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Chapter 403: None of You Can Escape!

“Wang Gang.” Huang Xiaolong repeated the name in a sneer,  “It’s already been two months.

Chen Tianqi and Deities Templar must feel anxious waiting for us, it’s time to let them know that we’ve arrived in Central Oblast!”

“Let’s go!”

Huang Xiaolong and the rest flew in the direction Zhao Shu indicated earlier.

The Asura’s Gate branch was on the Buji Island, located on the south side of the Peach Blossom Sea, in fact, it was close to where Huang Xiaolong had appeared earlier.

Thus, in less than half an hour, they already spotted the Buji Island from a distance away.

Standing in the air above the Buji Island, Huang Xiaolong could see that the island had a large land area with a towering city erected in the center of the island.

Although it could hardly compare to an imperial city, it greatly dwarfed any kingdom’s royal city.

“Let’s go down.” Huang Xiaolong said.

Leading the group, he gently floated down to the island.

Entering Buji City, the first thing Huang Xiaolong noticed was that this Buji City was bigger and more prosperous than he had imagined, no less than the imperial cities.

People bustling with activity could be found everywhere, it was extremely lively.

Zhao Shu spoke, “Sovereign, this Peach Blossom Sea is resource-rich, from sea beasts to ore mines, spirit herbs, and elixirs, amongst others.

Buji City is one of the main trading hubs, that’s why it’s so busy.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

On both sides of the street, peach blossom trees were planted at intermittent distances, and at this time of the year, they bloomed gloriously.

The peach blossoms added a soothing element to the flurry of activity around.

‘If Li Lu was here, she’d like this Buji City.’ The thought flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s mind, he knew that Li Lu liked peach blossoms.

Peach blossoms in the spring were clean and romantic.

At this time, in Buji City’s Castellan Manor.

Wang Gang, who had a smaller build than the average men, was listening to his subordinate steward reporting Buji City’s current annual revenue.

When the steward was finished with his report, Wang Gang asked, “Recently, has any individual that is out of the ordinary enter Buji City”

The steward shook his head, replying that there were none.

Wang Gang waved his hand at the subordinate, excusing him.

“Master, is that Huang Xiaolong really as frightening as the rumors claim to be” A young man who has been present the entire time at the side couldn’t resist asking.

This young man was Wang Gang’s eldest disciple, Deng Tong.

Wang Gang gave his eldest disciple a quick glance, saying, “ I know that you are very talented and had a fortuitous adventure in the past, among the younger generation, you have yet to meet anyone that could be your opponent.

However, there is a Heaven beyond the Heaven, mountains beyond mountains.

Keep in mind Master’s words, never underestimate anyone.”

Deng Tong possessed a grade thirteen martial spirit, and by some fortuitous adventure, swallowed some ancient divine grade spirit pellets and elixirs and obtained a unique cultivation technique left behind by an ancient God Tribe master, enabling him to break through to Saint realm in a short hundred years of cultivation.

In the Central Oblast and the surrounding oblasts, he had never met a worthy opponent amongst the younger generation.

Deng Tong was unwilling, “Master, in my opinion, this Huang Xiaolong is nothing but a little lucky.

If I could get Heavenly Treasures like the God Binding Ring and the Absolute Soul Pearl like him, my cultivation speed would not be slower than his, maybe even faster.

Moreover, it's unknown what kind of dog ** luck he ran into, to be able to subjugate a bunch of Poison Corpse Scarabs, that’s about the only thing that other people fear.

He has no real strength of his own.”

Wang Gang shook his head in silence at Deng Tong’s words.

He understood that this youth had always been a proud and hot-blooded individual.

“Master, two months ago, that Huang Xiaolong was already in the South Oblast, but he has yet to appear here in the Central Oblast even after two months, he’s probably afraid to show up!” Deng Tong continued, “Who knows, maybe he got wind that Deities Templar’s Grand Elder Liu Yang brought over Divine Dragon Armors and we no longer fear those Poison Corpse Scarabs, that’s why he dares not show up now!”

Wang Gang’s voice was solemn, “According to Huang Xiaolong’s character, it’s probably not the case.

If he hasn’t shown up until now, he was most likely delayed by some matters.

The point is, we must be careful and act with caution!”

Deng Tong snorted with disdain, “Master, you’re worrying too much.

Other than our Asura’s Gate experts in Central Oblast, there are Deities Templar’s Elders and also Grand Elder Liu Yang.

If Huang Xiaolong dared to show up, he’d basically be presenting his life on a platter!”

Wang Gang shook his head, “If Huang Xiaolong is so easy to kill, then Deities Templar wouldn’t have suffered time and again in his hand.”

Deng Tong blamed, “Master, you’re magnifying others’ might and putting ours down.

That Huang Xiaolong is nothing but a fledgling, too naive.

Does he really think that simply getting the Asura Ring makes the Asura’s Gate Sovereign Domain Chief Chen Tianqi has a well thought out plan.

Grasping the Sovereign position in his hand and allying with Deities Templar, sooner or later we will crush all other forces and conquer Starcloud Continent!”

“That so-called Cosmos God Cult will be dust under our Asura’s Gate’s glorious reign!” Deng Tong’s sonorous voice echoed in the hall.

At this precise moment, a soft snicker sounded in the hall, startling the master-disciple pair.

“Who is it!” Deng Tong snapped in anger, his momentum rapidly rose.

Before the two people’s alarmed eyes, space rippled as a black-haired young man, two middle-aged men, and a small child about seven to eight appeared in front of Wang Gang and Deng Tong.

“Who are you people Recklessly trespassing into Buji City’s Castellan Manor!” Deng Tong shouted, his hands readied to attack.

But Wang Gang stopped him: “Wait!” He stood up with a surprised expression.

Deng Tong might not have recognized these uninvited guests, but as an Asura’s Gate Domain Leader, how could Wang Gang not recognize Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu

Wang Gang’s gaze moved away from Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu to the black-haired young man in front.

Without a doubt, this black-haired young man could only be one person—Huang Xiaolong!

“So it’s Left Custodian Zhao Shu and Right Custodian Zhang Fu.” Wang Gang suppressed the surprise in his heart, cupping his hands in salute toward Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

His attitude could be considered as courteous, but then again, it was only courtesy, there was no hint of respect in his demeanor.

Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu! Deng Tong’s heart missed a beat hearing their names.

In a split second, his sight fell on Huang Xiaolong.

“Wang Gang, you’re getting more presumptuous! Why aren’t you kneeling in salute seeing the Sovereign!” Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu rebuked Wang Gang.

Wang Gang grinned nonchalantly, sarcasm in his voice, “Sovereign Left Custodian Zhao, Right Custodian Zhang, I think old age has turned both of you muddle-headed.

Domain Chief Chen Tianqi has succeeded the Sovereign position, and Sovereign Chen is the true Sovereign of Asura’s Gate.

This is acknowledged by everyone in the sect, you want me to kneel in salute to an outsider I, Wang Gang, am incapable of doing so.”

As Wang Gang was saying all these, he secretly crushed a transmission jade.

Successfully doing so, he felt relieved and more assured, as long as Sovereign Chen received the message he sent, the experts of Asura’s Gate and Deities Templar would rush over to aid him.

A strong killing intent burst in Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu’s eyes hearing Wang gang’s words.

This Wang Gang dared to call them old and confused

“When the Old Sovereign was still around, he had declared that regardless of who it is, the person who has the Asura Ring will succeed the Sovereign position!” Zhao Shu continued icily, “Chen Tianqi dared to self-proclaim as Sovereign.

Following the Asura’s Gate rules, those with malicious intentions, trying to usurp the Sovereign’s position, will be treated as Asura’s Gate traitors and given the death penalty without exception! Accomplices receive the same punishment! Wang Gang, if you submit to the Sovereign now, I can speak on your behalf, exempting your death sentence!”

Unless there was no other option, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu didn’t wish for Huang Xiaolong to kill people who submitted under Chen Tianqi, such as Wang Gang, otherwise, the Asura’s Gate would lose more than a dozen Saint realm experts, weakening the sect’s overall strength.

At that time, even if Huang Xiaolong managed to take over the Asura’ Gate, the sect would be kicked out from its status as one of the twelve super forces on Starcloud Continent.

Huang Xiaolong had yet to utter a word.

In fact, Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and Lil’ Tian had arrived much earlier than the time they were detected, and were concealed in the dark.

Thus, they heard clearly the dialogue between Wang Gang and Deng Tong.

“Exempt our death penalty” It was Deng Tong.

Sneering, he went on, “That is what we should say to you.

To tell you the truth, my Master has already informed Sovereign Chen moments ago.

At this very second, Sovereign Chen and Deities Templar’s experts probably have this place surrounded! None of you can escape!”


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