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Chapter 332: Even If Given Wings… Won’t Be Able To Escape

Ao Baixue sat on the throne seat in the hall, his fingers caressing the emeralds decorating the sides…

The atmosphere in the great hall grew smothering.

Fan Yiming had his head lowered, not daring to breathe loudly.

“No news yet from the Luo Tong Kingdom’s side” A while later, Ao Baixue finally spoke, his majestic tone shattered the suffocating silence.

Fan Yiming trembled, but he swiftly stepped forward to answer, “Replying to Elder Ao, most likely there will not be any unanticipated accident.

I’ve sent my eldest disciple He Hui to supervise the matter, by this time, that Lu Kai should have been beheaded.

With Lu Kai’s death and with Lu Jing ascending the throne, we can smoothly control the Luo Tong Kingdom.”

Ao Baixue condescendingly glanced at Fan Yiming from above the throne seat, deriding in soft-spoken words, “I hope it is as you said.

Serve well, and Deities Templar will reward you justly.”

Joy flooded Fan Yiming’s face and he knelt down in a kowtow: “This lowly one thanks Elder Ao!”

It was at this time, from outside the great hall, a Wind God Cult Elder rushed into the hall in a flustered manner.

Ao Baixue’s brows wrinkled with dissatisfaction: “What is it”

That Elder fell to his knees and reported with a shaky voice, “Reporting to Elder Ao, Leader, Luo- there’s a mishap on the Luo Tong Kingdom’s side.”

Mishap Mishap could only refer to Lu Kai’s death, unless…

“What happened!” Fan Yiming demanded anxiously.

“Some- someone rescued Lu Kai, and, and…” The Elder hesitated.

“And what” Fan Yiming snapped.

“And Elder He is dead!” That Elder dared not conceal the truth.

“What!” Fan Yiming didn’t look good, he was very confident in his eldest disciple He Hui’s strength, a peak late-Xiantian Second Order.

To his knowledge, no Xiantian Third Order expert existed in the Luo Tong Kingdom, yet his disciple was killed!

“What about Lu Jing” Fan Yiming pressed.

“Lu Jing was also killed!” That Wind God Cult Elder reported the truth with all honesty.

However, his answer made Fan Yiming’s face murkier than muddy water.

Ao Baixue remained seated on the hall throne and wasn’t angered even after listening to the Wind God Cult Elder’s report.

Instead, Ao Baixue laughed softly, “Interesting, there are actually people who dare to oppose my Deities Templar Interesting.”

Although Ao Baixue looked calm on the surface, Fan Yiming instantly knelt down on his knees, kowtowing repeatedly, “Elder Ao, this subordinate is incompetent, deserving a thousand deaths!”

“Enough, stand up.” Ao Baixue said.

Fan Yiming and the Elder gave their thanks before daring to stand up.

“How many people took part in rescuing Lu Kai” Ao Baixue questioned that Wind Cult Elder.

The Wind God Cult Elder hastened to answer, “It was two people.

One was a young man, the other a four-meter-tall giant, it seems that young man is called Huang Xiaolong, and that giant man is probably his bodyguard.”

“What Huang Xiaolong” Ao Baixue showed surprise on his face, “You are very sure that he is called Huang Xiaolong”

“That is correct, Elder Ao.

When that young man was rescuing Lu Kai, the commoner crowd gathered around the square recognized him, claiming that the young man was Luo Tong Kingdom’s greatest genius talent, participated in the Duanren Imperial City Battle and won the first place that year.”  The Elder answered respectfully.

Hearing the Elder’s explanation, Ao Baixue was absolutely sure that it was none other than Huang Xiaolong, making him burst out in laughter in delight.

He stood up as he laughed, “Huang Xiaolong ah Huang Xiaolong, truly, enemies meet on a narrow road, I truly did not expect that you will appear here!”

Amongst the ranks of Deities Templar, Huang Xiaolong was labeled a ‘sinner!’

Anyone who went against Deities Templar would be listed as sinners, and in the Deities Templar Sinner’s List, Huang Xiaolong might not rank first, but he was definitely within top ten.

If he could capture Huang Xiaolong and bring him back to Deities Templar, he would be greatly rewarded.

Of course, the reward would be the same if he brought back Huang Xiaolong’s corpse.

“Elder Ao, that Huang Xiaolong is..” Fan Yiming approached, venturing with caution.

Ao Baixue smiled, “Just a stinky boor of a young man.

There’s some small grudge with him from a few years ago, at that time he was only an early Xiantian.

Regardless of his current strength, he is a designated sinner wanted by Deities Templar.”

Fan Yiming quickly said, “So it’s like that.

No matter how much of a genius talent that Huang Xiaolong could be, at most he’s only a mid-level Xiantian.

Probably yet to break through the mid-level Xiantian.

In front of Elder Ao, he won’t be able to escape even if you put wings on him, peeing himself the instant he sees Elder Ao appear.”

This brown-nosing put Ao Baixue in an extremely good mood.

“Did you find out in which direction that Huang Xiaolong fled to” Ao Baixue then asked the Elder.

“Replying to Elder Ao, that Huang Xiaolong did not run after rescuing Lu Kai.

They went to a place called Delicious Restaurant within the Luo Tong Royal City, they are drinking wine.” The Elder replied with due respect, “Even now, both of them are still there.”

Ao Baixue was stunned. ‘They did not run’ Then he inquired about the characteristics of the giant man who was with Huang Xiaolong.

After confirming that it was neither Zhao Shu nor Zhang Fu, he was totally at ease.

As long as it wasn’t Zhao Shu or Zhang Fu, the matter would be easy to handle.

At Huang Xiaolong’s side, the only high-grade Saint realm experts were Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

Whereas those miscellaneous people like Yu Ming, Haotian, Fei Hou, and what not, taking care of them was only a matter of snapping his fingers.

“Huang Xiaolong, I want to see how you’re going to escape my hands this time!” Ao Baixue declared coldly.

He turned around to instruct Fan Yiming, “Order down the lockdown of the entire Luo Tong Royal City, you make a trip there with me.”

“Yes, Elder Ao!” Not delaying further, Ao Baixue flew out of the great hall, leading Fan Yiming and some others in the direction of Luo Tong Royal City.

With Ao Baixue’s Saint realm speed, a hundred li was a matter of only half an incense stick’s burning time.

Before long, Ao Baixue’s sighted the Luo Tong Royal City in front of him.

Watching the city structures growing bigger and closer, excitement gleamed in his eyes.

He was now a mid-First Order Saint realm.

This time, if he could capture Huang Xiaolong alive and bring him back to the Deities Templar headquarters, with the reward from the Temple Preceptor he could definitely advance to late-First Order Saint realm in the shortest time.

While Ao Baixue and his group narrowed the distance to Luo Tong Royal City, Huang Xiaolong and Lu Kai were still clinking cups in the Delicious Restaurant.

It had been a few years since they last saw each other, words were bound to be many.

Talking about the Cosmic Star Academy and the days they spent there, each sighed with nostalgia.

When the topic came to the annual Academy year competition, Lu Kai laughed, “You kid, shouldn’t you have let me hit you once or twice those years” Those years, whenever Huang Xiaolong met Lu Kai on the stage, he barely showed any mercy.

Huang Xiaolong too laughed, “I cannot cheat.” Speaking of this, Huang Xiaolong recalled someone, “That Jiang Teng, how is he now”

Jiang Teng was Huang Xiaolong’s classmate in his first year, also the only student with superb talent martial spirit apart from Huang Xiaolong.

“Principal Sun Zhang and Vice Principal Xiong Chu placed high importance on him.

Now, Jiang Teng is already a mid-Ninth Order.” Lu Kai said.

The Ninth Order Lu Kai referred to was, of course, mid-Houtian Ninth Order.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Jiang Teng was both Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu’s disciple at the same time, with his grade eleven superb talent martial spirit and the two elders’ guidance, it was no wonder Jiang Teng had this achievement.

Mentioning Jiang Teng, Lu Kai couldn’t resist asking, “Brother, tell me frankly, what is your strength now” He had an itching curiosity about Huang Xiaolong’s strength.


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