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Chapter 3304: Not Even The Huang Family Can Save You Now

However, Huang Xiaolong didnt do a thing as he continued on his way.

Lu Fang felt his entire body going numb as his legs threatened to give way.

They only dared to help Zhang Han up when Huang Xiaolong was nowhere in sight.

All of them sucked in a cold breath when they saw Zhang Hans sorry appearance.

“All the qi veins in his body have been shattered!” One of the male students around Zhang Han screamed in terror as a chill ran through the hearts of everyone present.

The most important aspect of a cultivator was their qi veins.

Even if a single one of them snapped, progressing in their cultivation would be a task taller than scaling a mountain barehanded! One needed countless herbs in order to recover, and even then they might never return to their peak state!

One could say that Zhang Han was a complete cripple.

“He… He actually dared to cripple Zhang Han!” A female student covered her mouth as she gasped in fright.

Even then, no one could believe that Huang Xiaolong was daring enough to cripple the other party!

Ying Rongrong was stunned, if Zhang Han really turned into a cripple, the entire Huaxia Alliance would shake!

When the Six Swords Gate bore down on them to ask for an explanation, the higher ups of the Huaxia Alliance would be in real trouble.

“He… Hes crazy! He definitely has a screw loose somewhere… Who in the world gave him the courage to cripple Zhang Han!”

All of the disciples standing around were disciples of the great families of the Huaxia Alliance, There were even some who were more important than Lu Fang, but all of them were stuck in a state of shock.

In the principals office, Murong Qing sat on his chair as he read the morning papers.

When he received the reports that Zhang Hans qi veins were completely severed, he nearly fell from his chair.

Since Zhang Han was crippled on campus, he would definitely be on the frontline of fire when the higher ups of the Huaxia Alliance launched their investigation.

Even the Murong Family wouldnt be able to protect him!

“Who! Who in the world had the guts to do it!” Murong Qing flew into a rage.

“Ill skin him alive!”

The baldy who was there on the first day Huang Xiaolong arrived stuttered, “Its… Its the new deputy head, Huang Xiaolong!”

“What!” The expression on Murong Qings face hardened and he didnt know what to say.

He didnt think that Huang Xiaolong would be able to cause any trouble considering the time he needed to stay in the university.

If everything went well, he might even be promoted after taking care of the man! However, Huang Xiaolong was like a walking disaster that fell on his head now that he crippled Zhang Han!

“Get out!” Murong Qing yelled at those in his office.

When they finally left, he quickly contacted the patriarch of the Murong Family.

He needed to make the report as that was something that would affect the Murong Family as a whole! Moreover, he needed to notify their old ancestor, Murong Deng!

“Old ancestor, this… This… What are we going to do! Am I supposed to dismiss him from his position before handing him over to the alliance”

If they had to choose between the Huang Family of the Dong Lin Province and the Six Swords Gate, he would definitely choose the super sect.

According to him, that was the best move he could make right now!

“You dumb*ss!” Murong Deng roared in anger when he heard what Murong Qing said.

“Dismiss him! Who the f*ck gave you the guts to say something like that!”

Even through the screen, Murong Qing could feel the anger in the old ancestors heart.

He nearly jumped in fright as he didnt think that a simple suggestion from him could make the old ancestor so angry.

“If you really dare to do something as stupid as that, Ill dismiss you from your position right now! You can get back here and face the wall for a hundred years to reflect on your stupidity!” Murong Deng roared.

With beads of cold sweat dripping down his forehead, Murong Qing fell to his knees.

“Old ancestor, I was wrong!”

After being lectured by Murong Deng for several minutes, Murong Qing finally switched the connection off.

He heaved a sigh of relief now that Murong Deng was no longer in his face, and his mind started to spin.

That was the first time he had experienced the old ancestors rage, and he knew that he messed up.

By the time he was done, the news of Zhang Hans plight had shook the entire campus.

It seemed as though every single person was notified of the news.

The entire upper management of the school stormed into Murong Qings office in order to complain about Huang Xiaolongs actions, and they wanted to fire Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong became extremely well known in the campus in the span of a single afternoon.

Half a day later…

“Murong Qing doesnt plan on firing him! He even lashed out at those who dared to bring up the idea! Is the Murong Family becoming muddle-headed!”

“Ive heard that the Six Swords Gate isnt happy with what happened.

They are currently bringing a bunch of eminent elder and grand elders to the Huaxia Alliance to ask the Huang Family for an explanation on the matter.”

“Why would they head for the Huang Family”

“Havent you heard, Huang Xiaolong is a grand elder of the Huang Family!”

“Its no wonder the Murong Family will protect that guy…”

Discussions flew about the entire Huaxia Alliance.

Before long, another piece of news started to emerge.

The eminent elder sent by the Six Swords Gate would be Shen Shijie!

He was a Third Level Enlightenment Realm expert, and the entire Huaxia Alliance erupted upon hearing the news.

“The Huang Familys expansion might be shocking, but they seem to have gotten over their heads! A mere grand elder of the Huang Family dares to move against an inner disciple chosen by the Six Swords Gate.

Heh, the Huang Family is about to meet its end!”

“Ive heard that the herbs and fruits in the Blue Dragon Orchard reached a worth of more than a billion low-grade spirit stones.

The Six Swords Gate definitely has their eyes on that now that theyre here!”

The large families of the Huaxia Alliance were gloating in the Huang Familys misfortune.

However, the various families who witnessed what happened in the Blue Dragon Orchard that day remained silent.

Even the Ying Family didnt say a word regarding the matter.

As the world bubbled in excitement, Huang Xiaolong remained in the library to look for information on the Pangu Axe.

On the second day, a massive group of people surrounded Huang Xiaolong in the library.

There were members of the army, and even the upper echelons of the Huaxia Alliance had arrived.

All of them were experts in their own right.

“Huang Xiaolong, we are from the enforcement team of the Huaxia Alliance! You harmed Zhang Han of the Six Swords Gate, and you have been dismissed from your position! You are under arrest! Please follow us back right now.” A silver-haired elder showed Huang Xiaolong a piece of arrest warrant from the Board of Education and the Enforcement Department.

“Oh” Huang Xiaolong remained impassive as he looked at the experts surrounding him.

“Is this the intention of the Chu Family and the Zou Family”

Huang Xiaolong might have returned for a short time, but he understood the power structure on Earth well.

The two departments mentioned by the old man were controlled by the Chu Family and the Zou Family.

They were also the ones who sided with the Six Swords Gate.

The silver haired old man was an expert of the Zou Family, and he was called Zou Dean.

His authority wasnt something ordinary people could imagine.

Zou Deans expression sank when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

“Huang Xiaolong, you might be the leader of the grand elders of the Huang Family, but we know you killed Liu Chang in public several days ago! The Liu Family might have let things go, but we will not allow you to do as you please in the Huaxia Alliance! This time, not even the Huang Family can save you!”

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