piercing at him.

Even before the sword lights arrived, Jiang Bi already felt a strong foreboding danger, scaring him enough to make him jump back in retreat.

Countless sword lights fell the spot he had just vacated, the hard floor pavement was pulverized into dust by the sword lights.

Cold sweat dampened Jiang Bi’s body.

Although he managed to escape the sword lights in the nick of time, when the remnant sword energy that spread to the surrounding struck his chest, he actually felt as if his skin was slashed open.

How could this be!

The defense of his Arhat Golden Buddha Physique was uncompromising and unyielding, an ordinary divine artifact could barely leave a scratch on his skin. 

In the second all these thoughts passed through his mind, another blinding flash of light caught his eyes.

Turning over to look, he saw the same wooden sword coming at him, whistling in the wind with glimmering sword lights.

Jiang Bi twisted his body again to dodge.

Huang Xiaolong watched coldly, standing in the same spot, controlling the wooden sword to attack from a distance.

This wooden sword was given to him four years ago by his Master Feng Yang when he took Huang Xiaolong as a personal disciple, the Mulberry Sword, forged from the ancient sacred mulberry tree.

Huang Xiaolong had previously experimented using this Mulberry Sword, and he could easily slice the Divine World’s fine iron.

After breaking to God Realm, the true essence in Huang Xiaolong’s dantian had evolved into immortal essence force, capable of controlling a sword to attack from a thousand li away.

Moreover, its attack power was greater than his True Dragon Physique.

Other than that, controlling the sword through his qi allowed him to change the sword’s direction of attack anytime, making it hard for the enemy to defend against.

This was Huang Xiaolong’s biggest trump card, and also the reason why Huang Xiaolong had the confidence to fight Jiang Bi.

The disciples surrounding the hall were utterly dumbfounded at the scene before their eyes: Huang Xiaolong controlling the wooden sword, forcing Jiang Bi to jump around as he dodged awkwardly.

The leader of their inner disciples’ Great Ten, possessing unfathomable strength, the one who had just returned after killing the Six Blueface Ghosts, their Senior Brother Jiang Bi was rendered to dodging helplessly!

Also, what sword skill was that Was there such a terrifying sword skill in this world!

Not to mention the disciples, even the Elders in charge of giving tasks were flabbergasted, Huang Xiaolong’s method of controlling sword with qi was something they all had neither seen nor heard of before.

Well, even if the Institute Principal Feng Yang arrived and saw this scene himself, he too would show the same reaction.

Because this method of controlling a sword with qi could only be done using immortal essence force and not battle qi.

Hence, in the entire galaxy, only Huang Xiaolong knew how to do this.

After more than a dozen stabs and slashes, the sword lights disappeared.

The Mulberry Sword flew back toward Huang Xiaolong, hovering above his head.

Huang Xiaolong flashed a satirical sneer looking at Jiang Bi, “Break my arms It seems that the current you do not have the strength to do so.”

Jiang Bi’s feet touched the floor, wearing an extreme chilling expression that matched the look in his eyes, “Huang Xiaolong, you think you’ve won” Although he was forced to an embarrassed state by Huang Xiaolong’s sword, from beginning to the end, he wasn’t wounded at all.

Moreover, it had solely been Huang Xiaolong attacking the entire time.

He didn’t even show a fraction of his strength.

The Elders in the hall could see it, and Huang Xiaolong could see it.

“You think you can win” Huang Xiaolong retorted with the same indifferent expression.

Undeniably, Jiang Bi was stronger than him at this point in time, however, if Jiang Bi wanted to defeat him, it wouldn't be easy!

Jiang Bi’s face turned ugly.

In the beginning, he was full of confidence that he could easily squash the other party, but Huang Xiaolong’s strength exceeded his imagination and was unexpectedly tyrannical.


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