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Chapter 436: Our President Is Not In

The Cosmos God City battle made Huang Xiaolong realize that his own strength was still too inadequate.

If there were no Poison Corpse Scarabs hindering the group of Cosmos God Cult Elders and high-level Saint realm experts, just a single Elder like Chen Xiaofeng could easily kill him.

Additionally, the Godly Xumi Art drained a terrifying amount of battle qi.

At his current battle qi level, after exerting strenuous effort, he could barely execute the Godly Xumi Art twice.

This was also why, after displaying the Godly Xumi Art twice, Huang Xiaolong left in a hurry with Shi Xiaofei and her two maids in tow.

In this trip to the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce, Huang Xiaolong was adamant to get his hands on the four remaining Dragon God Grass, no matter what.

After he gathered all eight stalks, Huang Xiaolong could refine one primordial divine dragon body, enhancing his strength to another level.

Huang Xiaolong merely stopped for a brief moment before his lifted his foot and strode into Birchleaf City.

Shi Xiaofei and her two maids followed closely behind.

Even though the three women were curious why Huang Xiaolong came to Birchleaf City, Shi Xiaofei did not voice any objections.

She was happy enough as long as she could remain with Huang Xiaolong and not be sent back to the Blessed Buddha Empire.

Entering Birchleaf City, Huang Xiaolong asked around for the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters location, heading straight there without dallying.

“Big brother Huang, is there something you want to buy going to the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce” On the way, Shi Xiaofei casually asked.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “I want to buy a few stalks of Dragon God Grass, I heard that the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce has some.”

“You want to buy Dragon God Grass!” Shi Xiao Fei eyes widened.

“That’s right, what’s the matter” Shi Xiao Fei exaggerated reaction roused Huang Xiaolong’s curiosity.

“There are a few inside our Blessed Buddha Empire’s treasure chamber!” Shi Xiaofei revealed without holding back.

Huang Xiaolong’s steps halted abruptly, a quiver of excitement shot through his body as he asked in disbelief, “Your Blessed Buddha Empire’s treasure chamber has Dragon God Grass!”

Shi Xiaofei nodded heavily as if to emphasize the fact that she didn’t lie, “We have, ah.

I am not sure how many we have, but definitely no less than ten!”

“Ten!” Huang Xiaolong’s breathing constricted a little.

Ten stalks of Dragon God Grass! Inwardly, he couldn’t help letting out loud wanton laugh!

He didn’t expect the Dragon God Grass that he had been searching for high and low for was quietly lying inside the Blessed Buddha Empire’s treasure chamber.

At least ten stalks, adding the four stalks that he was going to get from the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce, he could refine two primordial divine dragons!

Two! Huang Xiaolong’s larynx moved as he swallowed, nervous with excitement.

“Big brother Huang, is that Dragon God Grass very important to you” Noticing the joy on Huang Xiaolong’s face, Shi Xiaofei felt happy as well.

Huang Xiaolong calmed himself down, nodding seriously, “Yes, very important.”

Before the time for Grand Martial Exchange arrived, whether Huang Xiaolong could exceed Tenth Order Saint realm depended on finding enough Dragon God Grass.

Therefore, Dragon God Grass was crucial to Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong was in an excellent mood after knowing there were ten stalks of Dragon God Grass in the Blessed Buddha Empire’s treasure chamber.

At the same time, he was a little annoyed with himself.

If he had known earlier, he would have tried to inquire some information from his Senior Brother Shi Fantian when he was passing by the Blessed Buddha Empire.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong, Shi Xiaofei, Xiaorou, and Xiaoyue reached the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce headquarters building.

The Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce was one of four Starcloud Continent’s biggest trading firms, with branches in every oblast all over the continent.

Including the thirty-six oblasts under Asura’s Gate governance, there were many of its branches.

The four biggest trading firms might not be at par with the continent’s twelve super forces, but their actual forces did not fall far from the twelve super forces.

Its headquarters was located on Birchleaf City’s most expensive street, occupying a large land area.

There were eight sections to their main door, each section was five to six meters in length, the whole place was lavishly decorated.

People moved in and out in an endless stream.

When Huang Xiaolong’s group walked in, many people looked over and suddenly, it raised a commotion.

This reaction brought a helpless bitter smile to Huang Xiaolong’s face.

Of course, he realized this commotion was due to Shi Xiaofei.

With her alluring beauty, no matter where she went, she would be the center of attention.

With lightning speed, an employee had hurried over to Huang Xiaolong’s group.

Perhaps it was due to the presence of a great beauty like Shi Xiaofei, but the employee was extremely courteous.

“May I ask what items the several Young Ladies are looking to purchase, or selling perhaps” The employee gave his best smile to Shi Xiaofei, his eyes never leaving her.

As for Huang Xiaolong, he was totally ignored and sidelined.

Shi Xiaofei was slightly irritated by the way the employee was staring at her, however, in front of Huang Xiaolong she was too embarrassed to throw any temper, hence, she looked at Huang Xiaolong silently.

“I would like to see your President.” Huang Xiaolong said.

The employee was stunned, he only noticed Huang Xiaolong’s presence at this moment.

Want to see the President! He scrutinized Huang Xiaolong from head to toe.

“This brother, our President is not in, may I know what matters you have with our President” The employee asked, not concealing the disdain in his eyes.

Want to see the President

How could their Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce’s President be someone that anyone could request to meet Even Elders from the twelve super forces wanting to meet their President depended on whether their President is willing or not.

Huang Xiaolong caught the disdain in the employee’s eyes, but he did not say anything in that regard.

He merely took out a jade bottle from the Asura Ring and took the pellet out.

Instantly, a medicinal scent wafted in the air, filling the reception lobby with its fragrance, rejuvenating the soul and mind, at the same time shocking the people nearby.

Everyone in the reception lobby was shocked, turning their attention over to Huang Xiaolong’s direction.

“This is a top-grade divine spirit pellet, Golden Jadesea Dragon Pill.” Huang Xiaolong placed the round pellet on the table, then asked, “Now, can I see your President”

That employee’s knees grew soft in an instant.

Top-grade divine spirit pellet!

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s question, the employee remembered where he was.

When he looked at Huang Xiaolong again, the disdain in his eyes had vanished to god knows where.

“Young Noble, please wait a moment, I shall go and report to our steward immediately!” The employee said with all due respect.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong nod, the employee swiftly turned and ran inside.

After the employee left, the feverish gazes from the people in the reception lobby were fixed on the small pellet that Huang Xiaolong placed on the table akin to a pack of hungry wolves staring at a piece of succulent meat.

“Top-grade divine spirit pellet, maybe it’s a fake!” A big family’s disciple mocked in a loud voice.

“Who knows for sure, it’s not like something of this nature didn’t happen before, claiming a Profound Gold Pill as Golden Origin Pill.

In the end, that swindler was beaten half dead by the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce’s Elder!” Another person chimed in.

“Although that person kept his life, both his hands were chopped off by that Elder!”

Noises of discussions hummed in the lobby.

At this time, a middle-aged pot-bellied man, dressed to the nines with sparkling gold and shining jewels walked over to Huang Xiaolong, stopping in front of him, “This brother, I have some knowledge regarding medicinal pellets, with one look I can tell whether it is genuine or fake, may I take a look at this Golden Jadesea Dragon Pill” Finished saying that, his hand reached out to pick up the round pellet on the table without waiting for a reply from Huang Xiaolong.

However, before the pot-bellied man’s hand even touched it, his hand was suddenly pinched in place by another hand.

That middle-aged man’s face tightened, he was a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order, yet his hand was easily locked in place by the black-haired young man.

“You cannot.” Huang Xiaolong replied with a frosty voice.

Then he exerted a tiny amount of pressure, sounds of breaking bones came from the middle-aged man’s hand.

With a flick, the middle-aged man was thrown back, staggering backward again and again, nearly crashing into a stone pillar in the corner of the lobby.

He flushed with anger: “You!” Despite that, he dared not approach Huang Xiaolong a second time.

The people in the lobby were secretly surprised.

Many of them recognized the pot-bellied middle-aged man as an Elder of Birchleaf City’s Su Family, they also knew his strength, yet the young man actually crushed the bones of someone like that effortlessly.


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