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Chapter 3340: Myriad Dragon Plaza

“Are we just leaving like that” Wang Zheng asked.

He didnt know if Fu Wu planned to bring the eminent elders of the Six Swords Gate back with them.

Pausing for a moment, Fu Wu sighed, “Well go alone.

We will definitely alert Huang Xiaolong if we mobilize everyone.

When that happens, none of us will be able to run.”

It was clear that Fu Wu had chosen to leave everyone on Earth to face Huang Xiaolongs wrath alone.

Several minutes later, the two of them turned into streaks of light as they sneakily left the Six Swords Gate.

It was completely useless as their movements were detected by the members of the Huang Family instantly.

Huang Shengan reported it to Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness, should we stop the two of them”

“Theres no need to,” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“You mean…” 

Huang Shengan didnt understand why Huang Xiaolong would allow them to escape from Earth.

“Just let them return to the Heavenly King Star.

Ill make a trip down there after a few days and deal with them then.”

Huang Shengan felt a bulb lightning up in his mind.

“Your Highness, I also heard that the founding ancestor of the Six Swords Gate is pretty good friends with the master of the Heavenly King Star.

The master of the Heavenly King Star is said to be an existence who has surpassed the Spirit Severing Realm!” Huang Shengan continued, “His combat prowess is exceptional, and he is said to be a descendant of a Heavenly Immortal! He has the bloodline of a god, and he has more than ten experts at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Spirit Severing Realm as his subordinates!”

Even though Huang Xiaolongs strength shocked them all, and they felt that he should be an existence who had surpassed the Spirit Severing Realm, they were afraid that he wouldnt be a match for the other party.

After all, the Heavenly King Star was where the headquarters of the Six Swords Gate was located.

As the Heavenly King Star had entered the cultivation era thousands of years before Earth, they possessed a much higher level of strength.


Alright.” Huang Xiaolong remained impassive.

When he left Earth, Huang Xiaolong would no longer need to suppress his strength to the Void Immortal Realm.

Even if the Combined Dao Ancestor of the Pangu World came, he wouldnt be able to take a punch from Huang Xiaolong!

The night passed quietly.

When the day broke the next day, Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, Huang Chenfei, Huang Wen, and Huang Datou went to look for Huang Xiaolong. 

Wang Meilan was the first to speak.

“Xiaolong, we heard that the Myriad Dragon Plaza is the biggest mall in the world! We would like to go shopping in a bit.

You should come along.”

“Sure.” Huang Xiaolong nodded happily when he saw how excited they were.

Since they were there for holiday, Huang Xiaolong was more than happy to bring them around so they could enjoy themselves.

Everyone laughed happily when Huang Xiaolong agreed to go along with them.

“When we get there, you can buy whatever you want.

Ill pay for everything.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Huang Datou jumped in joy.

“Uncle is really generous!” From the looks of it, he was planning to splash the cash when they got to the plaza now that Huang Xiaolong had agreed to pay for everything he wanted.

“Then I wont hold back.” Huang Wen laughed happily.

Huang Xiaolong grinned, “I have more than ten billion low-grade spirit stones.

Theres no need to hold back.”

“Ten billion!” Huang Wen and Huang Datou gasped in shock.

Even his parents couldnt believe their ears.

“Xiaolong, where… Where did you get so much money from!” Huang Jiyuan widened his eyes in fright and asked, “Dont tell me you earned them by killing beasts.”

How many beasts would he have to kill!

“Of course not.

An old ancestor of a sect tried to kill me, but I killed him in retaliation.

As a punishment, I took the entire sects treasury.” After he spoke, he released the restrictions around the Purple Flame Sects treasury.

Spirit pills, spirit stones, and spirit herbs started to fall from the skies.

Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilian were stunned and speechless.

“Theres too many of them! Even the Blue Dragon Orchard wont be enough to store all the items!” Wang Meilan gasped.

Chuckling in response, Huang Xiaolong replied, “We might need three Blue Dragon Orchards in order to store them all!”

The Purple Flame Sect was one of the six strongest factions on Earth, and it was the number one pill-refining sect.

Their accumulated wealth for the past tens of years couldnt be imagined!

The spiritual food alone would be enough to fill countless truckloads!

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived at the Myriad Dragon Plaza, and they were followed by Lu Dingming and the rest.

Not too long after they entered, Murasakigawa Yuiitsu, the old ancestor of the Murasakigawa Clan, received a report from his disciples.

“What His Highness is shopping in the Myriad Dragon Plaza” Murasakigawa Yuiitsu gasped in shock.

The entire plaza was owned by the Murasakigawa Clan, and it wasnt weird for them to learn of Huang Xiaolongs whereabouts.

“Yes… Old ancestor, do you think we should go over to assist His Highness” the patriarch of the Murasakigawa Clan, Murasakigawa Akira, asked.

After all, Huang Xiaolong was shopping in their territory.

If they pretended not to know, they might cause some misunderstandings when Huang Xiaolong found out in the future.

Sucking in a cold breath, Murasakigawa Yuiitsu decided to contact Huang Xiaolong.

After learning that the Myriad Dragon Plaza belonged to the Murasakigawa Clan, Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback.

“Alright, you can come over.

When you do, please call the person responsible for the plaza over too,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

As the Myriad Dragon Plaza was tens of stories tall and spanned more than two hundred square feet in size, Huang Xiaolong needed someone who was familiar with the area to bring them around.

Murasakigawa Yuiitsu jumped in joy when he heard that Huang Xiaolong had a need for him.

He used the fastest vehicle he had to rush over to the plaza.

Since Huang Xiaolong only called for him and the person responsible for the plaza, Murasakigawa Yuiitsu didnt get the experts of the family to head over with him.

He arrived alone, and when he did, he summoned the manager of the entire plaza before rushing over to where Huang Xiaolong said he would be.

Huang Xiaolong started shopping at the fourteenth storey, and it was filled with jewelry shops that contained famed pieces from all over the world.

The manager of the plaza was an elder of the Murasakigawa Clan, and he was called Murasakigawa Yaren.

He thought that the sky was falling when the old ancestor turned up, and he was trembling like a leaf in the wind.

Ordinarily, nothing would cause their old ancestor to leave the manor.

He didnt expect that Murasakigawa Yuiitsu wouldn\'t say anything after summoning him.

Instead, he charged straight for the fourteenth floor.

By the time they arrived, Murasakigawa Tatsuya also received news of Huang Xiaolongs whereabouts.

“Oh Huang Xiaolong is currently in the Myriad Dragon Plaza” A chuckle left his lips.

If he had to make a move anywhere else, he might be a little careful.

However, all his caution turned to smoke when he heard that Huang Xiaolong was shopping in the Murasakigawa Clans territory.

“Young Lady Yingying, we managed to locate Huang Xiaolong.

He is currently in the Myriad Dragon Plaza.

You havent been there before, and I suggest we head over for a stroll.”

“Alright!” Pan Yingying goggled.

She had long since heard of the famous Myriad Dragon Plaza, and she could take the chance to go shopping.


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