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Chapter 483: Will Annihilate All Beastmen Tribes

While Ao Kun and his brothers were still immersed in their shock, the soul transformed Huang Xiaolong disappeared from sight.

In a flicker, he reached Ao Kun’s side while gripping the Great Dragon Saber in his hands and slashed down.

Piercing rays of slaughter energy burst out in frenzied madness, trailing behind an enormous roaring blood dragon, rushing straight at Ao Kuang.

Watching the enormous blood dragon, Ao Kuang paled, becoming stiff with fear.

The blood dragon was the tool spirit sealed within the Great Dragon Saber, refined from an ancient blood dragon’s soul, and possessed the coercive aura of an ancient blood dragon.

Before this immense pressure that cut at his soul, Ao Kuang trembled from the core of his being.


The blood dragon slammed into Ao Kuang, knocking him into the air as a tragic scream ensued.

His sea dragon body shattered countless buildings before crashing to the ground several li away, sending great tremors through the earth.

Huang Xiaolong could easily tell that among the nine brothers, this Ao Kuang was the weakest link, only possessing a mid-Ninth Order Saint realm strength, therefore Huang Xiaolong targeted him first.

As long as one of the nine was incapacitated, a weakness would appear in this Nine Sea Dragons Array that the brothers laid out, significantly reducing its power.

Dealing with Ao Kun and the rest would be much easier.

“Ninth brother!” Ao Sen and the brothers cried out.

Huang Xiaolong twirled the Great Dragon Saber in his hands, an outbreak of a thousand sabers rays shot through space, creating turbulent waves, ripping out a  giant black hole with pure brute force.

The shower of sword energy instantly swallowed Ao Yi.

Caught in a whorl of sword energy, Ao Yi’s body was instantly filled with cuts and slashes.

After a short moment of anguished screams that seemed to last for a long time, Ao Yi plummeted to the square floor, the luminous scales on his sea dragon body were hacked and cut.

The gory wounds were bone-deep, making others turn their heads away.

Ao Kun and his brothers cried out in agitation.

Being enraged after seeing his brothers being wounded one after another, Ao Kun bellowed, “Sea Dragon Mutilation Technique!”

Immediately, the seven remaining sea dragons formed a loop.

With a slight tremble like a released bow, angry waves roared forth, overcasting the sky, creating multiple space cracks.

Raging waves like razor-sharp blades slashed down at Huang Xiaolong simultaneously.

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent, the Great Dragon Saber in his hand made a vertical cut.

“Blood Dragon Swallowing the Sun!”

A massive blood dragon flew out and a horrifying suction force came from its wide opened jaws, swallowing the countless blade waves.

In the end, the blood dragon exploded in the air and disappeared.

Huang Xiaolong leaped up in a flicker, his left hand aimed a Great Divine Void Fist toward the center of the Sea Dragon Mutilation Array formed by the seven sea dragons.

The brute impact shook the seven sea dragons, forcing them to separate from each other, thus breaking the array.

On the ground, more and more demonic beast experts gathered in the distance to spectate this great battle only seen in a millennium, shocking them to the core.

Huang Xiaolong, the beastmen tribes’ new Beast God, one person against the Nine Masters of Nine Dragons Temple! Moreover, he even held the upper hand!

Once this news spread out, it would shake the entire Martial Spirit World.

In the previous Asura Square Battle and Beast God Shrine Battle, despite killing Li Molin and other Deities Templar’s experts, sending great waves of shock through the Martial Spirit World, Huang Xiaolong did not rely solely on his own strength, but instead he relied on the Poison Corpse Scarabs.

Hence, everyone’s fear of Huang Xiaolong was in actual fact a fear of the swarm of Poison Corpse Scarabs that he controlled.

But this battle was different.

When the crowd of demonic beast experts looked at Huang Xiaolong now, the shock, fear, and awe they felt was due to Huang Xiaolong’s own strength.

A volley of booming blasts thundered high in the sky.

Burst after burst of destructive energy shockwaves destroyed the large areas below into ruins; buildings were flattened to the ground, streets disappeared.

As time passed, the nine Ao brothers were picked and dealt with one by one by Huang Xiaolong.

One hour later, only Ao Kun remained capable of battle.

A shadow was cast over Ao Kun’s grim face.

Despite reevaluating Huang Xiaolong’s strength, he never imagined that Huang Xiaolong’s strength was beyond his estimation, and this was not the most astonishing point.

What blew his mind was that Huang Xiaolong had yet to even break through to Tenth Order Saint realm.

This young man was merely a late-Ninth Order Saint realm! If he was already able to display this level of strength at late-Ninth Order Saint realm, how terrifying would Huang Xiaolong be once he stepped into Tenth Order Saint realm Did that mean that he could even fight at the same level with a God Realm Master!

These five hundred years, he cultivated with painstaking effort, yet he still failed to comprehend the laws of time, unable to pierce through that barrier into the God Realm.

Ao Kun’s thick powerful tail came sweeping toward Huang Xiaolong.

Choosing not to use the Great Dragon Saber, Huang Xiaolong simply struck a palm at Ao Kun’s tail.

Bang! An ear-splitting collision rang, and Ao Kun’s massive body was sent tumbling a few li away before he managed to regain his balance.

Fury erupted in his heart.

He genuinely could not understand how, as one of the human race, Huang Xiaolong was able to cultivate his physique to such an extent, even more terrifying and stronger than his, a real sea dragon’s.

If he only knew before the bet started that Huang Xiaolong’s current True Dragon Physique was reconstructed by the Dragon Clan’s ultimate treasure, the Dragon Pearl, and on top of that he had refined eight primordial divine dragons, Ao Kun would have turned tail instead of betting with him.

Huang Xiaolong did not pursue relentlessly after striking Ao Kun away, he stood in place, looking at Ao Kun with an aloof expression.

Eight out of nine were taken care of, only Ao Kun remained.

Judging from this, it was obvious to everyone that the outcome was already set in stone.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong was aware that it wasn't so easy to make Ten Directions Continent’s number one expert admit defeat and surrender to him.

That being said, one of Huang Xiaolong’s best virtues was his patience.

Half an hour passed.

Ao Kun had reverted to his human form from his true sea dragon body during battle.

Glaring saber cuts and slashes, fist prints, palm prints, and bloodstains decorated his body all over.

Still, the desire for battle was burning fervently in his eyes.

Suddenly, Ao Kun let out a thunderous roar, lunging at Huang Xiaolong, just as he got close enough to Huang Xiaolong, before he could do anything else, Huang Xiaolong sent him flying back with a palm strike, crashing into the crumbled ruins below.

Gravel ricocheted in all directions, raising a veil of dust.

It didn’t take Ao Kun long to get to his feet, lunging toward Huang Xiaolong again.

Huang Xiaolong raised both his fists, competing in crude raw strength with Ao Kun’s double fists.

A loud boom rang out and Ao Kun felt both his fists quiver from the collision, his flesh cracked and blood seeped out, trickling along his arms.

In the distance, the demonic beast experts watched the battle in quiet palpitation.

Ao Kun fell repeatedly, but he stood back up every time, that unyielding will made everyone watching lament in their hearts.

Another half an hour passed.

Once again, Ao Kun was sent flying with a punch, this time however, Huang Xiaolong’s figure flickered, arriving beside Ao Kun, and dealt him another heavy punch.

Ao Kun was buried deep in the ground from the neck up.

The square was quiet again.

This time, Ao Kun had lost the strength to continue fighting.

A few thousand li outside of Nine Dragons City stood a small scale city called Great Thousand City.

One of Nine Dragons Temple’s Great Thousand Hall’s central branches was set inside this Great Thousand City.

And this Great Thousand Hall’s Leader was none other than the escaped Lion Tribe’s Young Patriarch, Jesse.

Jesse licked the blood dripping from his hand as he looked at the dozen beastmen corpses sprawled before him.

“Hall Leader, if we continue killing beastmen at this rate, once the beastmen tribes find out, I’m afraid…” A demonic beast expert beside Jesse couldn’t resist speaking up.

“Afraid of what!” Jesse sneered, “You think that Huang Xiaolong dares to come to our Nine Dragons Temple If he dares, he’s dead for sure!”

“That’s right, that Huang Xiaolong is merely relying on some Poison Corpse Scarabs! If he is to fight with his own strength, the youngest of our nine hall masters, Hall Master Ao Kuang could easily squash that him just using a thumb!” Another demonic beast expert nearby laughed mockingly.

“Our Nine Dragons Temple will be joining hands with the Violent Lion Temple and Ape Deity Temple to exterminate all beastmen tribes, conquering the whole Ten Directions Continent!” Jesse said.


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