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Chapter 331: Deities Templar Appears Again

Huang Xiao long’s feet stopped a few meters away from He Hui.

A single hand raised and a powerful suction force extracted He Hui from the ground.

Looking at He Hui coldly, Huang Xiaolong repeated slowly, “Heavens beyond Heavens, Mountains beyond Mountains”

Earlier, he had ordered Feng Yang to hold back a little, hence, He Hui did not die on the spot… but then again, he was not far from death.

He Hui struggled weakly to open his eyes as he let out a low snicker, his hoarse voice sounded, “Little brat, you’re dead! Our Wind God Cult is under Deities Templar, do you know Deities Templar Deities Templar is the strongest force in our Martial Spirit World.

To destroy you and every member of your family clan is as simple as blowing dust.”

The Wind God Cult was one of the weaker dependent forces that Deities Templar netted, and He Hui was just an insignificant character, therefore, he had no knowledge of the intense friction between Huang Xiaolong and Deities Templar.

He Hui thought that Huang Xiaolong didn’t have any idea about the transcendent existence of Deities Templar, which was why he purposely exaggerated it’s ‘terrifying’ force at the end.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled at He Hui’s words, but still, he didn’t expect this Wind God Cult to be a branched out part of Deities Templar.

“Oh~, destroying my family and clan is no different than blowing dust to them” Huang Xiaolong laughed.

He Hui’s attitude turned haughty, “I know that perhaps you don’t believe it, but..!” His voice stuck here, stopping abruptly.

His eyes lowered to see his chest exploding with one palm strike from Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong simply flung He Hui’s body aside, falling to a corner of the execution area, and then proceeded to walk towards Lu Kai while ignoring the flabbergasted look on his face.

Battle qi wrapped around his palm, straight like a blade, chopping the chains tying Lu Kai’s hands and feet into a dozen sections.

Then Huang Xiaolong took out from the Asura Ring a Soul Replenishing Fruit he collected from the Ghost King’s cultivation cave and told Lu Kai to open his mouth, swallow and refine it.

Lu Kai’s crippled Qi Sea and meridians did not escape Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

The benefits of this Soul Replenishing Fruit was slightly better than Nine Leaves Purple Grass.

Very soon, vigor and ruddiness returned to the pale-faced, weak-atmosphered Lu Kai.

His strength returned and even continued rising, becoming stronger.

“This…!” Lu Kai was greatly shocked at the result of the fruit.

He dared not believed what was happening, astonishment was written all over his face as he felt his Qi Sea and meridians recover fully.

Not only that, the battle qi coursing in his Qi Sea and meridians was stronger, more powerful.

Just moments ago, he broke through consecutively all the way to mid-Houtian Eighth Order!

Lu Kai’s eyes sparkled with excitement staring at Huang Xiaolong, but just as he wanted to ask, Huang Xiaolong stopped him.

Shaking his head with a smile, “We’ll talk about this later.

Solve the matter at hand first.” He said, pointing a finger at Lu Jing on the side.

Lu Kai nodded.

Then he looked over at Lu Jing.

Seeing Lu Kai looking at him, fear and terror flickered in his eyes.

When he was about to flee from the scene, Lu Kai leaped out, blocking the path right in front of Lu Jing.

“Kill, I order you to kill him, kill them all!” Lu Jing shouted in panic at the palace guards around him.

At his order, the guard beside Lu Jing waved his sword and attacked Lu Kai, however, before that palace guard could attack, giant ghost Feng Yang opened his mouth and sucked in.

Before Lu Jing’s terrified eyes, all the palace guards around him turned into dry mummified corpses.

The rest of the palace guards that prepared to attack halted sharply in their actions watching this result, inhaling cold breaths as they stared at the giant ‘man’ beside Huang Xiaolong warily.

Although Lu Kai too was shocked inside, he recovered fairly quickly, concentrating on his younger brother, Lu Jing.

Lu Kai punched out without another word, striking Lu Jing’s chest.

Lu Jing’s body inverted with scream, falling to the square floor from the stage.

Lu Kai leaped down and once again approached Lu Jing.

The rows of palace guards around the square stood by and watched, none of them dared to step up to stop Lu Kai.

“Big brother, don’t, no, don’t kill me!!’ Lu Jing climbed up from the ground, keeping his eyes on the approaching Lu Kai.

He was terrorized, frantically waving his hands at Lu Kai: “I know I was wrong, I beg you, don’t kill me.”

Lu Kai’s face was cold and grim, “Don’t kill you!” his left palm straightened, and chop down decisively.

Lu Jing grasped at his throat, mouth opened like a fish out of water, red in the face.

The entire time, fear never left his widened eyes, mixed with despair and anger.

One of his hand flailed around, clawing for Lu Kai but Lu Jing tumbled to the ground after taking two steps.

His body twitched once and forever remained still henceforth.

Lu Kai glanced coldly at his body.

The surrounding palace guards, as well as the commoners in the distance, fell into silence watching Lu Jing’s corpse.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong stood beside Lu Kai, “How are you”

Lu Kai shook his head, breathing out heavily as if all his burden could leave him that way, “I am fine.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “I have some food and drinks readied at the Delicious Restaurant, shall we go for a drink”

Lu Kai was stunned for a moment before revealing a grin, “Is there Snow Moon Wine”

Huang Xiaolong nodded firmly: “There is Snow Moon Wine.”

“There’s food and wine, of course I have to go.” Lu Kai laughed.

Moments later, all the palace guards present in the square watched as Huang Xiaolong and Lu Kai left in leisure steps, no one dared to object or stop them.

It didn’t take long for the three of them to reach the Delicious Restaurant.

When the Delicious Restaurant’s boss saw Huang Xiaolong return, along with Lu Kai beside him, he reacted like a wooden chicken standing on the spot, dumbstruck for a very long time before he remembered to kneel down, greeting Lu Kai.

After the restaurant boss stood up, Huang Xiaolong led the way up to the first floor while asking, “Boss, the dishes, did you warm them” before Huang Xiaolong left earlier, he specifically instructed them to warm the dishes.

The restaurant boss had an awkward expression on his face, not knowing how to answer Huang Xiaolong for he didn’t believe for a second that Huang Xiaolong would be able to rescue Lu Kai, even more so returning here to eat if he, by some miracle, succeeded.

Therefore… he did not keep the dishes warm.

How could Huang Xiaolong not understand watching the restaurant boss’ interesting expression.

He didn’t blame or admonish the matter, walking to the same table as before with Lu Kai.

Although the restaurant boss didn’t keep Huang Xiaolong’s dishes warm, he also did not allow others to use the table or take away the food served.

After sitting down, with a turn of his hand, a small kindle of true essence fire floated on Huang Xiaolong’s palm.

With a quick sweep over the wine and dishes, curling wisps of steam instantly filled the air with enticing fragrance.

The restaurant boss was stunned.

He hesitated before speaking up, “Young Noble Huang, Prince Lu Kai, the pursuing guards might reach here very soon, shouldn’t you…” To him, since Huang Xiaolong succeeded in rescuing Prince Lu Kai, he and Prince Lu Kai should flee far away from Luo Tong Royal City as soon as possible, the further the better.

Yet, these two people were in the mood to just sit here, drinking wine and enjoying meat

Later, when the Wind God Cult and the palace guards chased them here, what would they do!

Both Huang Xiaolong and Lu Kai chuckled hearing that, making the restaurant boss feel lost and baffled.

Huang Xiaolong stopped laughing and said, “Well, Boss, you go down first, we’ll call for you if there’s anything we need.”

Seeing this, the restaurant boss didn’t dare to broach the subject anymore.

Saluting respectfully, he excused himself.

“Come, let us drink.” Watching the restaurant boss disappear from view, Huang Xiaolong raised his cup and clinked it against Lu Kai’s.

Needless to say, the Snow Moon Wine reheated using true essence fire tasted better than usual.

The wine was smooth down the throat, with a hint of warmth after the initial iciness, intoxicating to the soul.

Calling it ambrosia of the gods was befitting.

But in this world, probably only Huang Xiaolong was profligate enough to use true essence fire to reheat dishes and wine.

While Huang Xiaolong and Lu Kai were enjoying themselves with food and wine at the Delicious Restaurant, a hundred miles outside Luo Tong Royal City, on a small mountain range, stood the structures of several palaces.

These palaces were Wind God Cult’s main headquarters built in the Luo Tong Kingdom.

At this time, Wind God Cult’s Leader was standing below the dais in a respectful manner, whereas on the main seat in the hall sat a young man in a white robe, with icy blue eyes.

There was an obvious golden runic pattern on his forehead.

This young man was the very same person who took Li Lu away in Duanren Imperial City together with Li Molin, Deities Templar’s Ao Baixue! That time several years ago, Ao Baixue had revealed his Saint realm strength and injured Huang Xiaolong at that time.


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