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Chapter 39: Marshal’s Not In


The Luo Tong Kingdom’s Marshal remained the same even after three generations of rulers and he had saved the Luo Tong Kingdom from disaster a few times.

Because of this, his was an exalted status, and he followed only one person's order.

He was exempted from kneeling before the king and has supreme prestige in the military.

However, Fei Hou was stopped when he wanted to enter the Marshal Mansion: “Who dares to trespass into the Marshal’s Mansion”

Fei Hou didn’t say anything, but took out a gold plate.

The soldier’s face changed drastically when he saw the gold plate; the arrogance he had on his face earlier vanished as he knelt down immediately, saluting, “Seen the Lord!”

The gold plate on Fei Hou’s hand was given to him by the Luo Tong Kingdom’s  Marshal Haotian, more than a decade ago.


“You may stand up.

I want to see your Marshal.” Fei Hou said.

The soldier stood up, and hesitated before he respectfully replied, “My Lord, The Marshal was summoned to the palace not long ago, and is currently not in the mansion.”

“What He is not in” Fei Hou’s brows wrinkled.

“It is so, my Lord,” The soldier lowered his head when he answered.

“Send someone to the palace now and inform the Marshal that his Junior Brother came to visit and will wait for him at the Delicious Restaurant!” said Fei Hou.

Junior Brother! The soldier didn’t expect that this ordinary-looking middle-aged man, who wore clothes no different from that of ordinary folks, would be the Marshal’s Junior Brother.

However, the soldiers stationed at the entrance hesitated to go to the palace to inform the Marshal.

“Take my gold plate and go, I’ll take responsibility if anything happens! But, if you were to delay the matter, and something happens, your lives won’t be guaranteed!” Fei Hou threw the gold plate at the soldiers, and the Captain quickly rushed forward to catch it.


“Yes, my Lord!” The Captain didn’t dare disagree.

Fei Hou turned around and left.


As Fei Hou turned around and headed back to the Delicious Restaurant, Meng Chen leading a group of experts from his mansion had gotten to the Delicious Restaurant and bulldozed their way through the door.


All the customers on the first floor were frightened and shocked when they saw Meng Chen and his men barge in aggressively.

“Oh, it is Lord Duke, does the Duke have matters with our restaurant” When the restaurant owner saw Meng Chen, he quickly went forward and asked politely.

Meng Chen ignored the owner and instead, he turned to a guard beside him, asking, “Are they upstairs”

“Yes, Lord Duke!” the guard replied immediately.

A cold glinted flashed across Meng Chen’s eyes, and his hands signaled the men behind him: “Rush up, and surround the second floor, leave some of your guards below; not even a fly should be able to fly out of here!” He pushed the restaurant owner away and surrounded by his many experts, he rushed up to the second floor.

“Dad, that’s him! It’s that kid!” Shouted Meng Xia.

They had just gotten to the second floor, and the bald Meng Xia instantly spotted Huang Xiaolong who was seated near the window.

Meng Chen was surprised when he noticed that Huang Xiaolong was alone, frowning he asked, “Where is the other one”

“Lord Duke, this is better! If we catch the younger one first, the older one certainly won’t escape!” said the Chief Steward, Xie Fei  with as smile as he got to Meng Chen.

Huang Xiaolong slowly stood up and looked coldly at the Duke’s Mansion guards and experts who had the second floor surrounded.

Truth was, Huang Xiaolong had spotted them from the window as they made their way towards the Delicious Restaurant early on.

But despite being surrounded by so many experts of the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and even some Tenth Order, he still wore a calm expression because he was confident that he could escape unharmed.

Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit’s supernatural talent – Space Concealment could last for ten breaths from the initial six breaths after he broke through to the Fourth Order.

In ten breath’s of time, combined with Huang Xiaolong’s speed, he could vanish from Meng Chen’s sight without a trace.

His gazed fell on the bald Meng Xia and snickered.

“I didn’t expect that you would have the guts to show up, aren’t you afraid that I will cut off your scalp, layer by layer”

Meng Xia and the people with him were surprised; How could this kid still maintain his calmness before all of them to the point where he even dared to say he would cut off Meng Xia’s scalp.

Anger followed surprise, and Meng Xia’s expression became ugly as he roared: “Cut off this kid’s arms and legs for me!”

“Yes, Young Lord!”

The Seventh Order warriors dashed towards Huang Xiaolong, and just as one of the guard’s sword was about to slash down on Huang Xiaolong, a voice thundered from afar, saying, “Who dares hurt my Young Master!” The air seemed to ripple, and formed into a streak of lightning.

The guards who had been struck by the lightning-like energy felt their bodies turn numb and they stopped moving.

Fei Hou who went to the Marshal Mansion had finally returned.

While still at some distance to the restaurant, when Fei Hou saw the scene in Delicious Restaurant’s second floor, he used a battle skill that he hadn’t used in a long time – Sound of Lighting Fall.

The Sound of Lightning Fall was similar to Li Mu’s Sky Lion’s Roar.

However, Sound of Lightning Fall was a high-grade Mysterious rank battle skill, and its power was much stronger than Sky Lion Roar.

When all the Seventh Orders guards were numbed from the lightning strike, the remaining experts of the Duke’s Mansion could see a Silver River (still far away) streaking towards them like silver lightning.

It arrived before them in the blink of an eye.

“Lord Duke, careful!”

“Heavenly Serpent Sword!”

“Border Fist!”

By this time, Fei Hou who had transformed into Silver River stood before them, and the Duke’s Mansion’s strongest experts, Mister First and Mister Second made their moves at the same time, launching fierce strikes at Fei Hou.

A huge Heavenly Serpent appeared, jaws wide open intending to swallow Fei Hou; simultaneously a fist print also spun towards Fei Hou.

But, when both the Heavenly Serpent and the fist print hit Fei Hou, it was if they fell on a vast sea, and sunk into the depths of the sea without leaving any ripples.

However, Fei Hou’s Silver River continued to constrict the guards of the Duke’s Mansion.

Agonizing screams echoed throughout the second floor for a moment before all the guards tumbled the floor, painting the second floor’s floor boards red with their blood.

This time, Fei Hou wasn’t as merciful like the first time where he only cut off his opponent's arms.

Ignoring the fallen bodies, Fei Hou appeared beside Huang Xiaolong, but his eyes stared at Meng Xia like sharp blades.

When he spared his opponents, however, he didn’t expect that they would gather the courage to retaliate.

This time round...

Fei Hou’s icy-cold eyes zoomed towards Meng Xia’s scalp.

“Dad, it’s him! He’s one who shaved off all my hair!” Seeing Fei Hou, Meng Xia shrieked with fear and hid behind the Duke’s Mansion’s two Tenth Order experts.

The expressions of the two Tenth Order experts from the Duke’s Mansion were somewhat ugly.

Their combined attacked just now was actually unable to stop Fei Hou; this meant that Fei Hou was a peak late-Tenth Order warrior!

One had to know that one of them was late-Tenth Order, while the other was peak-mid Tenth Order!

Meng Chen stared at the bodies of his guards fallen on the floor, feeling fear and shock at the same moment.

“You, you dared to kill this Duke’s guards!”


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