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Chapter 546: Reckless Act


Watching Huang Xiaolong nod his head, Institute Principal Feng Yang’s nerves twitched slightly despite his high shock tolerance.

One thousand Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets in fifteen days! Thinking of this number, Feng Yang felt a bout of dizziness.

It took Feng Yang a while to gradually calm down, his eyes sparkling as he stared at Huang Xiaolong, this new disciple of his.

At this very moment, he finally realized the monstrous level of his youngest disciple. 

Feng Yang’s face beamed with happiness, chiding Huang Xiaolong with humor, “You kid, thankfully my shock tolerance is above average.

If it was anyone else, you’d have frightened to them death! However, with your consumption speed, regardless which super forces in the galaxy, I’m afraid they’d be reduced to beggars by you.”

As Feng Yang was saying this, he took out a spatial ring, “There’s twenty thousand Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellet inside here, I'll give you all of it.”

Accepting the spatial ring, Huang Xiaolong said, “Thank you, Master.”

Then, Feng Yang gave Huang Xiaolong’s body a quick check, and after he made sure there was nothing wrong, he breathed out in relief.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique was hidden deeply, not even Feng Yang was able to see through it.

When Feng Yang heard that Huang Xiaolong was planning to go out for a stroll, he said matter-of-factly, “I’ll tell Zhang Tianchuan to bring you around.”

Huang Xiaolong hastily waved his hand, insisting that it wasn't necessary.

 That would be too conspicuous, he preferred not having other disciples pointing and whispering about him the entire way.

Since Huang Xiaolong insisted that it was not necessary, Feng Yang dropped the subject and told his disciple about certain restricted areas of the Black Tortoise World, reminding Huang Xiaolong to pay attention not to get close.

These areas were dangerous even for high-level God Realm masters.

Huang Xiaolong committed them to memory one by one before leaving the manor.

Watching Huang Xiaolong’s disappearing figure, Feng Yang nodded to himself with a faint smile, this disciple’s talent far surpassed his estimation.

Being able to receive such as disciple before he ascended to the Divine World gave him immense gratification.

As for Huang Xiaolong, after leaving the manor, he casually toured the city, taking in the sights.

The Black Tortoise World was roughly the same size as the Cloudsea Mainland.

And the whole Black Tortoise World was the Black Warrior Institute.

As the Black Tortoise Galaxy’s top academic institute, as well as the top super force, it had a strict hierarchy.

New disciples like Huang Xiaolong who had just passed the selection assessment merely held the status of an institute’s outer disciple.

Above the outer disciples were the inner disciples, next were the elite disciples.

Going further up were the institute’s Elders, Grand Elders, Institute Vice-Principal, and the Institute Principal at the top.

Therefore, sidelining Huang Xiaolong’s identity as the personal disciple of the Institute Principal, he was one of the bottom rung outer disciples.

In the Black Warrior Institute, outer disciples had neither status nor identity.

Other than Huang Xiaolong’s batch of new disciples, there were many more disciples from previous years that had yet to be promoted as inner disciples, hence, the Black Warrior Institute’s outer disciples had accumulated to a staggering several hundred thousand in number.

Flying in the air, one of the things Huang Xiaolong noticed the most was the large number of outer disciples in white robes.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong made his way toward the Supreme Harmony Hall.

Although Huang Xiaoling won the first place in the assessment and had received the promised rewards, he had yet to receive his outer disciple identity slip and robe.

This Hall of Supreme Harmony was the place where disciples came to collect their identity token and robes, as well as the place where tasks were given out.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong could see a grand building nestled amongst a long mountain range from afar, built in the middle of a mountain about a hundred zhang from the ground. 

A few minutes later, Huang Xiaolong descended in the open square in front of the Supreme Harmony Hall.

In the square, other than outer disciples, a large number of inner disciples were present, even some elite disciples could be seen flying over some distance away.

Because Huang Xiaolong had yet to collect his outer disciple robe, he was still wearing the Beast God robe he had on long ago, hence, the moment he appeared in the square, his presence was eye-catching.

Ignoring the stares directed at him, Huang Xiaolong calmly walked into the Supreme Harmony Hall.

“He should be one of the new disciples that passed through assessment, coming to collect his identity token and robe.”

“A disciple that has just passed through assessment is acting so arrogant He must have gotten used to being arrogant outside, suffering from the illusion that he’s a remarkable genius!”

“It seems this punk has to be taught a lesson, so that he’s aware of reality, a half-step God Realm’s existence in the Black Warrior Institute is nothing but mud under our feet!”

Some disciples immediately felt Huang Xiaolong unpleasant to their eyes watching the indifferent aloof expression on his face.

In general, the new disciples that had passed through the assessment would quiver with apprehension facing the old disciples and inner disciples, careful and cautious, not daring to even fart in front of them, which one of them behaved like Huang Xiaolong, ignoring them as if they were invisible

Almost immediately, an old-time outer disciple strode over to Huang Xiaolong.

“It’s Senior brother Lin Sen! Senior Brother Lin Sen is close to breaking into the God Realm.

Within the outer disciples, his strength ranked within top ten.

Ha, this new disciple is in for it!”

“Wait and see how this new disciple is going to cry for mommy in a while!”

The surrounding disciples moved closer in anticipation of a good show.

In the Black Warrior World, the Black Warrior Institute did not restrict disciples at the same level from dueling as long as no deaths occurred.

This was also the main reason why this Lin Sen dared to make a move on Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was just about to step into the Supreme Harmony Hall when a tall, brawny young man approached him in a less than friendly manner.

This young man’s arms were muscular and thick.

Stopping in front of Huang Xiaolong, the young man raised his arm and swung a punch at Huang Xiaolong without a single word.

The force exuded by the fist was powerful and compact.

Cutting through the air, it sounded like sharp friction between metal.

In the last two weeks, Huang Xiaolong did take the time to familiarize himself with Black Warrior Institute’s battle skills, thus he recognized the battle skill this young man was displaying: a battle skill named Dynamic Fist.

This battle skill was quite barbaric in nature.

Upon reaching major completion, one punch could easily crumble a great mountain, snap steel kernel, and shatter a jade heart.

Huang Xiaolong stood still, waiting for the young man’s fist to arrive in front of him.

Then, he lifted his palm and executed a swift strike.

This palm strike opened a space rift, air blasted from the force and the ground tremored.

Fear exploded in the old outer disciple Lin Sen’s eyes.

He instinctively wanted to retreat, yet to his dismay, he discovered that he couldn’t move.

He could only watch wide-eyed as Huang Xiaolong’s palm hit his body.

Pa! A sharp crisp sound rang out.

Lin Sen was sent flying with a single palm strike from Huang Xiaolong, his chest blasted open, crashing into a far corner of the square like a dead dog.

In the next second, Lin Sen’s body rolled out of the square, falling down the hundred zhang mountain height.

Lin Sen’s miserable screams echoed in the air.

The gathered disciples were stunned; this, really was this term’s new disciple!

Huang Xiaolong didn’t even spare a backward glance as he entered the Supreme Harmony Hall.

The disciples standing at the entrance waiting to watch a good show retreated rapidly like the tide, opening a wide berth for Huang Xiaolong.

After he stepped into the hall, a dark red-haired young man blocked Huang Xiaolong’s path with an arm, his expression frosty, “Little punk, do you know who you just hit”

The dark red-haired young man was dressed in a red brocade robe, proof of his inner disciple status.

A late-First Order God Realm.

“Don’t know.” Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent, “Even if I know, so what”

The dark red-haired young man’s expression turned sullen in an instant; a new disciple still dared to act so arrogantly before an inner disciple!

That was literally a reckless act!


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