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Chapter 413: Won’t Dare to Make a Move on Our Qi Family

But, to refine the twelve primordial divine dragon bodies, he had to first find God Dragon Grass.

If he refined them without the God Dragon Grass and dragon essence crystals to reduce the violent energy, not only would he be risking his own life, the effect achieved would be the lowest.

It would reach, at most, only two-tenths overall.

If that was the case, even if he successfully refined all twelve primordial divine dragons, the highest Huang Xiaolong could reach was Seventh Order Saint realm.

‘God Dragon Grass!’ Huang Xiaolong uttered under his breath.

Finding God Dragon Grass became the most crucial matter, it had to be done at all costs!

Then, a thought struck Huang Xiaolong, both Chen Tianqi and the Domain Leaders were also at the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins, perhaps they were able to find a stalk or two of God Dragon Grass

Huang Xiaolong swiftly took out Chen Tianqi’s spatial ring; in the past few days, he had been occupied with healing the injuries of the Asura’s Gate Elders and had yet to find the time to check Chen Tianqi’s spatial ring.

When Huang Xiaolong opened Chen Tianqi’s spatial ring, his eyes rounded in astonishment.

Countless medicinal pellets piled high up in one corner, and there was an ice crystal pillar that loomed over the space.

Inside that crystal ice pillar was the body of a primordial divine dragon!

Primordial divine dragon!

Huang Xiaolong became ecstatic after a brief moment of astonishment.

He didn’t expect that the one primordial divine dragon body snatched by Chen Tianqi hadn’t been refined yet, and was wholly well preserved.

“This is great!” Huang Xiaolong let out a joyful laughter.

With the addition of this primordial divine dragon body, by the time he managed to collect enough God Dragon Grass, his chances of breaking into Tenth Order Saint realm increased significantly.

Moreover, with the addition of another primordial divine dragon body, his Twelve Forms of the Dragon God could be upgraded to Thirteen Forms of the Dragon God, greatly enhancing its attack power.

Huang Xiaolong managed to calm his emotions moments later, quickly scanning the other corners of the spatial ring.

Other than the primordial divine dragon sealed in the ice crystal pillar, Chen Tianqi’s spatial ring contained numerous medicinal pellets, from heaven grade to divine grade.

Most of them were heaven grade, then holy grade, and some divine grade.

Still, the highest divine grade pellet was a mid-divine grade pellet.

Other than medicinal pellets that were piled high up like small hills, Huang Xiaolong also found a lot of herbs, ranging from one thousand to nine thousand years old; he also saw two battle skill techniques, one was the Angel’s Spear and the other was called Bright Luminance Tactic.

Both of these techniques were useless to Huang Xiaolong, but could be left for disciples or Huang Family’s younger generation that possessed a light element martial spirit.

Huang Xiaolong then moved on to check the three spatial rings of the dead Deities Templar Elders, however, this time, Huang Xiaolong was disappointed.

Inside these three Deities Templar Elders’ spatial rings, other than some spirit pellets and elixirs, there were only some technique manuals, not a single God Dragon Grass could be found.

After confirming that Chen Tianqi and the three Deities Templar Elders’ spatial had no God Dragon Grass, Huang Xiaolong transferred the ice crystal primordial divine dragon from Chen Tianqi’s spatial ring into the Xumi Temple and began to comprehend the new Thirteen Forms of the Dragon God.

Huang Xiaolong spent the whole night in comprehension.

He immediately noticed that with the additional primordial divine dragon, the attack power increased greatly.

The night passed quietly.

The next morning, Huang Xiaolong summoned Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu and instructed them to pass down an order to all Asura’s Gate disciples, telling them to exert all their efforts in searching for God Dragon Grass.

Those who managed to find news about the God Dragon Grass would be rewarded with ten thousand heaven grade spirit pellets and ten billion gold coins.

Ten thousand heaven grade spirit pellets!

Just for the news!

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu were both stupefied with shock, but despite that, neither of them dared to question Huang Xiaolong’s reason, both complying respectfully.

“Sovereign, those fifteen big families, do we need to…” Zhang Fu ventured cautiously, the underlying question was to know if Huang Xiaolong wanted to deal with those fifteen big families that worked in cahoots with Cosmos God Cult, Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and other forces, dishonoring the sovereignty of the Asura’s Gate.

Huang Xiaolong thought for a moment then shook his head, “No need, let them jump a while longer.”

For the current Huang Xiaolong, the most crucial task at hand was to find God Dragon Grass and strive to enhance his strength to the God Realm.

As long as he could breakthrough to God Realm, when the time came for the Grand Martial Exchange, Huang Xiaolong would have the means for self-protection relying on his own strength.

When Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu heard Huang Xiaolong’s decision of not confronting the fifteen big families, both were genuinely surprised.

They had assumed that Huang Xiaolong would act.

“Leave for now.” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, signaling Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu to retreat.

Both have not choice but to do as ordered.

When the two left, Huang Xiaolong continued to shut himself in closed-door practice.

Every day, he swallowed a Divine Dragon Pill and a drop of Geocentric Buddha Elixir without missing a day, putting his efforts in practicing the Godly Xumi Art, Asura Tactics, and the Thirteen Forms of the Dragon God.

One month came and went quickly.

After this one month practice, Huang Xiaolong saw improvement in his Godly Xumi Art, Asura Tactics, and Thirteen Forms of the Dragon God.

The most obvious result was the Thirteen Forms of the Dragon God, Huang Xiaolong had wholly comprehended it and no longer needed to observe the thirteen postures of the primordial divine dragons sealed inside the crystal statues.

In this one month, Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi cultivation also reached peak early-Fourth Order Saint realm.

Although more than a month had passed since the Asura Square battle, the news about Chen Tianqi being killed by Huang Xiaolong only gained more momentum, it was repeatedly talked about on Starcloud Continent.

After all, with Huang Xiaolong at the helm of Asura’s Gate, it could possibly change the power structure on Starcloud continent.

Huang Xiaolong’s name was tied with too many legendary miracles.

In the thirty-six oblasts under the Asura’s Gate governance, those big families that held treacherous intentions toward the Asura’s Gate naturally felt ill at ease knowing that Huang Xiaolong had gained full control of Asura’s Gate as the Sovereign, and assumed that Huang Xiaolong would be pointing a sword towards them next.

However, one month passed without waves or ripples, there were no movements coming from Huang Xiaolong’s side.

All fifteen big families were secretly relieved.

The Enigma Oblast was the largest amongst the thirty-six oblasts controlled by the Asura’s Gate.

Further down from the Enigma Oblast was the Treasure Oblast which belonged to the Cosmos God Cult’s forces.

Due to this close distance between the Enigma Oblast and the Treasure Oblast, Cosmos God Cult disciples entering and exiting the Enigma Oblast was a norm.

Relying on their Cosmos God Cult background, these disciples did not put the Qi Family, one of the fifteen big families in the Enigma Oblast, in their eyes.

The Qi Family’s residence was located on the wealthiest street in the Enigma Oblast City.

At this time, inside the Qi Family Residence hall, the Qi Family’s Patriarch, Qi Lei, was seated in the main hall together with all the family’s Elders.

“There has been no action from Huang Xiaolong’s side so far, what is everyone’s opinion” Qi Lei asked, his eyebrows furrowed deeply.

Qi Lei’s voice was deep and sonorous.

Although his words were simple and calm, they bore a lofty bearing.

“Patriarch, I think that this Huang Xiaolong is circumspect in his actions, knowing that we have the Cosmos God Cult at our back.

That’s why he dared not make a move on us until now.” One of the Qi Family Elders laughed.

“That must be it; this Huang Xiaolong has offended Deities Templar.

Just Deities Templar alone is enough to tie up all of his efforts, of course he wouldn’t want to offend the Cosmos God Cult at this time.” Another Elder echoed the same sentiment, “At least this Huang Xiaolong has some self-knowledge.”

Qi Lei nodded his head in agreement,  “After thirteen years, at the Grand Martial Exchange, Huang Xiaolong will be dead for sure!”

“Unless Huang Xiaolong decides to submit to Cosmos God Cult and be their dog.

Perhaps then, the Cult Leader would spare his worthless life!” Another Qi Family Elder snickered.

This statement drew laughters from Qi Lei and the present Elders.

Qi Lei added, “With Huang Xiaolong’s death at the Grand Martial Exchange, our Qi Family will take the initiative to attack the Enigma Oblast’s Castellan Manor.

At that time, the Enigma Oblast will our Qi Family’s paradise! And all Asura’s Gate disciples in the Enigma Oblast will be our Qi Family’s slaves!”


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