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Chapter 524: Three Thousand Unique Physiques


“What, more than a year!”

Hearing Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi say that reaching that so-called Central Starfield would require more than a year’s time while flying at full speed, he was flabbergasted.

At his current strength, going at full speed, he was way faster than any First Order God Realm warrior.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi snorted, “What’s so strange about this The galaxy is so vast, not even a Highgod Realm master could say for sure how big it is.

A duration of a little more than one year is still due to its close distance to the Martial Spirit World, if the Martial Spirit World was located on the edge in some remote position of the Black Tortoise Galaxy, who knows if you could even arrive at Central Starfield in three years’ time.”

This made Huang Xiaolong feel a little down.

More than a year’s time!

Spending more than a year’s time to rush all the way there There were a little over two years left until the deadline for the registration, Huang Xiaolong was unwilling to waste half of that time in that way.

“Actually, flying across the galaxy is a good training for you.

While flying in the boundless space, you can take advantage of the abundant galaxy force to temper your True Dragon Physique further.

Moreover, there exists a type of lightning energy in the galaxy, absorbing this energy would cleanse your soul force.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi added.

“This lightning energy can cleanse the soul” Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

Even some of the most precious divine grade spirit pellets were unable to cleanse the soul.

When humans were born, their soul and body alike had impurities, and these impurities affected a person’s cultivation path.

For a cultivator, the clarity of their soul determined their cultivation achievements.

A person with high soul clarity would assuredly reap better results in their cultivation path, for such person was more likely to enter into an enlightenment state during cultivation.

Hence, their results would far exceed several hundred times, even a thousand times those of cultivators that had not experienced any enlightenment.

“That’s right.

This lightning energy can cleanse the soul.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi continued, “This lightning energy is hidden deep within space, it's definitely not something an average person is capable of absorbing, and only a certain group of people that possess top unique physiques are able to absorb and refine it.”

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes showed obvious doubt.

Only those that possess top unique physiques  Could it be that he too possessed a unique physique

As if knowing the doubt swirling in Huang Xiaolong’s mind, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi explained, “Every part of your True Dragon Physique was built by the Dragon Pearl and true dragon essence.

Among the three thousand unique physiques under the heavens, the top one hundred unique physiques can be considered as pinnacle unique physiques among the three thousand.

And amongst these three thousand unique physiques, the True Dragon Physique is ranked fourth place!” 

Huang Xiaolong was agape with shock.

He had no idea that his True Dragon Physique was actually a unique physique, moreover, one that was ranked fourth!


“What did you expect Otherwise, would I ever say that your talent can enter top ten in the last ten million years of the Black Tortoise Galaxy” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi chided.

“Still, a person’s own talent and comprehension ability are crucial as well.

In the past, I’ve come across a true freak of a genius.

He doesn’t have any of the listed three thousand unique physiques, but his comprehension ability was extremely scary, regardless what kind of cultivation techniques or battle skills they threw at him, he merely needed to look at them once to learn them.”

“Learned them at a glance” Huang Xiaolong was astonished.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi nodded, “Correct, that’s why his cultivation speed was extremely terrifying, he merely used one hundred and ten years to break through to God Realm.”

Huang Xiaolong felt humbled, it seemed like his knowledge of this vast galaxy was too shallow.

“Those three thousand unique physiques, what are the top three ones” He couldn’t resist asking, he was curious which three kinds of unique physiques were able to rank higher than his True Dragon Physique.

But Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi sounded hesitant, “This… you will know once you reached the Central Starfield.

There is no use knowing about it now, but your True Dragon Physique was achieved under special circumstances, there are slight differences to the known innate True Dragon Physique.

The potential of your physique is hidden, so even a Highgod Realm master would not be able see that you have the True Dragon Physique.”

Huang Xiaolong choked, he didn’t expect the Old Dragon to suddenly withhold information about the top three unique physiques, hanging his appetite.

But knowing that his True Dragon Physique could be hidden from the Highgod Realm masters’ scrutiny comforted him.

To Huang Xiaolong, it was best that no one found out that he had the True Dragon Physique.

“But your True Dragon Physique is probably stronger than the innate True Dragon Physique.” Emperor Ao Taiyi suddenly added.

“Meaning” Huang Xiaolong was intrigued.

“That's because your True Dragon Physique was built by the Dragon Pearl.

Even though the Dragon Pearl is our Dragon Clan’s heritage treasure, honestly, even I am not clear about its true origin.

I only know that the Dragon Pearl is a treasure amongst treasure from the Divine World’s Dragon God Surface.

Furthermore, an innate True Dragon Physique cannot transform or evolve any further, but I noticed that your True Dragon Physique can continuously evolve.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi explained.

The Dragon Pearl was actually a treasure among treasures from the Divine World’s Dragon God Surface!  

Just as Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said, after swallowing and refining fifteen primordial divine dragons, his True Dragon Physique had indeed grown stronger.

He even had an indistinct feeling that, following this path, his True Dragon Physique could evolve even further, stronger, more powerful.

If Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi did not mention this to him, he would have naturally assumed that all of this was normal.

Yet, this was great news.

If he continued to change, to evolve, wouldn't that mean that Huang Xiaolong’s unique True Dragon Physique was a freak monstrosity that surpassed the number one unique physique

Huang Xiaolong suppressed the sudden surge of excitement.

A while later, under Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s guidance, Huang Xiaolong ran his battle qi, shooting across the vast galaxy toward the Central Starfield.

Flying at full speed in outer space, Huang Xiaolong immediately felt an invisible resistance, this was what Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi called astral force.

The resistance from this astral force gave Huang Xiaolong a feeling as if he was trying his hardest to swim against the deep currents in a river. 

Huang Xiaolong began running the Asura Tactics inside his body, allowing this astral force to temper his True Dragon Physique, just like how the river water washed away the dirt on his body.

Speeding forward, Huang Xiaolong tried the method given by Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi to sense the lightning energy hidden deep within the galaxy space.

 Indeed, before long, Huang Xiaolong vaguely sensed the lightning energy.

Minuscule, weak, almost negligible and far between, roughly a few fine silk threads of lightning in ten thousand li of space.

Each thread was approximately the length of a finger.

Despite the scarcity of this tiny lightning silk, after absorbing and refining it the entire way, Huang Xiaolong felt a clear difference in the clarity of his soul.

The result was even more evident after half a year.

If, before this, Huang Xiaolong’s soul resembled a piece of white paper covered in dust, then now, a large part of this dust had been blown away.

The white paper that used to appear gray had now turned grayish-white.

Half a year of flying had greatly polished the potential of Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique, at the same time strengthening the effect of his battle qi and true essence energy.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong transformed into the Asura Physique, spreading out his Wings of Demon, and continued flying at breakneck speed in space.

Passing world surfaces one after another, uninhabited stars appeared time and again, slowly becoming a scene left behind by Huang Xiaolong.

After eight months, Huang Xiaolong slowed down, descending on an uninhabited star up ahead.


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