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Chapter 548: Ancestor Gudu


Being the focus of so many high experts, any average people would be so nervous that they might start walking backward.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s body quivered slightly with a small burst of Buddhism energy as he walked into the grand hall with a calm expression.

Noticing the Buddhism energy emitted from Huang Xiaolong’s body, the many high experts present showed various expressions.

There was still time before the apprenticeship ceremony began when Huang Xiaolong arrived.

Institute Principal Feng Yang dragged his youngest disciple around the grand hall, introducing him to various Ancestors and Patriarchs of different super forces and families.

Other than Institute Principal Feng Yang, representatives from the other twenty-one super forces from the Black Tortoise Galaxy had arrived, which included both Ancestors and Patriarchs.

Among the other twenty-one super forces, seventeen Ancestors came to attend the ceremony.

This scene made the other experts present astonished, each of these Ancestor level characters hardly ever appeared in public.

When the introduction came to the Gudu Family’s Ancestor, Gudu Batian, he laughed heartily with Institute Principal Feng Yang, “Feng Yang, this disciple of yours really makes me envious.

He has only cultivated for thirty years! I estimate he’ll breakthrough to God Realm in ten years, in that case, he only took forty years of cultivation to reach the God Realm, this is shattering the entire Black Tortoise Galaxy’s record ah!”

Some family Patriarchs, sect Sovereigns, and elders did not know beforehand that Huang Xiaolong merely had thirty years of cultivation experience.

Hearing Ancestor Gudu Batian talk about it now, great waves of shock swept through the grand hall.

In the millions of years of the Black Tortoise Galaxy’s history, the person who broke through into the God Realm in the shortest time was one of Jiang Family’s Ancestors, Jiang Shaohuang, achieving that feat in eighty years.

Whereas this Huang Xiaolong only needed forty years!

Just moments ago, these Patriarchs and Sect Sovereigns assumed that Huang Xiaolong’s talent was higher than Gudu Leng’s, but never did they imagine that Huang Xiaolong’s talent was this monstrous!

Institute Principal Feng Yang joined in the laughter as he said to Ancestor Gudu Batian, “Even though this disciple of mine managed to reach half-step God Realm in thirty years of cultivation, who really knows when he will reach peak half-step God Realm.

As for God Realm, it’s still too early to say.

It is Ancestor Gudu’s great-great-grandson Gudu Leng that makes people envious.

Rumors say that he has comprehended the Gudu Family’s supreme secret technique, the Solitary God's Infinitude up to the ninety-ninth destruction layer!”

The guests who heard this were once again shocked.

Gudu Family’s Solitary God's Infinitude!

This was a supreme technique created by the Gudu Family’s first Ancestor, with a total of three hundred layers.

According to rumors, at the one-hundredth layer, its power was earth-shaking, enabling the cultivator to produce Godforce!

Moreover, it was said that after achieving the hundredth layer, even if one died, they could be reborn!

Rumor has it, other than the first Gudu Ancestor, no one else was able to cultivate the secret technique until the one hundredth layer.

No one expected Gudu Leng to have already reached the ninety-ninth step at his age!

With Gudu Leng’s talent, it was absolute that he would be able to achieve the hundredth layer.

Ancestor Gudu Batian chuckled with satisfaction, “Leng’er has only achieved the ninety-ninth layer so far, whether he can reach the one hundredth layer is hard to say.” Then he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Little Huang kid, you must work hard in the coming three years.

Three years later, there will be a new disciple assessment.

My family’s Leng’er will be challenging you at that time, he’s very sulky that you snatched the first place this time.”

Huang Xiaolong saluted in a manner that was neither haughty nor humble, answering, “Sure, three years later, I will accept Brother Gudu Leng’s challenge.”

Feng Yang continued to introduce Huang Xiaolong to other super forces’ Ancestors and Patriarchs, and to forces that were in a good relationship with the Black Warrior Institute.

While this was going on, these Ancestors and Patriarchs were extremely courteous.

After the relevant guests had been greeted, Feng Yang introduced Huang Xiaolong to his three other disciples.

His eldest Senior-Apprentice Brother was named Liu Yun.

He had a gentle outward appearance, well-mannered, looking no more than thirty-something in age.

Definitely a good looking man.

The second disciple, Chen Yang, was taciturn by nature.

The third disciple was called Qi Wen, and was also Huang Xiaolong’s Third Senior-Apprentice Sister, a beauty with a pair of spirited eyes that seemed to speak.

Previously, all three of them were out to perform tasks and had just returned.

This was Huang Xiaolong’s first time meeting them.

As the hour inched closer, Patriarchs, sect Sovereigns, and other guests continued to arrive at the grand hall.

For the apprenticeship ceremony, Institute Principal Feng Yang only invited the super forces as well as the first ranked forces, so the guests who made their way here were the super forces’ Ancestors, or the first ranked forces’ Patriarchs and experts.

“Windland World, Lu Family’s Patriarch arrives, congratulatory gift, a pair of Yin Yang Fish!”

“Nine Windings World, Wu Family’s Ancestor arrives, congratulatory gift, a piece of Divine World’s Night Astral Stone.”

The voice of the Black Warrior Institute Elder in charge of receiving guests rang sonorously through the hall.

Huang Xiaolong’s heart skipped a beat every time he heard the names of the gifts.

These Patriarchs and Ancestors’ congratulatory gifts were each rare and precious treasure even by the standard of large auction houses.

Two hours later, the apprenticeship ceremony began.

Due to Zhang Tianchuan’s detailed explanation earlier, Huang Xiaolong managed to get through the apprenticeship ceremony without making any mistakes.

Everything went well during the ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony, Huang Xiaolong respectfully performed three kowtows to Feng Yang and greeted ‘Master’ as he served a cup of spiritual tea.

Feng Yang was all smiles as he received the cup of tea.

Taking a sip from it, he said, “Good, good, good disciple, quickly rise!”

He even personally stood up to help Huang Xiaolong up.

This little action was duly noted by all guests present with shock in their eyes.

Just from this, they could clearly see how much the Institute Principal cherished Huang Xiaolong.

No one noticed the ray of jealousy flitting across the eyes of Feng Yang’s second disciple.

With that, the apprentice ceremony came to an end.

Feng Yang invited all the guests to the banquet tables, where Ancestors and Patriarchs raised their wine cups in endless congratulatory toasts, lively chatter filled every corner of the hall that lasted until dusk.

Only then did the guests bid farewell and took their leave from the Black Tortoise World.

Feng Yang and Huang Xiaolong returned to Feng Yang’s manor, and excused his other three disciples back to their own courtyards.

Arriving at the manor, Feng Yang called Huang Xiaolong to his side, giving him a spatial ring, “These are the congratulatory gifts from the Ancestors and Patriarchs that came today.”

Congratulatory gifts from the Ancestors and Patriarchs!

Surprised, Huang Xiaolong looked at the spatial ring.

Just as he wanted to refuse, his Master threw his head back and laughed, “Silly kid, keep it, as Master is giving them to you, I do not lack these things.”

Huang Xiaolong could only obey.

Watching Huang Xiaolong put away the spatial ring, Feng Yang added, “From what Ancestor Gudu said today in the grand hall, it seems like he’s very confident that Gudu Leng would be able to practice the Solitary God's Infinitude to the hundredth layer within three years’ time.

At that time, Gudu Leng will definitely be a threat.” His voice contained concern toward Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong reassured Feng Yang, “Master, rest assured, your disciple will work hard to break through to God Realm within these three years.”

Feng Yang nodded, “Other than Gudu Leng, you must also be careful of that Wang Biaoyuan.

I received news that the kid found a piece of pure metal essence and he’s in closed-door practice, refining it this very moment.

Three years later, he too will most likely challenge you.”

As for Huang Xiaolong’s reassurance that he will work hard to break through to God Realm within three years, Feng Yang did not pay it any attention.

Although he acknowledged Huang Xiaolong’s excellent talent, from his perspective, breaking through from half-step God Realm to peak half-step God Realm then to God Realm in just three years was impossible.


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