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Chapter 373: Deities Templar Temple Preceptor, Ying Tian

Finally stopping down to rest, Gě Gé and the other three Deities Templar Elders’ expressions were extremely ugly.

Neither of the four uttered a word for a long time.

“Elder Gě Gé, what do we do now” A short while later, Jiang Shi spoke, breaking the heavy silence.

Gě Gé looked at the sky, sighing a little helplessly, “Let us return to Deities Templar first.” It was inevitable that they would receive punishment from the Temple Preceptor once they returned.

“I didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong, that punk, to be able to control something like Poison Corpse Scarabs!” Jiang Shi’s brows wrinkled, “It will be very difficult to kill him in the future.”

Gě Gé nodded in agreement, a light flickered in his eyes, “How did that kid do it” referring to Huang Xiaolong’s ability to control those Poison Corpse Scarabs.

Jiang Shi shook his head, “It should be some kind of cultivation technique.

In the ancient times, the Ghost King could control hundreds of thousands of evil spirits, but I’ve never heard of a cultivation technique that could be used to control ancient poisonous creatures such as Poison Corpse Scarabs!”

“Could it be Ten Directions Continent’s Beast Taming Art” Another Deities Templar Elder made a guess.

The Beastmen on Ten Directions Continent had a kind of Beast Taming Art that allowed them to control demonic beasts.

Gě Gé rejected the idea, shaking his head, “It’s probably not, the Beast Taming Art would enable a person to control two demonic beasts at most.

Let it be for now, we should rush back to the temple and report this matter to the Temple Preceptor, with Temple Preceptor’s Divination Art, he would definitely be able to determine the cause!”

Jiang Shi and the other two Elders agreed.

Without further delay, the four disappeared from the barren hill in a flicker, flying at breaking speed continuously.

Ten days later, they left the Wind Snow Continent, arriving at the edge of a vast sea.

Fierce gales formed a natural barricade around the edge, black streams of energy floated in the air, dissipating and then gathering once more, emitting an aura of death.

This was one of Martial Spirit World’s biggest forbidden lands, the Death Sea Gorge.

Deities Templar headquarters was actually located above the Death Sea Gorge.

From the Dead Sea Gorge, Gě Gé, Jiang Shi, and the two Elders flew in an erratic pattern, with turns and twists, for several hours before arriving on an island.

This island was a large irregular sphere, like a piece of land hovering above the Death Sea Gorge.

On the island, ancient trees towered in the sky, strange looking demonic beasts could be spotted flying around the island, exuding a coercion that seemed to come from an ancient era.

When Gě Gé, Jiang Shi, and the two Elders saw these strange looking demonic beasts, there was fear in their eyes.

Even Gě Gé, a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm showed fear before these demonic beasts, one could guess the extent of their terror.

The four people cautiously approach the island, landing on its ground.

Reaching the island, the group of four walked through the thick forest, reaching the peak of a mountain an hour later.

On this mountain peak was a grand looking palace.

The four people headed straight to the highest peak, by foot.

On this island, even with these four people’s identities, they could only walk.

Halfway up, the four ran into a handsome young man dressed in a golden brocade robe, he had a pair of sharp pointy ears and ice blue eyes.

The young man was surprised running into Gě Gé’s group, “Gě Gé, weren’t you supposed to be guarding the Luo Tong Kingdom What brings you back”

Gě Gé’s face turned slightly red.

Jiang Shi and the two Elders stepped up in greeting, “Greeting Elder Liu Yang.”

This young man was one of Deities Templar’s Great Elders, Liu Yang.

Moreover, among the ten Great Elders, Liu Yang ranked above Gě Gé.

Liu Yang nodded slightly at the three people.

Gě Gé hesitated before saying, “Huang Xiaolong appeared.”

“Huang Xiaolong!” Liu Yang looked at the four people, asking, “Where’s his head” Clearly, he thought that the four returned to bring Huang Xiaolong’s head.

No words could describe what the four were feeling at this moment, hence, no one answered.

Noticing the weird expressions on the four faces, Liu Yang pointed, “Jiang Shi, speak, what happened What happened to Yao Shan and the rest”

Jiang shi dared not hide the truth, answering honestly, “Elder Yao Shan and the others are all dead.”

“What!” Liu Yang was taken aback.

Only the four people in front of him, including Gě Gé, managed to return, the rest died! Seven Saint realm experts died!

Jiang Shi added, “That Huang Xiaolong controls poisonous ancient insects, the Poison Corpse Scarabs!”

“Poison Corpse Scarabs!” Liu Yang’s face grew grave.

Jiang Shi continued with a somber expression, “Yes, and it was no less than ten thousand of them.

Elder Yao Shan and the others were killed by these Poison Corpse Scarabs.

If weren’t because we were quick, most likely we too would have…” Recalling the scene of the Elders being eaten empty, Jiang Shi felt a chill ran down his back.

Liu Yang was astounded.

More than ten thousand Poison Corpse Scarabs!

“This matter must be reported to the Temple Preceptor as soon as possible!” Liu Yang stated with a dignified face.

Gě Gé nodded.

A while later, several people stood in a grand hall on the main peak.

On the master seat in the grand hall sat a young man, who was shrouded entirely in a black fog.

Black fog rumbled endlessly, exuding an intense deathly aura, as if the person inside was a messenger of death.

Due to the black fog, the young man’s face was obscured, the only discernible trait was that the silhouette belonged to a young man.

A beautiful young woman with a cold temperament stood beside the black fog, clad in a pure white dress.

This cold young woman was none other than Li Lu!

More than a decade had passed, the naive pureness and mischievous light had totally vanished from her face, leaving only cold aloofness.

“You’re saying that Huang Xiaolong has controlled ten thousand Poison Corpse Scarabs” Within the black fog, an ethereal voice sounded after hearing what was reported.

The voice seemed able to penetrate deep into one’s soul.

“Yes, Preceptor.” Gě Gé quickly replied, kneeling down at the same time, “Please mete out this subordinate’s punishment, Preceptor.”

The young man shrouded in the black fog was the mysterious Deities Templar Temple Preceptor, Ying Tian!

Jiang Shi and the two Elders also knelt down in apprehension, requesting for punishment.

At this point, an overwhelming power surged from the black fog.

Before this power, neither Gě Gé, Jiang Shi, nor the rest had the strength to resist.

In an instant, four figures were thrown out of the hall.

Even so, all four of them swiftly got to their knees again with blood trickling down the corners of their mouths.

A suffocating silence descended in the grand hall.

Sweat rolled down Gě Gé and the three Elders’ foreheads.

“Leave.” The voice sounded again from the black fog.

“Our gratitude to Preceptor for sparing our lives.” The four people’s eyes lit up, quickly giving their thanks before retreating from the hall.

From the beginning, Li Lu stood without speaking a word, impassive.

Even when she heard Huang Xiaolong’s name, there was no sign of recognition, as if it was nothing but a name, someone unrelated to her.

After Gě Gé’s group left the grand hall, Temple Preceptor Ying Tian spoke, “Liu Yang.”

In the grand gall, Liu Yang shook before complying, “Subordinate’s present!”

“Lead six Elders, make a trip to Starcloud Continent’s Asura’s Gate headquarters in Center Oblast, bring fifteen sets of Divine Dragon Armor over.” Temple Preceptor Ying Tian ordered.

“Tell Li Molin to pay attention Huang Xiaolong’s actions at all times.”

During the trip to the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins in the Origin Forest, Deities Templar managed to snatch three primordial divine dragon corpses, using the dragon scales and skin to refine more than a dozen sets of Divine Dragon Armor.

The Divine Dragon Armor’s defense was adamant, it was impossible for average godly weapons to penetrate through their defenses.

“Yes, Preceptor!” Liu Yang complied respectfully, with those Divine Dragon Armors, they would have no fear of the Poison Corpse Scarabs.

“If Huang Xiaolong appears in Starcloud Continent’s Center Oblast, all of you must exert all efforts to kill him and bring back his head to me.” A sharp glint flickered in Ying Tian’s eyes, “Otherwise, all of you have no need to return!”

A chill spread all the way to Liu Yang’s core.


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