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Chapter 3346: In Front of Huang Xiaolong, Im Nothing More Than a Fart!

Qiu Shaopeng, He Hua, and Qiu Bohong jumped in fright when they saw the terrified look on Hu Zes face.

“Lord Hu Ze, you…” Qiu Shaopeng wanted to ask another question, but he was interrupted by an enraged roar from Hu Ze, “F*ck you, you piece of sh*t! Did you offend His Highness!” 

Hu Zes yell caused his brain to buzz.

Panic started to set in.

“You motherf*cker! How the f*ck did you offend His Highness” Hu Ze yelled.

Qiu Shaopeng was clearly offended when Hu Ze called him a derogatory name, but he held in his rage as the other party was a grand elder of the Six Swords Gate.

“Lord Hu Ze, is the person you are referring to…”

“Didnt you hear my question! Answer me!” Hu Ze interrupted him.

Killing intent filled his eyes and Qiu Shaopeng didnt dare to say anymore.

He quickly told Hu Ze everything that had happened without hiding anything.

He even repeated everything Qiu Bohong said to Huang Chenfei without missing a word.

When Hu Ze heard that it was Qiu Bohong who offended Huang Xiaolong, he turned his anger on the kid.

“If you were standing in front of me now, I would have killed you with a single slap!” 

Qiu Bohong fell to his knees instantly. 

“Lord Hu Ze, do you think that you can mediate the situation for us” Qiu Shaopeng decided to bite the bullet and ask the raging Hu Ze.

“If our chamber of commerce falls, we will lose all support! The thousands of disciples of our True Spirit Sect wont be able to afford their daily expenses!”

After hearing that Qiu Shaopeng had no idea how serious his crimes were, the urge to kill everyone on the line rose in Hu Zes heart.

Even then, Qiu Shaopeng felt that his only problem was the matter with the chamber of commerce!

“You… Qiu Shaopeng, are you f*cking stupid! Havent you heard of Huang Xiaolong! Do you know that the old ancestors of the Purple Flame Sect, Ghost Valley, and the Blade Gate are all his subordinates! Yuan Hui, Wu Guangsi, and Wang Diaowen have all submitted to him!” 

“Did you know that the old ancestor of the Ice Palace, Liu Xulong, was killed after offending Huang Xiaolong!”

“Hes planning to exterminate my sect tomorrow, and Im packing all my stuff to run away! Do you two know that the old ancestor and an eminent elder have already run back to the Heavenly King Star!”

“Here you are asking me to f*cking mediate the situation for you…”

“In front of Huang Xiaolong, Im nothing more than a fart!

“Are you planning to ask someone who is worth less than a fart to pull you out of trouble!”

His voice rang in their minds.

It was the first time the three of them realized that they were nothing more than frogs in a well.

None of the three noticed when Hu Ze disconnected the call.

The car ground to a halt in the middle of the plains.

“Father, do we…” Qiu Bohong muttered softly.

Qiu Shaopeng kicked Qiu Bohong all of a sudden, and he didnt stop till Qiu Bohong stopped moving.

In the Blue Dragon Orchard…

“Are you really planning to head over to the Six Swords Gate tomorrow” Zhang Yuhan spoke to Huang Xiaolong through the screen of his phone.

Huang Xiaolong nodded before changing the topic.

“How are things in the Zhang Family Manor Should we head over to the Six Swords Gate together” 

Zhang Yuhan hesitated for a moment but she eventually shook her head.

“I dont think I should.” 

She knew the meaning behind Huang Xiaolongs invitation.

It was because several members of the Zhang Family had gone to seek refuge in the Six Swords Gate.


Zhang Yuhan wasnt determined enough to get rid of those who escaped.

As such, she left the final decision to Huang Xiaolong.

“Oh right, my mum asked when you planned on coming over to spend some time with her…” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Her face turned red immediately.

Every time she spoke to Wang Meilan, the topic of marriage would be brought up.

“In… In a few days…” Zhang Yuhan eventually lowered her head and squeaked.

After chatting for several more minutes, they disconnected the call.

Stars filled the starry skies as Xiao Cheng, Xiao Baishan, and Zhou Jia kneeled before the entrance of the Blue Dragon Orchard.

The three of them had been kneeling since the afternoon.

“Big brother, why dont we forget it…” Huang Chenfei said.

“Its your call,” Huang Xiaolong explained.

A look of joy appeared on Huang Chenfeis face as he rushed out of the courtyard after thanking Huang Xiaolong.

The moment dawn broke the next day, Huang Xiaolong shifted space as he arrived above the Six Swords Gate in half an hour.

When he arrived, there were disciples still planning to make their escape.

In the main hall of the headquarters, Patriarch Sun Yuyuan was sending everything on board of several flying ships.

After the old ancestor left, he had been taking charge of packing the items.

However, there were far too many things to take care of.

A figure appeared above him all of a sudden.

The experts of the Six Swords Gate who were moving about stopped abruptly.

They raised their heads only to be greeted by the strongest monster they knew.

“Huang… Huang… Huang Xiaolong!” 

Didnt the spies around the manor report that Huang Xiaolong was seen in the Blue Dragon Orchard half an hour ago! How could he arrive so quickly!

Huang Xiaolong didnt say a word as he looked at Sun Yuyuan silently.

“Huang Xiaolong, are you really planning to offend all the sects outside Earth! If you do this, well form a super alliance and hunt you down!” Sun Yuyuan roared, “If you…”

Before he was done, a ray of light shot out from Huang Xiaolongs finger and landed on his forehead.

He was swallowed by the ray of light, and when it finally dissipated, there was nothing left in his place but splintered space.

A terrifying power could be felt in the void left behind.

Sun Yuyuan had long since been reduced to nothingness.

Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the corner where the traitors of the Zhang Family were.

All of them fell to their knees in fright.

“Senior Huang, please spare our lives!” The experts of the Six Swords Gate cried out in terror as they kneeled before the supreme figure.

“We are willing to submit! We will be Senior Huangs slaves from this day onwards!” 

In the year 2018, Huang Xiaolong killed Sun Yuyuan of the Six Swords Gate before taking control of the cultivation sect!

The members of the Zhang Family who defected were killed without a shred of mercy!

The entire globe trembled when the news reached their ears.

All six great factions on earth belonged to Huang Xiaolong!


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