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Chapter 381: He Is Young Noble Divine Dragon

That family disciple’s loud shout was like a large boulder splashing into the sea, raising thousand layers of waves through the crowd.

“Young Noble Divine Dragon! Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong!”

“He is that Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong!”

“That’s right, according to rumors, Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit was a pair of twin, a black and a blue, primordial divine dragons.

The one and only unique blue dragon in the Martial Spirit World!”

The whole Blessed Buddha Temple square was in an uproar.

Surprise, shock, and excitement flickered passed the crowd as they stared in adoration at the black and blue dragons hovering above Huang Xiaolong’s head.

The black and blue twin dragons were like two majestic divine mountains as they hovered in the sky, the dragon might radiating from their bodies seemed to envelop everything under the heavens in an oppressive pressure.

“Young Noble Divine Dragon, he is Young Noble Divine Dragon!” Shi Xiaofei watched Huang Xiaolong, an unknown sparkle lit her eyes as she muttered to herself.

Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong’s fame had spread to every corner of the Wind Snow Continent.

As Blessed Buddha Empire’s Princess, although she rarely left the Blessed Buddha Palace, Huang Xiaolong’s name was familiar to her.

In recent days, the most talked about topic among the Blessed Buddha Palace maids and palace guards was one and the same, this Young Noble Divine Dragon.

Including the imperial consorts, noble ladies, and her mother, the Empress of the Blessed Buddha Empire, eulogized Huang Xiaolong often.

According to the stories passed between the palace maids, consorts, and noble ladies, this Young Noble Divine Dragon was the incarnation of the Dragon God, a reincarnated God, undefeated, a living legend!

Capable of killing Deities Templar Elder Ao Baixue when he was just a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order!

Half a year later, he broke through to Saint realm!

In this Martial Spirit World, no one dared to oppose Deities Templar, except for him, Young Noble Divine Dragon!

Not long ago, he executed seven Deities Templar Elders in the Luo Tong Kingdom!

Every time those palace maids, palace guards, consorts, and nobles talked about Young Noble Divine Dragon, their eyes shone with veneration, adoration, and worship.

Shi Xiaofei continued to stare at Huang Xiaolong’s face without blinking, she herself did not notice that, at this moment, there was no one else in her eyes except for Huang Xiaolong.

“Princess.” One of Shi Xiaofei’s maids called out, but Shi Xiaofei did not react.

The maid called several more times before Shi Xiaofei heard someone calling her, “What is it”

The palace maid said, “Princess, we should move to the back, they are about to fight.” Huang Xiaolong, Chen Chen, and the two Chen Family Grand Elders battling, one could imagine the destructive impact they would create to the surrounding, practically the entire square would be destroyed.

Even though Shi Xiaofei was also a Saint realm warrior, she could hardly bear the shockwaves from these four people’s battle.

Only now did Shi Xiaofei notice that everyone in the square had retreated out of the area, this made her face heat up with embarrassment, slightly red.

What was wrong with her just now

Immediately, Shi Xiaofei and her maids retreated from the square, leaving four people in the temple square.

Huang Xiaolong instructed Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu not to interfere in the battle, so both of them and the two giant puppets retreated to the edge like everyone else.

Chen Chen and the two Grand Elders were confounded as they stared wide-eyed at the black and blue twin dragons above Huang Xiaolong.

This black-haired young man was the individual hailed as the most monstrous talent the Martial Spirit World had ever seen, Young Noble Divine Dragon, Huang Xiaolong!

Realizing it was Huang Xiaolong, the three people that were about to attack together stopped abruptly, the fear in their eyes was clear to see.

They heard that, in Luo Tong Kingdom, seven Deities Templar Elders died under Huang Xiaolong’s Poison Corpse Scarabs!

Huang Xiaolong controlled a small army of Poison Corpse Scarabs that was capable of killing high-level Saint realm experts.

Attack Didn’t that mean dying faster Asking themselves if they could deal with the Poison Corpse Scarabs was superfluous.

Watching the three people’s indecisive expressions changing rapidly one after another, Huang Xiaolong needn’t guess, for he already knew what they were wary of, “Rest assured, when we battle, I will not use the Poison Corpse Scarabs.” Next, Huang Xiaolong soul transformed with the twin dragon martial spirits, disappearing from sight in a flicker.

Before one could blink, Huang Xiaolong appeared right in front of them, both hands gripped into fists, punching out.

Powerful fists shattered space, intangible and surreal, distorting the surrounding space with an ethereal force.

This attack was directed at all three people.

“Great Void Divine Fist!” Chen Chen’s face tightened, countering swiftly with his Infinite Sea Palm.

The other two Grand Elders were alarmed, acting half a beat slower than Chen Chen, but still displayed their full force.

Rumble! The earth trembled.

The people who had retreated out of the Blessed Buddha Temple square felt as if their eardrums were about to explode, minds dizzied.

Looking over, they saw Chen Chen and the two Grand Elders being forced back.

“Absolute Soul Finger!” The fist changed to finger, a finger pointed out from both hands, sending out rolling gray fog and shrill shrieks of unknown creatures.

Finger imprints pierced through the void, rendering the enemies defenseless against it.

Chen Chen’s party of three kept dodging around, extremely miserable.

“Earthen Buddha Palm!” Huang Xiaolong’s attack changed once more, from finger to palm.

Dazzling Buddha luminescence covered the square in grand momentum, shadows of Buddha statues reflected in light prisms.

The glorious scene shook everyone to the core.

To their knowledge, there didn’t seem to be any Buddhism battle skill with that kind of power in the Blessed Buddha Empire.

“Asura Demon Claw!” Fingers curled, forming into claws, black demonic Asura claws overcast the sky, blanketing the bright sky in sudden darkness.

Feeling the eerie and chilling aura coming from the countless Asura demon claws, the crowd retreated further back in haste.

“God Binding Palm!” Huang Xiaolong resorted to another palm attack.

Striking both palms forward, aureate rings expanded in layers.

Wherever they passed, everything stood still.

Starting from the Great Void Divine Fist, Huang Xiaolong executed a chain of powerful attack, each of them was a high-grade Heaven rank battle skill that others could only dream of, moreover, Huang Xiaolong displayed them after he soul transformed, pushing the attack power to another level altogether.

Merely judging from power, Huang Xiaolong had far surpassed Chen Chen and the two Grand Elders.

Regardless whether there were three of them, Huang Xiaolong still overpowered them.

The three men were reduced to punching bags, repeatedly retreating and dodging.

Chen Chen’s shoulder was hit with the Absolute Soul Finger, one of the Grand Elders was struck with the Earthen Buddha Palm, while the last one was clawed by the Asura Demon Claw.

From afar, the crowd shivered watching Huang Xiaolong making mincemeat of three Saint realm experts, fearful yet the fanaticism was just as fervent.

Three Saint realm experts’ joint efforts couldn’t defeat a single Huang Xiaolong! If they weren’t mistaken, Huang Xiaolong broke through to Saint realm no more than a few years ago.

So, what was his real strength now

This was too scary! Huang Xiaolong’s monstrous talent was too terrifying to gauge, rendering everyone at a loss for words.

“So handsome! If Young Noble Divine Dragon could look my way just one time, I’m willing to shorten ten years of my life!” A noble family’s young miss said, her sparkling eyes staring at Huang Xiaolong.

This applied the same Wang Dong logic when he claimed that if Princess Shi Xiaofei was willing to say a sentence to him, he was willing to shave off ten years of his life.

“If Young Noble Divine Dragon is willing to give me a kiss, I’m willing to do away with twenty years!”

“If Young Noble Divine Dragon would be willing to kiss me twice, I’m willing to die for him!”

“Relying on your face, you think you can capture Young Noble Divine Dragon’s interest”

Amongst the crowd, the families’ young misses fought tit for tat, and the atmosphere became noisy again.

A booming blast rang out high above the square, pulling the crowd’s attention.

Looking up, the Chen Family’s men were slammed to the ground by Huang Xiaolong.

The entire square quaked visibly as three bodies hit the ground.

Gently floating down, Huang Xiaolong slowly approached them.

Chen Chen and the Grand Elders despaired, their fighting spirit crushed.

Yet, at this time, several whelming auras were rushing to the Blessed Buddha Temple from a distance at rapid speed.

Huang Xiaolong and everyone else looked over.

“It’s the Emperor, the Emperor is here!” Loud exclamations rang outside the square.

Coming closer, the crowd could make out that the person at the front wore dragon robe and had a clean fair-skinned face—Shi Fantian.


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