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Chapter 469: If You Can Defeat Me

Beast God!

Shi Xiaofei’s big eyes widened, the astonished expression on her face remained for a long time.

Somewhere near the Dead Sea Gorge, on the Deities Templar’s unique floating island, the Temple Preceptor, Ying Tian, sat enshrouded in a rolling black mist that actually blurred the lines of space, as if his entire being integrated with the surrounding space.

Below the dais, many Deities Templar experts were kneeling, too scared to move an inch, afraid that their breathing was too loud.

A heavy silence submerged the hall, and only the occasional ‘di-ta, di-ta’ noise of sweat falling to the floor can be heard.

In the dead quiet hall, a low laughter suddenly sounded from within the black mist.

Ying Tian’s low laughter grew louder, veering toward manic, harsh to the ears.

Every note hammered at the hearts of those kneeling Deities Templar experts.

Those familiar with Temple Preceptor Ying Tian knew that at this moment, he was beyond enraged!

More than sixty Saint realm experts! Furthermore, the majority of them were high-level Saint realm experts! All dead! Even for a hegemony force like Deities Templar, a huge loss like this hurt to the bones!

On top of everything, that Li Molin and sixty other heads were still hanging above the Sacred Tiger City’s gates, should he or should he not send people to collect them

The whole Martial Spirit World was looking at Deities Templar like a joke!

The experts in the hall lowered their heads even further, not daring to lift them.

A while later, Ying Tian’s laughter stopped as abruptly as it started, looking coldly at the group of people below him.

“Who’s going to the Sacred Tiger City” Ying Tian spoke.

No one made a move, no one said anything.

A malevolent black light burst in Ying Tian’s eyes, intense murderous aura turned the hall’s atmosphere into a sinking dead swamp.

The trembling figures of the experts kneeling before become even more visible.

Just when those experts felt death inching closer, the suffocating killing intent vanished as if it was never there.

“All of you, leave.” Ying Tian spoke, his voice laced with a trace of coldness, helplessness, anger, and venomous hate.

The experts swiftly complied and fled the hall.

Once outside, each of them was washed with feelings of survival.

When all the experts had left, a figure walked out from the back of the hall—Li Lu.

“You make a trip to Starcloud Continent.” Ying Tian said, a sharp light glinted in his eyes.

“Yes.” Li Lu complied respectfully and retreated from the hall.

One month passed by in a blink.

In the end, Deities Templar did not send anyone to retrieve the heads hanging above the city wall, turning Deities Templar into an after-dinner joke.

After the Beast God Shrine battle, Deities Templar’s prestigious reputation was shattered.

Even the forces and families in small kingdoms like the Luo Tong Kingdom that submitted under Deities Templar rebelled one by one.

Submit to Deities Templar meant offending Huang Xiaolong!

Who, at this time, in the whole Martial Spirit World dared to offend Huang Xiaolong

This one month, Huang Xiaolong waited in the Sacred Tiger City, practicing the Godly Xumi Art, Asura Tactics, Body Metamorphose Scripture, Asura Asura Sword Skill, Absolute Soul Finger, Asura Demon Claw and others, going through all of his battle skills.

That time in the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins, the beastmen tribes managed to snatch two primordial divine dragon corpses, both falling into the hands of the Lion Tribe, which explained why the Lion Tribe’s Young Patriarch Jesse was searching for Dragon God Grass in the Poison Dragon Valley.

With him holding the helm, the Lion Tribe obediently offered up both primordial divine dragon corpses with smiling faces.

After refining four primordial divine dragons, Huang Xiaolong had nine left, adding two more brought it up to eleven!

Eleven primordial divine dragons, if he could find enough Dragon God Grass, it could definitely help Huang Xiaolong breakthrough to Tenth Order Saint realm, even reaching peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm.

Not to mention, the addition of two more primordial divine dragons would elevate his self-created skill to Fifteen Moves of the Dragon God.

Studying the additional primordial divine dragons for one month, enabled Huang Xiaolong to gain new insights, smoothly incorporating them into the Thirteen Moves of the Dragon God.

One month passed, yet Deities Templar did not send anyone to collect Li Molin and the others’ heads.

Bored, Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother to wait anymore.

All the heads turned into more nourishment for the Poison Corpse Scarabs.

Reminding the Tiger Tribe Patriarch Chuck to keep an eye on Deities Templar’s movements, Huang Xiaolong began his closed-door practice.

This time, Huang Xiaolong decided to refine the earth dragon originally wind dragon, wood dragon, the five-clawed golden dragon as well as the Buddha dragon.

Prior to this, Huang Xiaolong had refined the water dragon and fire dragon.

Adding the earth dragon, wood dragon, and the five-clawed dragon, his five elements could be considered complete.

Comprehending the five elements was essential to enhancing his strength to another level.

Huang Xiaolong’s Godly Xumi Art was by origin a Buddhist World battle skill, refining the buddha dragon would bring unimaginable benefits in this aspect.

The first one would be the earth dragon.

The passage of time flowed, and one year went by.

In this one year’s time, the entire Martial Spirit World seemed have folded within itself, shy and quiet.

Since the Beast God Shrine battle, Deities Templar became the total opposite of its previous flamboyant self.

Even the Cosmos God Cult on the Starcloud Continent quieted down and behaved, all the way to the Bedlam Lands, where killings were an everyday occurrence, toned down.

The entire Martial Spirit World’s weather seemed to center around a certain person.

Huang Xiaolong!

In this one year,  every force, sect, and family in the thirty-six Oblasts under the Asura’s Gate governance declared their willingness to submit under the Asura’s Gate, including those that were swaying between other forces such as the Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, Cosmos God Cult, and other twelve super forces.

Finally, this sudden calm and quiet provided Emperor Duanren with much-needed breathing space from the noose that Deities Templar roped around his neck.

Two years swiftly passed.

After refining the earth dragon, Huang Xiaolong continued with the wood dragon, and now he was refining the five-clawed golden dragon.

At the moment, looking from the side, Huang Xiaolong looked like he was cocooned inside a golden dragon.

The five-clawed golden dragon was known as the Dragon Clan’s royal blood, the highest existence amongst the fifteen primordial divine dragons Huang Xiaolong had.

Two years and eight months passed.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged at the center of the Ten Buddha Formation, the spacious hall lit brightly with a gentle luminescence coming from the various golden Buddha images and shadows of primordial divine dragons hovering behind Huang Xiaolong.

From the outside, Huang Xiaolong looked as if he was coated with a layer of golden paint.

Then, without warning, his body shook violently for a second as a low crisp breaking sound was heard from inside his body, brilliant light shining through.

A terrifying force swept to every corner of the Xumi Temple.

It was a long time before the energy dissipated.

The brilliant light dispersed, as did the shadows of Buddha statues and dragons.

Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, a series of crackings rang in the hall with a little stretch.

Two years and eight months, he finally refined the earth dragon, wood dragon, five-clawed golden dragon, and buddha dragon.

All thirty-six stalks Dragon God Grass were used up.

Directing his spiritual sense internally to check his body’s condition, the veins running through his body were akin to primordial divine dragons hovering within his flesh.

His physique was twenty times sturdier than before, the battle qi in his Qi Sea was a roaring golden color, while the ten thunderballs in his dantian turned into ten gold cores that were twenty times bigger.

Ninth Order Saint realm!

Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi actually broke through to the Ninth Order Saint realm!

Despite only being an early Ninth Order, Huang Xiaolong felt as if he was overlooking the world, invincible throughout! This was confidence born from distinct real power! His physical body surpassed any godly weapon!

Huang Xiaolong took out the Great Dragon Saber and cut it against his own skin, but it merely left a white line on his palm!

He inhaled deeply, exiting the Xumi Temple a short while later.

Just as he exited, he summoned Tiger Tribe’s Patriarch Chuck over.

Seeing Chuck arriving, Huang Xiaolong said, “I will not use the Poison Corpse Scarabs, no battle qi, no battle skills, if you can defeat me, I shall reward you with one hundred pieces of Dragon Blood Crystal!”

“One hundred pieces Dragon Blood Crystal!” Chuck was stunned at first before excitement took over.


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