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Chapter 427: Congratulations, Young Lord

The maid respectfully complied, turning away in search of Steward Tan An.

Peng Zhuang sat and waited calmly in the main hall.

Before long, that maid returned.

“Where’s Tan An” Seeing the maid returned but no signs of Tan An, Peng Zhuang demanded.

The maid answered respectfully, “Replying to Castellan, Steward Tan An is not in, no one knows where he is.”

Peng Zhuang’s brows wrinkled furrowed; not in Cannot be, ah, if Tan An had matters that required him to leave the Castellan Manor, he would definitely come tell him in person.

The more Peng Zhuang thought about it, the more things didn’t seem right, and took out the transmission jade slip.

However, a while passed but there was no reply from Tan An through the transmission jade slip.

The strong unease in Peng Zhuang grew, he hurried to his feet and moved swiftly to Tan An’s courtyard.

“Did Steward Tan An tell any of you where he was going” Reaching Tan An’s courtyard, Peng Zhuang interrogated Tan An’s personal maid in the courtyard.

Tan An’s personal maid shook her head, “Replying to Castellan, no, he didn’t.

Oh right, last night, Lord Li Feng came looking for Lord Steward.”

“Li Feng.” Peng Zhuang was surprised.

“Yes, then both lords went over to the back garden stone pavilion to have a drink, and haven’t returned since then.” Tan An’s personal maid answered.

Hearing that, Peng Zhuang headed to the Manor’s back garden in quick steps.

When he arrived, the collapsed stone pavilion and beams, lopsided and uprooted trees in the surroundings entered his eyes.

Scanning the wreckage in the garden, a chill snaked across Peng Zhuang’s heart.

Needless to say, the damage in the garden was caused by a fight.

Yet, last night, no one in the Castellan Manor felt any energy fluctuations that indicated there was a fight.

Not one tiny noise was heard!

Peng Zhuang quickly took out the transmission jade slip again to contact Li Feng, but just like he thought, there was no response from Li Feng either.

His face became gloomy; one as stupid as a Tyrant Boar using its arse to think could figure out something happened to Tan An and Li Feng!

“Relay my order, lockdown Treasure City, report any suspicious person immediately!” Peng Zhuang looked over and roared at one of the guards.

That guard had never seen the Castellan so furious, his face was ashen at the receiving end of Peng Zhuang’s roar.

The guard immediately saluted and ran off to carry out the order.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong was already several thousand miles away from Treasure City, flying at rapid speed, leaving only a blurry streak of light where he passed.

Despite his breakneck speed, Huang Xiaolong movements were soundless.

Anxious for Shi Xiaofei’s safety, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t care less about alarming the surrounding experts as he sped past cities without hiding his presence.

Huang Xiaolong’s action inevitably attracted some Saint realm experts’ attention from these cities, some of them even tried to stop Huang Xiaolong by blocking in front of his way, however, once they noticed Huang Xiaolong’s terrifying speed, these path blockers ran far away to dodge, horrified.

In time, Huang Xiaolong grew ever closer to Cosmos God Cult’s headquarters.

However, Cosmos God Cult’s power was far reaching, just the number of oblasts under their territory exceeded two hundred, ten times the land area compared to Asura’s Gate.

On top of that, Cosmos God Cult’s headquarters was located right at the center of its territories.

Hence, rushing all the way from Treasure City to Cosmos God Cult headquarters, Huang Xiaolong had to travel across eleven oblasts between the two points.

Huang Xiaolong continued to fly madly at breakneck speed as his heart grew more agitated.

He was the reason Shi Xiaofei traveled to Starcloud Continent, if something really happened to her, Huang Xiaolong would regret it for his entire life.

How would he face Senior Brother Shi Fantian then

“Xie Hui!” An icy glint flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, the murderous aura around him strengthening.

If anything happened to Shi Xiaofei, he would start a massacre! He will turn Cosmos God Cult’s headquarters into a river of blood!

He had no reason to be scrupulous about it since the Cosmos God Cult Leader himself was not here in Martial Spirit World.

“Xie Chao, I hope your son hasn’t committed the biggest mistake of his life, otherwise…!” The enmity deepened in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, if that Xie Hui really tainted Shi Xiaofei’s chastity, he would gladly turn Xie Hui and all the Cosmos God Cult Elders into nutrition for the Poison Corpse Scarabs!

After all, thirteen years later at the Grand Martial Exchange, Huang Xiaolong would be battling Xie Chao.

At that time, Xie Chao definitely wouldn’t spare him, therefore, Huang Xiaolong’s actions weren’t restrained by future consequences.

Ten days later, Huang Xiaolong stopped on a mountain peak in the wilderness and immediately swallowed a Divine Dragon Pellet and initiated his martial spirit ability Instant Recovery to replenish his depleted Saint force.

He continued rushing onward right after recovering.

In these ten days, he did not stop at all, even at night, he continued on at whirlwind speed.

Xie Hui had taken Shi Xiaofei away from the Treasure City thirteen days prior to Huang Xiaolong’s pursue to the Cosmos God Cult headquarters.

According to Huang Xiaolong’s estimation, going at full speed as he was now, he should be able to reach the Cosmos God Cult headquarters about the same time as Xie Hui’s group.

Another two days passed.

Huang Xiaolong was currently standing in the air, looking down at an island below.

“This is the Eternal Pure Sea.” Huang Xiaolong took out the Starcloud Continent map, checking the area around him and muttering to himself, “A little further up is the Lingwu Oblast .”

And the Cosmos God Cult headquarters was located inside the Lingwu Oblast.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the sky, the moon was already high up.

Silvery moonlight sprinkled onto the dark earth below as if all the world’s ugliness were concealed away.

“I should be there by tomorrow morning.” Huang Xiaolong muttered another sentence.


With a flicker, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette disappeared from the spot.

The Lingwu Oblast was the largest oblast on Starcloud Continent and also the most prosperous of all, hence, it was also the most well-known oblast.

Especially since it was the place where Cosmos God Cult had their headquarters.


On the east side of Lingwu Oblast, there was a large span of wide plains named Holy Plains.

There was an old legend connected to these Holy Plains, during the ancient times, a God once descended in that place.

When the God descended, he witnessed the war between two countries on this plateau, blood soaked the earth red, turning into a river, thus the God acted and ended the war.

Ever since then, no forces dared to commit slaughter on that plain.

From that time onward, that place was called Holy Plains, a holy land for the human race, beastmen, demonic beast, and others.

The Cosmos God Cult headquarters was built right on the Holy Plains, a majestic towering city called Cosmos God City.

The Cosmos God City was bustling at all times, with people constantly moving in and out.

Bright lights lit the streets as a flurry of transactions conducted all around.

Inside the Cosmos God City’s Castellan Manor, jubilant laughter rang through the halls.

On the main seat sat a young man clad in a robe made of white gold thread.

There was a faint mysterious rune on the young man’s forehead, a little similar to Huang Xiaolong’s ‘Dragon’ symbol manifested by the Dragon Pearl.

This young man was Cosmos God Cult’s Young Lord, Xie Hui.

Different than most sects, big families, and empires, the Cosmos God Cult Leader, Xie Chao, only had one son, Xie Hui! No one knew what Xie Hui’s martial spirit was nor his real strength, for the people that did know were all dead under his sword!

Xie Hui had never been defeated! Because of that, Xie Hui had a renowned nickname on Starcloud Continent, the Undefeated War God.

On both sides of the hall sat many Cosmos God Cult experts.

“Congratulations, Young Lord, on your big wedding day tomorrow.” A white-haired old man sitting closest to Xie Hui raised his wine cup in a toast, “Only a beauty like Shi Xiaofei deserves to be Young Lord’s companion, ah!”

This white-haired man was one of Cosmos God Cult’s Enforcement Elders, Chen Xiaofeng.

Another Enforcement Elder joined in, “That Shi Xiaofei being able to marry the Young Lord is due to her several lifetimes’ worth of good karma, it’s her great fortune that our Young Lord has chosen her!”

Everyone in the hall let out merry laughter.


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