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Chapter 43: Duanren Empire


“But breaking through to Xiantian realm is too difficult, too difficult!” While Huang Xiaolong was daydreaming about his martial spirits advancing to the Xiantian realm and how strong it would be, Fei Hou was shaking his head, sighing as he said, “To breakthrough the Xiantian realm, one needs at least a grade ten martial spirits and above to have any chance!”

When a martial spirit is awakened, its natural talent already decides a person’s future achievements in martial cultivation.

This was the reason why Huang Qide spoiled Huang Wei to such an extent.

Because Huang Wei possessed a grade ten martial spirit as long as no mishaps happened to Huang Wei, he would enter Xiantian realm in his lifetime.

“One must have a grade ten and above martial spirit to breakthrough to the Xiantian realm” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Fei Hou was silent for a while before he continued saying; “Not necessarily, there were some people who were able to advance to Xiantian but the difficulty is much higher than having a grade ten martial spirits--there have also been stories that say even some people with top grade eight martial spirits were able to advance.

Pity there is little evidence to back up these stories.

Among a hundred thousand people who possess top grade eight martial spirits, perhaps not one could step into Xiantian realm.

As for grade seven, six, and five martial spirits, no matter how much effort or hard work they put in, they would never achieve it!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded; if his martial spirits were grade seven, then he would never be able to advance Xiantian no matter how much time and sweat he exuded!

Fortunately, his martial spirits were not grade seven!

“Then, are there warriors above Xiantian realm” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes burned into Fei Hou.

Fei Hou was startled and subsequently nodded his head.

“Sovereign, indeed there is a higher realm above Xiantian.

Based on hearsay, the realm above Xiantian is referred to as the Saint realm,  and after one steps into the Saint realm, one’s life span is extended to a thousand years.

The body will be immune to poisons and be as hard as steel, akin to a having an immortal body.

However, to have all that is harder than climbing up to Heaven!”


“Harder than climbing up to Heaven” Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

Fei Hou nodded his head: “In the Xiantian realm every level of breakthrough is much more difficult than the Houtian level take Senior Brother Haotian-- as an example; he broke through to Xiantian more than thirty years ago.

Only those who have superb martial talent have a chance of breaking through to the Saint realm.

Even then only a few will get chance, it’s not a  certainty!”

“Not to mention the Luo Tong Kingdom, none of the hundreds of surrounding kingdoms have a Saint warrior.”

More than a hundred kingdoms and not even one has a Saint realm warrior!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes opened wide.

How large is Luo Tong Kingdom’s populace At the very least there are two or three billion people in each of the hundred or more kingdoms, that would equal more than two to three hundred billion people, but there wasn’t even one Saint warrior!

“The truth was about ten years ago, your subordinate saw a Saint Warrior!” And at this moment a respectful crept up Fei Hou when answering.

A  light lit up in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

Fei Hou laughed out loud when he noticed Huang Xiaolong’s look.

“That year, your subordinate was in Duanren Empire’s Royal City, but it was just a glimpse.” Fei Hou’s face was a little embarrassed when he mentioned this, as even he with his Tenth Order strength wasn’t qualified to meet with a Sacred Warrior.

 On that occasion, it was only by coincidence that he saw the Saint level expert flying across Duanren Empire’s Royal City.

“Duanren Empire!” This was the first time Huang Xiaolong heard this name.

Fei Hou continued to explain, saying, “Luo Tong Kingdom is one of the thousand kingdoms under Duanren Empire.

Although the one hundred kingdoms around the Luo Tong Kingdom have no Saint level warrior, the Duanren Empire has a Saint level to protect the empire!”

“Our continent is called Snow Wind Continent; other than the Duanren Empire, there are more than a dozen other empires, but only ours are composed of the human race.

Apart from our human race, there are Beastmen, Elves, Dwarves, Ents, the Golden Giants, and others.” Fei Hou explained.

Huang Xiaolong’s heart raced when he learned all this.

Duanren Empire!

Snow Wind Continent!

Beastmen, elves, dwarves, ents, and the Golden Giants!

This Martial Spirit world was actually this vast, wonderful and exciting!

He wanted to practice, to become stronger! Then He would head towards the Duanren Empire to meet with the Saint warrior!

One day, in the future he will be a Saint realm warrior of legends!     

A short while later, Fei Hou left.

Huang Xiaolong sat in the garden alone, his heart unable to calm down for a long while.

“Let’s first breakthrough Sixth Order before thinking about anything else.” Huang Xiaolong stood up, shaking his head in a chuckle.

The so-call Xiantian or Saint realm for the current him was too far away; what he needed to do now was advanced to the Sixth Order.

He had a feeling that it would happen within two days.

Returning to his room, Huang Xiaolong took out the cold jade bed from the Asura Ring, sat on it in the lotus position then began to run the Asura Tactics exercise law.

His twin dragon martial spirits appeared, devouring the netherworld spiritual aura flowing down from the space above Huang Xiaolong.

After leaving Huang Clan Manor four months ago, his twin dragon martial spirits had become not just bigger, but the scales of both black and blue dragons’ have become tougher and denser and their claws looked stronger than before.


The night passed in silence.

Huang Xiaolong ended his practice when sunlight shone into the room through the window; returning the cold jade bed into the ring, Huang Xiaolong left the room.

When he stepped out, he saw Haotian and Fei Hou both entering the yard.

“Saluting the Sovereign!”

Haotian and Fei Hou quickly knelt down in salute.

Even though Marshal Haotian is a strong Xiantian expert, but when meeting the Sovereign, he still needed to kneel down in salute: this was the Asura’s Gate rules!

In Asura’s Gate, the Sovereign was supreme above all!

This rule was carved into every Asura’s Gate’s disciple to such an extent that even Huang Xiaolong as the current Sovereign was powerless to abolish it.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong could only bear with it and ask them to rise.

“I want to go out to look around, and I’d also want to buy a residence,” said Huang Xiaolong, when both of them had gotten up.

In his opinion, although Marshal Haotian is an Asura’s Gate disciple, staying here in the Marshal Mansion for an extended time was inconvenient.

If he had his own residence here in the Royal City, whether it was training or other matters, it would be much more convenient.

Marshal Haotian was startled when he heard this and anxiously asked, “Sovereign, are the guards or servants performing unsatisfactorily I will replace them in an instant!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and smiled, saying “No, it has nothing to do with them.

I just want to buy a residence as it would be more convenient.”

When Haotian this heard this, he breathed out in relief; Huang Xiaolong was the Sovereign and since Huang Xiaolong already taken a position on the issue, he couldn’t force the matter.

“Then this subordinate will accompany Sovereign to the property market to select a suitable resident,” Haotian said.

No need, just send two guards to come along, in addition there’s Fei Hou so nothing will happen.” Huang Xiaolong added after he paused for a moment – to have the Luo Tong Kingdom’s Marshal tagging along with him just to help him select a residence, there was no way he would be able to maintain a low profile in the future and Huang Xiaolong didn’t wish to attract any attention.“Understood.

 Your Subordinate will arrange it.” Haotian understood Sovereign’s worries.

Thus he agreed and replied respectfully.

Concerning the things that happened at the Delicious Restaurant Marshal Haotian had already instructed the Generals and soldiers not to breathe a word about Huang Xiaolong’s identity.

So so far, none of the nobles and the influential families knew about the Marshal’s ‘Young Master’.

A short while later, Haotian sent two of the Marshal Mansion’s guards over to protect Huang Xiaolong.

The two guards, Fei Hou, and Huang Xiaolong left the mansion walking towards the property market.




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