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Chapter 416: A Hero Wants to Save the Beautiful Damsel in Distress

Huang Xiaolong flew at breakneck speed the entire way without stopping for rest.

On the way to the Treasure Oblast, Huang Xiaolong’s mind wandered.

No doubt, those Hell Royal Blood Stones were items his Master collected from Hell, which further reinforced his strong hunch that his Master had been to Hell more than once!

This took place while his Master’s Asura Tactics had yet to reach the tenth stage.

What did that mean His Master Ren Wokuang had stepped into the legendary God Realm!

A God Realm master! Then his Master must still be alive!

It was only that he might not be in the Martial Spirit World anymore, perhaps he had crossed over to Hell or other worlds close to the Martial Spirit World, such as the Peace Emperor World, Jade Sword World, or Infinite God World!

It also occurred to Huang Xiaolong that if his Master could break into God Realm, then, as the number one strongest person on Starcloud Continent, the Cosmos God Cult’s Leader was most likely a God Realm master too.

Although Huang Xiaolong was a mid-Fourth Order Saint realm, a God Realm master still remained a higher existence that he could only look up to.

In the Grand Martial Exchange thirteen years later, even if they changed the rules permitting outside support, such as the Poison Corpse Scarabs, Huang Xiaolong would most assuredly end up dead in the hands of the Cosmos God Cult Leader’s hands!

Even if he managed to break through to Tenth Order Saint realm by then, the Cosmos God Cult Leader could squash him like an insignificant insect! Unless he somehow reached late-Tenth Order Saint realm, or peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm.

God Realm! An existence that rivaled God! A light gleamed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

He had to practice harder and strive to improve his strength! Regardless, he must first break through to Tenth Order Saint realm to have any chance.

When night descended, Huang Xiaolong decided to rest in a rocky mountain area.

He found a hidden cave and entered it, then he took out a Hell Royal Blood Stone.

Running the Asura Tactics, he began to refine the underworld energy contained inside the red glowing stone.

Its effect hit Huang Xiaolong almost instantly, akin to a beast in slumber being awakened.

Boiling blood scorched his veins, rumbling incessantly!

Huang Xiaolong’s body shook as if he was burning in a sea of heavenly flames, unbearable pain invaded every part of his body.

For a second, Huang Xiaolong thought that he had turned into gray ash.

The incredible energy from the Hell Royal Blood Stone ran rampant like unbridled waves, akin to the vast power of the stars in space, rushing into his body, crashing everything in its the path.

Huang Xiaolong quickly willed himself to remain conscious, enduring the excruciating pain again and again as he did his best to refine this underworld energy.

Blood-colored fog started to fill the cave, weaving in the air.

The night passed.

In the midst of it, a blood-colored beam shot out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, piercing sky high.

A loud blast ensued as the cave collapsed due to the sudden outburst of blood-colored glow from Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s figure emerged in midair, a dark red glow spiraled around his body as he stood in the air, resembling an Asura King from Hell, peering at the crumbling mountain peak below.

‘With the Asura bloodline, practicing the Asura Tactics is indeed much faster!’ Huang Xiaolong was pleasantly surprised.

The result of one night’s practice was comparable to a full month’s practice in the past.

According to this speed, his Asura Tactics could advance to the sixth stage very soon.

Huang Xiaolong noticed that after refining a piece of Hell Royal Blood Stone, the Asura qi inside him became purer; the purer his Asura qi was, the more potent his powers would be.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette disappeared from the rocky mountains, speedily making his way to the Treasure Oblast.

Huang Xiaolong’s days continued in this matter, traveling during daytime and practicing during the night.

As Huang Xiaolong’s Asura Tactics continued to progress, it was the same with his Body Metamorphose Scripture.

Although his Body Metamorphose Scripture had reached the perfection state, the true essence energy in his dantian could evolve endlessly.

As days went by, Huang Xiaolong’s Godly Xumi Art was improving every day.The current Huang Xiaolong could form over eight hundred arms when displaying the Godly Xumi Art.

Taking into consideration the most average battle skills, once executed simultaneously using over eight hundred hands, the destructive power could probably flip the heavens over.

However, these eight hundred hands still hovered in their intangible form, and had yet to condensed into real entities.

Once they did, no one in Martial Spirit World would be able to withstand a single attack from Huang Xiaolong.

Six days later, Huang Xiaolong stood on a mountain peak, peering down on a magnificent city built on wide plains that spanned thousands of miles in all directions.

‘Up ahead is the Enigma Oblast, and slightly further up would be the Treasure Oblast.’ Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself, leaping down from the peak towards the Enigma Oblast’s direction.

The Enigma City was the largest city inside the Enigma Oblast, and also one of the most important cities marking the territorial influence between Asura’s Gate and Cosmos God Cult.

Huang Xiaolong decided to stay two nights in Enigma City, since Treasure Oblast was just a stone’s throw away, there was no hurry.

Having no deep understanding of the current situation inside the Treasure Oblast, Huang Xiaolong wanted to inquire some information about it from the Enigma Oblast’s Domain Leader.

Other than that, this was Huang Xiaolong’s first time visiting a city under Asura’s Gate governance, so he wanted to use this opportunity to understand the general situation of these cities.

Huang Xiaolong strode up to the city gates leading to Enigma City, blending in with the crowd of various pedestrians that were heading into the city.

The Enigma City was just as bustling and prosperous as South Oblast City, the first city that Huang Xiaolong experienced when he first arrived on Starcloud Continent.

It was filled with horses and carriages that stretched like a dragon’s body and a lively atmosphere, with busy stores lining both sides of the streets.

Watching the booming state and the flurry of activity around him, a sense of pride emerged in Huang Xiaolong’s heart; this was a city in his territory.

As the Asura’s Gate Sovereign, he was basically an Emperor here in the Enigma City.

Back on Earth, Huang Xiaolong never imagined that one day he would be controlling a few thousand cities like an Emperor of ancient times.

Huang Xiaolong was in no rush to reach the Enigma City’s Castellan Manor, his feet followed where his heart felt like going.

However, as Huang Xiaolong strolled along the streets, he noted that there were quite a lot of people donning the Cosmos God Cult’s disciple robe, all bearing arrogance in their expressions and acting uppity everywhere they went, as if these Cosmos God Cult disciples were the real owners of the Enigma City.

Another thing that Huang Xiaolong noticed was, whenever there were both Cosmos God Cult disciples and Asura’s Gate disciples passing on the same street, the Asura’s Gate disciples would try to avoid the former from far away, some even with apprehension in their eyes when they saw any Cosmos God Cult disciples.

This made Huang Xiaolong frown.

All of a sudden, a commotion up ahead caught Huang Xiaolong’s attention.

“Let’s go watch, there’s a good show! I heard that some Cosmos God Cult disciples fancy the Auspicious Scepter Restaurant owner’s daughter, Yang Le’er, forcing her to accompany them drinking and even fondling Yang Le’er breasts.

I don’t know from where, but an Asura’s Gate disciple that isn’t afraid of death jumped out, wanting to enact a ‘hero saving the beauty’ heroic deed! Now, he’s beaten to a pulp, looking like a pig!”

“Those breasts of Yang Le’er definitely feel very good, did that Cosmos God Cult disciple manage to succeed”

“Come, let us go look!”

Several people in front talked excitedly, nearly bursting with glee.

A cold light glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes listening in on their conversation, and he followed the group of several men toward the Auspicious Scepter Restaurant.

They arrived quickly, for it wasn’t far.

Upon arrival, he saw that quite a large crowd had gathered around the restaurant, all bearing a look of anticipation on their faces, fingers pointing up and down.

Huang Xiaolong made his way in, the crowd only felt an invisible power pushing them away to create a path.

Inside the restaurant, six Cosmos God Cult disciples were sitting around a table with smug faces.

In front of them, lying face down on the floor, was an Asura’s Gate disciple that was swollen and bruised all over.

Blood caked on his face and mouth.

Obviously, he suffered a cruel beating.

A Cosmos God Cult disciple named Liu Guowei gloated watching the Asura’s Gate disciple on the floor, a cold snicker sounded, “Want to be the hero saving the beauty You have no self-knowledge at all! Obediently crawl over here and lick clean your several daddys’ toes, then bark like the mongrel that you are.

When we’re satisfied with your performance, we’ll consider letting you go, otherwise, I’ll cripple your dog legs!”


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