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Chapter 408: Definitely has Given Birth Before

After the Flower of Other Shore, a strange crimson eyeball appeared in front of Chen Tianqi.

The eerie crimson eyeball spun at high speed in the air, and Chen Tianqi felt his mind gradually succumb to a bout of dizziness.

“Eye of Reincarnation!” Chen Tianqi was genuinely shocked.

As Ren Wokuang’s disciple, following beside his Master for over two hundred years, it could be said that he knew the moves of the Asura Sword Skill like the back of his hand.

The Eye of Reincarnation’s form of attack was extremely peculiar, not only could it attack one spiritually, it could also attack the enemy physically.

Suddenly, a loud crack rang out.

Chen Tianqi’s face sank instantly, this cracking was the sound of his almighty barrier breaking.

His eyes widened in alarm as a sharp blade light slashed across space at him.

He swung out the long angel battle spear in his hand, sending out myriad angel flames.

At the same time, his figure flickered into a blur, but it was still a step too late.

The sharp blade light slashed through the wall of angel flames, slitting Chen Tianqi’s throat.

Blood trickled down.

Chen Tianqi staggered.

When he steadied himself, he was both scared and angry feeling the injury across his neck.

If it weren’t for his protective almighty barrier, that blade light earlier would have caused him grave injury.

At the same time, a soft holy glow shone around Chen Tianqi’s neck, healing his injury at rapid speed.

Not only was the bright luminance power the bane of all powers of darkness, it was also the world’s best healing power.

When the injury around his neck healed, Chen Tianqi raised his head to look at Huang Xiaolong, the flames of war burned strong in his eyes.

The battle angel spear in his hand once again pointed at Huang Xiaolong.

“Hell Splitting Spear!”

A beam of holy power shot out akin to a volcano’s eruption, like a sharp blade that slashed through the void, a cannon of bright luminance power was launched straight at Huang Xiaolong.

“Mountain of Knives, Sea of Fire!”

A mountain of knives was formed, bombarding Chen Tianqi from all angles, while Asura qi formed a sea of fire surrounding the sharp mountain.



Thunderous collisions echoed from the sky above.

Huang Xiaolong and Chen Tianqi’s silhouettes continued to flicker at rapid speed in the high air, one dark and one bright.

Huang Xiaolong was entirely shrouded in the flames of underworld Asura, like an Asura Sovereign, whereas Chen Tianqi was the epitome of holy brightness, covered in platinum colored fire, an archangel from heaven.

The black and white silhouettes continued to attack and counter, in the blink of an eye, more than a dozen moves had been exchanged.

Repeated powerful collisions distorted space, cracking and almost shattering it.

One after another, black holes appeared in the sky as space cracks spread further.

Both Huang Xiaolong and Chen Tianqi lost themselves in the battle, moving purely based on instinct.

Whereas below, on the Asura Square, Li Molin and Liu Yang were caught in frustration and anger because they found out that the evolved Poison Corpse Scarabs not only had terrifying defense, even their speed was alarming.

This vastly differed from the informations they had gathered beforehand.

At first, they thought that relying on the Divine Dragon Armor and the godly weapons in their hands, they could easily exterminate these Poison Corpse Scarabs without much effort.

But they found out that things had gone too far out from their estimation.

The Poison Corpse Scarabs’ resilience far exceeded their imagination.

Only after exerting the effort of nine bulls and two tigers did they manage to kill a few.

On top of that, the number of Poison Corpse Scarabs Huang Xiaolong controlled was more than thirty thousand, compared to their total number, what they managed to kill could be totally ignored.

The second wave of Poison Corpse Scarabs attacked just when they barely managed to repel the first wave.

One after another in an endless tide, neverending.

“Damn it!” Li Molin’s temper flared, unable to contain the rage inside her.

Although the Divine Dragon Armor protected them from being bitten by the Poison Corpse Scarabs, it still didn’t cover every part of their body.

They could cover their arms, chest, and legs, but their eyes, noses, and mouths were exposed!

The Divine Dragon Armor couldn’t be made covering the eyes, nose, and mouth, for that would be suffocating the wearer! After short moment of initial attack, these Poison Corpse Scarabs mainly tried to drill into their eyes, noses, and mouths!

Just as Li Molin let out a curse, one of the Deities Templar Elder screamed.

Li Molin, Liu Yang, and the rest looked over at the Elder.

What they saw was the left eye of that Elder, a Poison Corpse Scarab was eating his left eyeball! In an instant, that Deities Templar Elder was numb from head to toe, unable to initiate the slightest amount of battle qi from Qi Sea.

In the blink on an eye, that Elder’s left eyeball was gone, swallowed by the Poison Corpse Scarab.

“No, no, don’t!” The Elder gave a heart-wrenching howl.

Even so, another Poison Corpse Scarab landed on that Elder’s right eye.

When both Poison Corpse Scarabs cleaned the Elder’s eyeballs, they wriggled into his body through the empty eye sockets.

The endless screams from that Deities Templar Elder sent hair-raising goosebumps down everyone’s necks.

This was Li Molin’s first time witnessing Poison Corpse Scarabs eating human flesh.

Even with her steel nerves, watching what was going on in front of her, she couldn’t stop the disgust and nausea from rising up her throat.

“Kill Huang Xiaolong!” Trying to suppress the urge to retch, Li Molin roared at the group of Elders.

These Poison Corpse Scarabs were controlled by Huang Xiaolong.

As long as they killed him, dealing with these Poison Corpse Scarabs would be much easier.

Not to mention, their main task this time was none other than killing Huang Xiaolong.

However, each Deities Templar Elder was tightly surrounded by endless circles of Poison Corpse Scarabs, giving them no chance to approach or attack Huang Xiaolong.

The Domain Leader that fought with Lil’ Tian caught a glimpse Poison Corpse Scarabs drilling into the Deities Templar Elder’s empty eye socket.

Hearing the shrill shrieks coming from that Elder, his face became ashen.

The other Asura Domain Leaders also turned pale at the scene.

The rumors about Poison Corpse Scarabs were terrifying, yet in their eyes, those were just rumors.

But now, they were seeing it with their own eyes.

Seeing them fall at a disadvantage, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu did not stay idle, adding an assault or two from the side, catching the Deities Templar Elders at their mistake.

What enraged Li Molin further was that Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu seemed to target her and Liu Yang the most.

Whether it was intentional or not, Zhang Fu’s attack always centered around her voluptuous breasts and rotund arse, nearly causing her to go crazy with rage.

On top of everything, the sarcastic comments from Zhao Shu’s mouth seemed to run forever.

“Zhang Fu, why are you only aiming at people’s big butts Just look at that size, you know that she has given birth already, what’s so nice to attack there” Zhao Shu taunted.

Given birth Li Molin’s eyes burned with rage, at the same time, her gaze turned frigid cold.

She had never been touched by any man, but this Zhao Shu actually said that she had given birth to a child!

“I’m going to skin the two of you!” Li Molin furious roar resounded.

She actually ignored the swarm of Poison Corpse Scarabs, the Azure Wind Sword in her hand slashed at Zhao Shu without a care.

Zhao Shu jumped away in alarm, deflecting Li Molin’s attack with a wave of his sword while saying, “Smelly bitch, even if I guessed correctly, you needn’t be so excited!”

Guessed correctly Li Molin could only scream in anger and continued attacking Zhao Shu akin to a lioness in heat, swinging the longsword in her hand at Zhao Shu again and again.

“Careful!” Just when Li Molin was bend on attacking Zhao Shu, Liu Yang shouted out as more than a dozen Poison Corpse Scarabs flew toward Li Molin.

The sudden attack jolted Li Molin to her senses.


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