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Chapter 392: Aowu Shop

Very soon, Huang Xiaolong’s group arrived at South Oblast City’s pill refinement ingredients market.

Spirit pellets were very important in all of Martial Spirit World.

This South Oblast City’s pill refinement ingredients market was huge and bustling, beyond Huang Xiaolong’s imagination.

Just as Huang Xiaolong’s group stepped into the pill refinement ingredients market, a young man in common robes scurried over to them.

This young man had a pair of shifty eyes and a mouse-like crafty face, quite funny overall.

When the young man reached Huang Xiaolong, he smiled widely, “Several guests, are you looking for pill refinement ingredients Our Aowu Shop is the biggest shop in the entire South Oblast City, no matter what ingredients you want to buy, you can get them from our shop!”

“Oh, is that so” Huang Xiaolong didn’t look interested in the least.

It was apparent that this young man was sent over by this s0-called Aowu Shop to lure customers at the trading market entrance.

Loitering around the entrance, there were several young men performing the same task.

Clearly, these young men were sent by other shops.

That crafty looking young man grinned widely, “Yes, that’s right.

The pill refinement ingredients sold at our Aowu Shop are the cheapest, but also most reasonable, not only that, our pill refinement ingredients are of best grade and quality too!”

By this time, the other young men showed signs of approaching Huang Xiaolong’s group, but the young man looked over with a fierce glare in their direction, and their movements halted abruptly.

It was evident they were a little afraid of him.

Still, a young man of a slightly dwarfed stature among the group walked over.

Stopping in front of Huang Xiaolong he said, “This Brother, don’t be deceived by this Iron-Skinned Dog, the Aowu Shop has always been tyrannical in doing business, forced selling and buying is something common in their shop.”

The young man that was referred to as ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ narrowed his eyes maliciously hearing the short young man’s claim, “Brother Tu, please don’t fart nonsense here! Which eyes of yours saw our Aowu Shop behaving tyrannically” Then he turned toward Huang Xiaolong, “Brother, please don’t listen to this shorty’s words, he just can’t accept that our Aowu Shop has better business than them, deliberately slandering our shop’s reputation in front of several guests, this is defamation!”

Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, and Zhang Fu exchanged a look.

Huang Xiaolong already had a conclusion.

“I trust this friend over here, the prices at their Aowu Shop are the cheapest and also the most reasonable.” Huang Xiaolong stated to the short young man with a slight smile while pointing at the crafty-looking young man.

The crafty young man who was called Iron-Skinned Dog 1 laughed out loud, “This Brother is wise!”

Whereas the short young man became anxious, just as he was about to speak, wanting to persuade Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong stopped him.

At the same time, he casually threw a spatial ring to the short young man.

The short young man was bewildered, unable to figure out Huang Xiaolong’s intention.

Huang Xiaolong simply said, “Your reward.”

“My reward!” That short young was stunned.

One spatial ring cost a lot of gold coins, although he also received big tips before, he had yet to have customers tip him with spatial rings.

Customers that came to purchase pill refinement ingredients would, at most, give him a few hundred gold coins, whereas a spatial ring, even the smallest space inside needed several hundred thousand gold coins.

The ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ young man saw Huang Xiaolong casually throwing out a spatial ring to the short young man, and after a flash of surprise, a tiny spark of green shone in the depths.

“Lead the way.” Huang Xiaolong said to the ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ young man.

That young man recovered from his daze, bowing and smiling in flattery, “Young Noble, this way, this way!” His attitude took a great change, more complaisant.

In his eyes, Huang Xiaolong had ballooned into a big fat sheep.

A super big fat sheep.

Huang Xiaolong’s group then left, following the ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ young man to the aforementioned Aowu Shop.

The short young man was still holding the spatial ring in a daze long after Huang Xiaolong was nearly out of sight.

He recovered just in time to see the several figures disappear.

Sighing as he shook his head, he could only pray for that group of people to come out unscathed.

The other young men tasked to accost customers at the entrance approached the shorty.

“Tsk, tsk, Bro Tu, you’ve reaped a good one this time!”

“If I knew earlier that I could get a spatial ring, even at the risk of offending that Iron-Skinned Dog, I would have still come over!”

“Just this spatial ring is enough to support your whole life!”

These young men looked at the shorty with envious eyes.

All of them were the lowest of family disciples, limited by their talent, unable to breakthrough to Xiantian realm.

Therefore, the value of one spatial ring was indeed enough to support their entire life.

“Bro Tu, why don’t you open that spatial ring and look, who knows, there might be something good inside.” One of the young men urged.

The shorty only thought of it after hearing that suggestion, thus opened the spatial ring.

At that moment, his eyeballs nearly protruded out from their sockets staring inside, the young men close to him also saw the things inside, and each froze with disbelief on their faces.

Inside the spatial ring was a mountain of gold coins!

Gold coins stacked upon each other, hundreds, thousands of layers, as tall as a mountain!

At the same time, that ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ young man led Huang Xiaolong in the direction of Aowu Shop, grinning the entire way, “Young Noble, may I know what kind ingredient variety you are looking for”

Variety referred to the pill refinement ingredient’s quality.

For example, a normal Second Grade Battle Qi Pill would use ingredients of different ages, thus the final grade and effect would be different.

“Does your Aowu Shop have ingredients over a thousand years old” Huang Xiaolong’s tone was casual.

Huang Xiaolong’s question made the ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ young man’s eyes light up, “Young Noble, honest truth, in this South Oblast City, only our Aowu Shop has pill refinement ingredients above a thousand years.”

“Is that So But are you really selling them at a cheap price” Huang Xiaolong drawled.

The ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ young man beamed, “Absolutely cheap, please be assured.”

Huang Xiaolong sneered coldly in his heart ar those words, he really wanted to open his eyes and see how ‘cheap’ they were.

In fact, Huang Xiaolong knew that what the shorty said was probably the truth, this Aowu Shop often did business using coercion.”

However, Huang Xiaolong had always been someone unafraid of trouble.

As the ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ young man led Huang Xiaolong’s group to the said Aowu Shop, he consistently blew about how great and wonderful their shop was.

A short while later, they reached the Aowu Shop.

Merely judging from the shop’s front, this Aowu Shop indeed looked grand for a shop, just like what the ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ young man said, the Aowu Shop was big.

Inside the main hall, an old man in his sixties that seemed to be the supervisor instantly brightened seeing the ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ young man bringing Huang Xiaolong into the shop.

He hurried over to welcome the guests.

When the ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ young man entered the hall, he bowed low in respect, greeting the old man, “Supervisor Lin.” Then, he blinked at the old man without anyone noticing.

Seeing that, as if understanding a secret signal, Supervisor Lin’s eyes shone brighter as he looked toward Huang Xiaolong’s group.

‘Iron-Skinned Dog’s meaning was loud and clear to Supervisor Lin: This is a group of big fat sheep.

After that, ‘Iron-Skinned Dog’ turned to Huang Xiaolong, “Young Noble, this is our Aowu Shop’s Supervisor Lin, whatever you want to buy, please tell our Supervisor Lin.”

Supervisor Lin smiled cordially at Huang Xiaolong, “What kind of ingredients is Young Noble looking for Our Aowu Shop has almost everything! Out Aowu Shop, other than pill refinement ingredients, also sells spirit pellet, pill furnaces, even pill refinement tactics.” That look, that demeanor, it was overly warm and friendly.



The city’s name is Great Prosperous City, also referred to as South Oblast City, as it’s the representative City for the South Oblast region.


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