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Chapter 407: Sovereign’s Divine Might!

Huang Xiaolong ignored the shock on the faces of the Deities Templar experts.

His figure flickered, appearing in front of Chen Tianqi, and slowly walked towards him alone.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s sudden appearance in front of them, Chen Tianqi and his group were startled and subconsciously took a step back.

“Huang Xiaolong, what do you want to do” Chen Tianqi blurted out.

Huang Xiaolong snorted disdainfully at Chen Tianqi’s words, “What I want to do” Noticing Chen Tianqi alarmed expression, he snickered, “Don’t worry, against you all, I need not need to use Poison Corpse Scarabs.”

Detecting the taste of ridicule in Huang Xiaolong’s tone, Chen Tianqi and the Asura’s Gate Domain Leaders were angered, half from embarrassment.

Before they could say anything, a bright light flashed as a pair of gleaming black blades appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s hands.

“The Blades of Asura!” Chen Tianqi stared fixedly at the blades in Huang Xiaolong’s hands.

Ever since his Master, Ren Wokuang, disappeared more than five decades ago, Chen Tianqi had been looking for these Blades of Asura.

These blades had always been the godly weapons of his dreams.

That year, when Ren Wokuang accepted him as a disciple, Ren Wokuang once displayed the Asura Sword Skill in front of Chen Tianqi.

The domineering aura, bloodthirst, and tyranny of the Blades of Asura was deeply imprinted into his mind.

He saw himself conquering heroes of the world with the Blades of Asura in his hands.

“Correct, the Blades of Asura.” The feverish desire in Chen Tianqi’s eyes did not escape Huang Xiaolong’s notice.

His voice was bone-chilling cold, “Chen Tianqi, you coveted the Sovereign’s position and contradicted Master’s will! Today, I shall use these Blades of Asura to rid the sect of the treacherous disciple that you are! You should have no regret dying under the Blades of Asura!”

Chen Tianqi retorted without losing momentum, “Let me die under the Blades of Asura What conceited words! Huang Xiaolong, without the Poison Corpse Scarabs, do you think that you are my opponent” The atmosphere around Chen Tianqi surged, above his head emerged a figure that exuded a pure holy aura, with twelve wings at its back, while one hand held a pointed sharp spear.

This was Chen Tianqi’s top grade thirteen martial spirit, the Twelve Winged War Angel! The angel with the highest battle prowess among its kind!

Chen Tianqi wasted no time in soul transforming the instant his martial spirit emerged.

After soul transforming, Chen Tianqi’s hair and eyebrows glittered in soft gold, a golden angelic armor fitted his body as rings of golden halo emerged from his body one after another.

A surge of bright luminance expanded around Chen Tianqi, filling the entire Asura Square with a bright holy aura, cleansing away everything that was dark and cold.

Chen Tianqi pushed his momentum to the fullest, his cold eyes looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, you and I battle one on one, dare you come to accept your death” Without waiting for an answer, Chen Tianqi leaped high up to the sky.

Huang Xiaolong’s frigid voice matched the look in his eyes, “Why wouldn’t I dare!” His silhouette followed and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

A gust of hell tempest rolled out, howling cries of underworld creatures reverberated in the air.

Since Huang Xiaolong broke through Fourth Order Saint realm, the attack power of his  Asura Sword Skill increased significantly; the first move, Tempest of Hell, truly felt as if it was a disastrous tornado that originated from hell, destroying everything, killing everything.

Chen Tianqi stabbed out the long spear in his hand.

“Battle Flames of the World!” A torrent of spear images rained down, accompanied by platinum flames burning through space.

A volley of exploding air resounded as the spear images fell sharply in Huang Xiaolong’s direction, colliding with the wind vortices.

Huang Xiaolong was slightly surprised watching the opponent’s flames actually withstand the attacks from the Tempest of Hell.

“Sovereign, those are angelic flames, you must be careful!” Zhao Shu’s cautioned words sounded from the ground below.

Angel’s flame!

Angelic flames were among the most powerful flames of the light element.

They were said to be to be able to incinerate all darkness, all negativity and cold gloom.

“Huang Xiaolong, how’s the taste of my angelic flame” Chen Tianqi’s smug snicker sounded in Huang Xiaolong’s ears, “I forgot to tell you, coincidentally, my angelic flame is the very bane to your Asura qi!”

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong was still as nonchalant, Asura qi continued to surge out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, transforming into the Asura Physique.

In the next moment, the black and blue twin dragons flew out and he instantly soul transformed.

After Huang Xiaolong soul transformed, the Blades of Asura in his hands swung out once again.

Countless blade lights turned into lightning dragons, weaving in the air like great tidal waves, submerging Chen Tianqi.

The fourth move of the Asura Sword Skill: State of Abundant Lightning!

Chen Tianqi was startled for a second, but very quickly he raised the sharp spear in his hand.

“The Avenue of Brightness!”

With a thrust, spear shadows cascaded in layers, forming a dazzling ray of holy brightness.

The power of light surged forth, rolling like a tsunami as if nothing could halt its divine power.

The Tempest of Hell continued to collide with the holy light and was actually split by the bright beam.

In the places where the bright beam passed, even the Tempest of Hell dispersed.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed, he didn’t expect Chen Tianqi’s bright luminance to be so powerful.

Not to mention, Chen Tianqi was a peak late-Fifth Order Saint realm, just a mere thin line separated him and the Sixth Order Saint realm.

Watching the Tempest of Hell disperse before his bright luminance power, Chen Tianqi’s long spear continued forward towards Huang Xiaolong, a smug smile on his face, “Huang Xiaolong, this is the extent of your Asura Sword Skill Haha, it is only so-so!”

At this time, the Domain Leaders watching from below cheered seeing the might of their Sovereign Chen.

“Sovereign is mighty!” Domain Leader Gu Wen grinned, “Huang Xiaolong is nothing but a traitor, yet he dreamed of being the Sovereign That’s nothing but a laughable daydream! I say he won’t last ten moves from our Sovereign!”

“Ten moves” Another Domain Leader snickered, “Our Sovereign has yet to battle seriously, if Sovereign really battle, that Huang Xiaolong can’t even last three moves!”

The group of Domain Leaders echoed one another, lauding their Sovereign’s prowess with obnoxious laughter.

Initially, they were a little worried, but now, watching Chen Tiangqi’s bright luminance power suppressed Huang Xiaolong’s Asura’s qi, they finally relaxed.

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu brows creased deeply.

Despite that, they understood this was the decisive battle between Huang Xiaolong and Chen Tianqi, not something they could interfere in.

However, watching the group of Domain Leaders making fun of Huang Xiaolong, Lil’ Tian couldn’t hold back, he eyed the group in anger: “I want to beat up all of you!” His small fists swung out, exerting the strength he used to suck milk from mother’s breast, striking at one of the Asura’s Gate Domain Leaders.

Seeing this, that Domain Leader was angered being provoked by a little kid, “Little imp, you’re courting death!” His palm struck outward, wanting to kill Lil’ Tian with one strike, obviously Lil’ Tian wasn’t worth much of an effort in his eyes.

But in the next moment, that Domain Leader’s face tightened, just when he wanted to dodge, he was struck in the chest by Lil’ Tian full power fist.

A tragic wail sounded as he was sent flying.

Up in the air, Huang Xiaolong looked at Chen Tianqi’s smug face, a sneer curved up at the corner of Huang Xiaolong’s mouth.

In truth, he did not use any real effort, the first two moves were merely warm up.

“Wrath of the Nether King!”

The Blades of Asura in Huang Xiaolong’s hand swung out again.

Two glaring blade lights shot out, reaching Chen Tianqi in the blink of an eye, causing Chen Tianqi to be flustered.

A holy bright luminance burst out from his body: “Angel’s Almighty Barrier!” The holy power surged out frantically around Chen Tianqi, forming a sturdy bright shield around him.

Huang Xiaolong’s Wrath of Nether King crashed directly on the barrier, causing a ripple on the shield’s surface.

The bright shield quivered but remained intact.

Watching this, Chen Tianqi felt even more confident, “Huang Xiaolong, you only have these moves Why don’t you show everything you’ve got Otherwise, you might not have the chance to counter later!”

“Flower of the Other Shore!”

Two blooms of dark flowers suddenly materialized out of thin air, slamming into the holy shield, causing it to shake more vigorously.


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