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Chapter 556: Challenging Huang Xiaolong


A minuscule frown creased Huang Xiaolong’s brows as these words grew crude and brazen, but it quickly smoothed out as he calmed down.

“Wang Biaoyuan is here!” Then, a loud shout came from the sea of disciples.

“Rumors say that Wang Biaoyuan has broken through to Second Order God Realm! Also, it’s not just early order, but mid-Second Order God Realm!”

Under many people’s gazes, several figures were flying toward the arena at rapid speed.

At the front was none other than Wang Biaoyuan.

Compared to three years ago, the domineering aura from Wang Biaoyuan’s body had increased, and the same ancient sword hung from his waist.

Wang Biaoyuan descended gently to the ground, his eyes scanned the crowd and very quickly found Huang Xiaolong, who was standing beside the arena stage.

The temperature in his eyes dropped as he approached Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, on the Hidden Dragon Arena stage, I will not show mercy!” Coming to a stop right in front of Huang Xiaolong, Wang Biaoyuan declared coldly.

“Three years ago, what you gave me, I will return it a hundredfold to you today! I will trample on you ruthlessly!”

Huang Xiaolong’s expression was indifferent, “Is that so I’ll be waiting then.”

Seeing the indifference on Huang Xiaolong’s face, an inexplicable fury surged in Wang Biaoyuan’s heart.

Didn’t this punk get any wind of his current strength Moreover, he didn't believe that Huang Xiaolong could break through to God Realm in a mere three years.

Repressing the fury in his heart with effort, Wang Biaoyuan issued a disdainful snort, “Little punk, just you wait, I’ll see how long you can keep this arrogance.” Throwing this sentence out, Wang Biaoyuan turned and walked away.

A short while later, Gudu Leng arrived, raising another commotion through the crowd.

However, when Gudu Leng arrived, he did not say anything upon spotting Huang Xiaolong, yet the burning desire for battle in his eyes was felt by everyone present.

After Gudu Leng, it was Jiang Shaoze.

Jiang Shaoze was also one of the favored candidates for the top five rankings for this term’s outer disciple assessment.

Unlike Gudu Leng and Wang Biaoyuan, Jiang Shaoze’s strength did not soar and advance to Second Order God Realm, however, at peak late-First Order God Realm, it was only half a step away.

Soon, Xu Shaoqing and the others also reached the arena.

Roughly one hour later, when the assessment was about to start, Elder Zhang Tianchuan appeared in the arena.

He was also the overseer for this term’s outer disciple assessment.

Zhang Tianchuan landed softly on the stage, his sharp eyes sweeping across the gathered disciples before he briefly explained the rules and rewards for this time’s assessment.

The Black Warrior Institute had more than a hundred thousand outer disciples, thus not every outer disciple would take part in the assessment.

In every term of outer disciple assessment, the Black Warrior Institute Elders would select the top hundred strongest outer disciples to take part.

Only those one hundred outer disciples selected were eligible to participate.

Of course, dissatisfied disciples could choose to challenge any disciple within the selected one hundred.

If the challenger defeated the selected disciple, challengers could take their spot, hence the eligibility to participate in the assessment.

“Gudu Leng, Wang Biaoyuan, Jiang Shaoze, Huang Xiaolong…” Zhang Tianchuan read out this term’s one hundred selected outer disciples name list.

Everyone could only guess if the Black Warrior Institute was intentional in their name list, having Gudu Leng at first place, Wang Biaoyuan second, third Jiang Shaoze, and Huang Xiaolong at fourth place! As for the fifth place, it was an outer disciple named Luo Kai.

Luo Kai was the champion in the disciple selection three terms prior. 

One hundred names didn’t take Zhang Tianchuan long to announce. 

“Does any disciple want to issue a challenge” After he was done reading the name list, Zhang Tianchuan looked around the arena and asked.

“You can issue your challenge now.” If no disciple issued any challenges, then the one hundred selected disciples would remain unchanged.

Seconds after Zhang Tianchuan’s voice fell, a disciple had already stated his challenge.

“Liu Shicheng challenges  Meng Ping.” A tall burly young man leaped onto the Hidden Dragon Arena.

Then, a figure with a small stature floated down the arena stage as well, the challenged outer disciple, Meng Ping.

After a customary salute at each other, both disciples began their battle.

But it didn’t take long for the challenger disciple, Liu Shicheng to be defeated, falling off the arena stage in a sorry state.

Many challenges took place after that.

Some were successful, but most disciples failed.

Slightly over an hour later, seeing that there were no more disciples wanting to challenge, he spoke, “Now I shall read out the selected top ten outer disciples for this assessment.”

“Gudu Leng, Wang Biaoyuan, Jiang Shaoze, Huang Xiaolong, Luo Kai, Long Junfei, Su Guo, Xu Shaoqing, Wu Xiaoshi, Yang Yue.”

Zhang Tianchuan paused momentarily before asking, “Within the hundred disciples, does anyone want to challenge the top ten” Again, if no challenge was issued, the ranking would remain the same, with Huang Xiaolong at fourth place.

Of course, not every disciple was eligible to challenge the top ten, only those within the hundred names were eligible.

Zhang Tianchuan’s question was met with a silent arena.

“This one is Xie Ning, I wish to challenge Huang Xiaolong.” Suddenly, a figure leaped out, landing on the arena stage.

It was a tall lean middle-aged man with a fair beardless face and a small pair of eyes.

The arena crowd was stunned and then broke out in an uproar.

There was actually someone who wanted to challenge Huang Xiaolong!

And it was the first place winner of the new disciple selection assessment two terms prior, Xie Ning! Actually, this Xie Ning was supposed to be one of the selected top ten, but unfortunately, his name wasn’t on the final list.

Therefore, he could only challenge for a spot.

Still, this challenge was unexpected for everyone, a very thrilling unforeseen event.

Huang Xiaolong won the new disciple selection three years ago and was known for his monstrous talent.

Judging based on talent alone, he could be considered as the first person in ten million years.

On top of that, Huang Xiaolong held the identity of being one of the Institute Principal’s disciples.

As such, in the last three years, he was a constant topic of discussion for many.

Huang Xiaolong had kept a low profile in the last three years, secluding himself in closed-door practice in the Institute Principal’s manor, no one was able to determine his real strength.

Although the majority of people assumed that Huang Xiaolong could only reach peak half-step God Realm, a scarce number felt that he might have broken through to God Realm relying on his talent.

The crowd heated up as they looked forward to the upcoming challenge battle.

Their gazes fixed onto Huang Xiaolong.

Even Zhang Tianchuan couldn’t resist casting a glance in Huang Xiaolong’s direction.

Three years had passed, he too was very curious about Huang Xiaolong’s current strength.

Wang Biaoyuan, Gudu Leng, Jiang Shaoze, and the rest also looked at Huang Xiaolong.

As if he didn’t notice the many strong gazes fixed on him, with a calm face and little movement, everyone merely felt a blur flash before their eyes and Huang Xiaolong was already standing on the Hidden Dragon Arena stage, in front of the challenger disciple Xie Ning.

Wang Biaoyuan, Gudu Leng, and many others’ eyes narrowed.

‘So fast!’ This was the first thought that appeared in everyone’s minds.

On the other hand, Zhang Tianchuan’s eyes lit up, he didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong’s speed to have reached such an extent.

The challenger disciple, Xie Ning, was taken aback seeing Huang Xiaolong’s abrupt appearance in front of him, but quickly calmed down.

His eyes shone brightly staring at Huang Xiaolong.

Taking a deep breath, he said, “Huang Xiaolong, please!” His own momentum soared the instant he said the words.

Fierce winds blew, the Hidden Dragon Arena seemed to be a world of brewing storms.

Xie Ning was the first place winner of the selection assessment two terms past, there was no doubt that he was a strong character, recognized by many outer disciples as the first person under Second Order God Realm.


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