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Chapter 3342: Xiao Family Manor

When they returned to the Blue Dragon Orchard, Wang Meilan started to make arrangements.

It was the first time her son was going to meet his in-laws.

As such, he had to look presentable.

Wang Meilan and Huang Wen dragged him over to the largest mall in the city before getting him a ton of clothes.

As they were in a pretty large city, they had pretty much all the brand-name stores.

After getting him ready, Wang Meilan clapped his shoulders and sighed, “My son really is handsome…”

“How can I be more handsome than my big brother” Huang Chenfei chuckled in embarrassment.

“Your big brother is the most handsome kid in the world.

You can be second.” Wang Meilan laughed.


Wang Meilan might be exaggerating a little, but she wasnt too far off the truth.

Huang Chenfei wasnt ugly to begin with, and with the time he spent cultivating in the Blue Dragon Orchard, he exuded a unique aura.

By the time they were done, night had fallen.

Even though it was already half past nine, Huang Chenfei went to find Huang Xiaolong and Huang Jiyuan.

“Big brother, father, why dont you follow me there tomorrow” 

“!” Huang Xiaolong, who was giving Huang Jiyuan pointers, stared at Huang Chenfei in shock.

“Damn brat, are you really so scared! Youre just going there to meet her parents! Youre not there to do anything else! Why do you need us there” Huang Jiyuan chuckled.

“I… Im too nervous to meet Xiao Yus parents and uncle alone!” 

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Its not like theyll eat you alive… What are you afraid of!” 

Huang Chenfei let out an awkward chuckle.

“I have no idea… Why dont you guys follow me there tomorrow This concerns my happiness for the rest of my life! Are you really willing to toss me in there alone”

Huang Jiyuan sighed, “If Xiao Yu heard what you said, shell be the first to deal with your nonsense!” 

Eventually, the two of them agreed to go with him.

When Wang Meilan heard the news, she decided to tag along as well.

There was nothing they could do to stop her, and Huang Chenfei jumped in fright.

If she went, unexpected things might occur!

No matter how Huang Chenfei begged, Wang Meilan was hell-bent on going with him.

“If you invited your father and your brother, why cant you invite me too” 

In the end, it became a four-man group!

Just as they were planning on their course of action, another scene was playing out in the Xiao Family Manor.

Xiao Yu stared at her parents and gasped, “What! Second Aunt wishes to introduce me to someone”


I heard that hes the young master of the True Spirit Sect.

They might not be a top-tier cultivation sect, but theyre one of the best in the region! Theyre not too much weaker than our family, and hes going to be the patriarch in the future!” Xiao Baishan, Xiao Yus father, continued, “Tomorrow, hell be there at the banquet!” 

If she could marry the man, he would be extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Xiao Yus mother was full of smiles and it was clear that she was extremely content with the man.

“Actually… I have someone I like,” Xiao Yu hesitated for a moment before speaking up.

Her parents stared at her in shock.

“Yuer, why didnt you say anything in the past” A suspicious look formed in Xiao Baishans eyes as he looked at his daughter.

He thought that she was lying to him in order to get out of the arranged marriage.

“I came to know him several days ago, and hes called Huang Chenfei.” Sweetness filled her heart when she thought of him.

“Several days ago” Zhou Jia, Xiao Yus mother, frowned.

“How can you fall in love with someone in such a short amount of time Which family does he come from Where does he live”

Xiao Yu shook her head.

“He didnt tell me which family he\'s from.

I only know that hes from the same region as us.”

“You dont even know anything about him! Nonsense! I refuse to accept that brat into our family!” Xiao Baishan snapped.

There were too many disciples with the surname Huang, and the two of them didnt think that he was related to the Huang Family of the Donglin Province at all. 

“Dad…!” Xiao Yu frowned.

“Whatever the case, Im not going to get together with the young master of the True Spirit Sect.

I already invited Huang Chenfei to the banquet tomorrow!” 

“What!” Zhou Jia sighed, “Your uncle invited many big shots from the surrounding regions for his eightieth birthday.

The banquet is extremely high-profile, and your uncle came up with the invitation list himself! How can you invite anyone you like”

“Tell him that hes not to come right now!” Xiao Baishan growled.

Pouting, Xiao Yu ignored them all.

“Whatever the case, I already sent out the invitation.

If youre afraid that hell embarrass uncle if he comes, the both of us wont attend the banquet!” 

“Your uncle really dotes on you! Little lass, are you really going to miss his banquet for someone not even in the family!” Xiao Baishan felt a trace of anger forming in his heart.

“Youre going to drive me mad!” 

Zhou Jia thought about it for a second before sighing.

“Since youre determined to invite him over, well see if he catches your uncles eye.

If your uncle doesnt like the kid, you cant blame us for driving him out.”

According to her, it would be for the best if they nipped her affection for the unknown man in the bud.

Xiao Yu jumped in excitement.

“Alright! You wont have to worry! Uncle will like Chenfei!” 

Huang Chenfei passed an entire night without sleep.

As the sun rose the next day, Huang Xiaolong and the others traveled over to the Xiao Family Manor.

When Huang Xiaolong saw Huang Chenfeis anxious expression, he chuckled, “The sky isnt going to fall… What are you afraid of” 

“Yeah! Look at your big brother!” Wang Meilan chided, “Hes a frequent visitor of the Zhang Family!” 

A helpless expression appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face.

“Were talking about Chenfei here… What has this got to do with me” 

“How are things going on with you and Yuhan When are you planning to get married! Give me a grandchild soon!” Wang Meilan pushed on.

Huang Xiaolong felt beads of sweat dripping off his forehead.

“Isnt Datou alive and well!” 


Im talking about your child with Yuhan!” 

Huang Xiaolong turned to look at Huang Jiyuan, but he was met with the same treatment.

“Your mother spoke for the both of us!” 


A sneaky snicker left Huang Chenfeis lips.

An hour later, they finally arrived.

When they did, they saw countless people entering the manor as the festivities were in full swing.

“Why are there so many strong experts here to celebrate Xiao Chengs birthday” Huang Chenfei asked in confusion.

“More than half the families in Donglin have some relation to the Xiao Family.

Its no wonder there are so many people…” Wang Meilan explained.

Huang Chenfei looked around and discovered that Xiao Yu was already standing at the gate.

She looked all around as she awaited his arrival.

“Mum, thats Xiao Yu! Lets head over.” Huang Chenfei discovered her quickly and a smile formed on his face.

He brought his parents and Huang Xiaolong over.


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