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Chapter 328: Back in Luo Tong Kingdom

The gray robed old man looked appreciatively at the blood-caked wounds on Lu Kai’s body, a smile crept up his face, blossoming into laughter, yet it looked twisted: “Punk, you’ve got a mouth on you, want to chop me into pieces and feed me to the pigs Relying on your current circumstances” The old man’s voice was full of mocking ridicule.

Lu Kai’s eyes were filled with red veins as he glowered ferociously at the other side, his tone spine-chilling cold, “Old dog He Hui, you’d be wise and kill me now!”

The gray-robed old man, He Hui, snickered, very satisfied with himself, “Don’t worry, we’ll be displaying you tomorrow in the square outside the palace doors, and publicly behead you! This will be your final night alive, take the time to appreciate the night sky.” The old man He Hui looked over the tiny frame that served as a window, chuckling, “It’s a beautiful night.”

Hazy moonlight shone into the dungeon cell through the small opening, pulling a blurry veil over the dungeon, adding a surreal effect.

At this time, someone opened the dungeon door, a young man in brocade dragon robes stepped into the cell, followed closely behind by four palace guards.

The facial features of this young man bore some resemblance to Lu Kai.

Watching the young man enter the cell, the murderous look in Lu Kai’s eyes intensified.

If eyes could kill, if his eyes could murder, then this newly arrived young man would have been flesh-flayed by a million daggers many times over.

The young man entered unperturbed, even as he noticed the burning hatred and killing intent in Lu Kai’s eyes.

Walking towards the gray robed old man, he greeted: “Senior Brother He.”

He Hui merely nodded.

Only then did the young man turn towards Lu Kai, speaking in a detached manner: “Big brother, have you been well in here for the past few days” He glanced around the dungeon cell, noting the different torture instruments heaped in a pile at the corners, covered in dried blood and other stuff, emanating an indistinct unpleasant stench.

“Big brother” Lu Kai threw his head back and laughed a dolent laugh.

His eyes were blood-red as he stared at the young man, “Who is your Big brother!! Lu Jing, you think you will be able to ascend the kingdom’s throne with me out of the way”

This young man that bore similar features to Lu Kai was his younger brother, Lu Jing.

Lu Jing laughed, “Your Prince status has been revoked, I am the Luo Tong Kingdom’s Prince now, in a few more years I would be able to ascend the throne.

But pity, ah, you won’t be able to witness that moment!” He waved a hand at the four guards behind, one of them stepped forward, presenting a tiffin box in front of Lu Jing respectfully.

Lu Jing opened the tiffin box revealing several small dishes inside, colorful, fragrant, and looking delicious.

Together with the dishes on the side, there was a jug of wine.

Lu Jing spoke: “Don’t say I didn’t perform my brotherly duties, these are all your favorite dishes and your beloved Snow Moon Wine.

But then again, you should know that this is your final supper in this world.”

Lu Kai looked at his so-called brother Lu Jing, “So I should thank you instead”

Lu Jing was nonchalant, “No need for thanks, we’re real brothers after all, no need to be so polite.” Then Lu Jing ordered the guards standing behind him, “Unchain him.”

The same guard answered respectfully, went up to Lu Kai and released the lock to his chains.

“Don’t even think of running away, it would save you some unnecessary bitterness.” Lu Jing said, “Just enjoy your last meal.

Senior Brother He, let’s leave.” With that, Lu Jing left, bringing the guards as well.

He Hui glanced at Lu Kai before leaving the dungeon cell after Lu Jing, shutting the door behind him.

Hands and feet released from the chains, Lu Kai slumped to the floor in a sitting position.

Staring numbly at the spread of dishes and wine before his eyes.

A light chuckle escaped his throat and a blur obscured his sight, mumbling, “Brother Xiaolong, it seems like we won’t be able to meet again in this lifetime!”

As Luo Tong Kingdom’s Prince, he spent most of his time practicing, therefore he didn’t have many trustworthy friends around him.

It could be said that Huang Xiaolong was his only true friend.

He slowly walked up, grabbed the wine jug and took a large mouthful.

The night slowly faded, relinquishing the sky to the morning sun.

Inside an inn at the Thousand Spring Town, the morning sunlight streamed into the room through the window, falling on Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Huang Xiaolong walked over to the window, taking a deep breath of the crisp morning air, stretching out.

He walked out of the room moments later.

Giant ghost Feng Yang was already waiting outside Huang Xiaolong’s room, saluting when he saw Huang Xiaolong coming out of the room.

“Let’s go.” Huang Xiaolong said.

Settling the payment for the accommodation, Huang Xiaolong and giant ghost Feng Yang left the small Thousand Spring Town, flying rapidly in the direction of the Luo Tong Kingdom.

Since he was nearby, Huang Xiaolong decided to make a quick trip to the Luo Tong Kingdom to visit that guy, Lu Kai.

He hadn’t seen Lu Kai for many years.

The sunlight shone brilliantly.

Although Huang Xiaolong and Feng Yang were flying at breakneck speed, they did not arouse anyone’s attention.

At their level of strength, even a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order couldn’t grasp the edge of their shadows, not to mention those of lower cultivation.

It was even more impossible for the commoners to see them.

In a small kingdom, such as Luo Tong, disregarding mid-level Xiantian warriors, even early-level Xiantian warriors were hard to find.

Huang Xiaolong and giant ghost Feng Yang flew all the way, passing through the borders to reach the edge of Luo Tong Kingdom land.

Entering the Luo Tong Kingdom, Huang Xiaolong first stopped where the Huang Clan Manor used to stand.

That year, the Huang Clan Manor was uprooted by the Baolong Kingdom’s Big Sword Sect, now, the place was empty and abandoned, overgrown weeds had taken over the place amongst crumbled walls and ruins.

Most of the buildings had collapsed to the grown.

Standing in the air as he looked at the ruin of a once huge manor, Huang Xiaolong lamented in his heart.

In a flicker, he appeared in the small courtyard where he used to live.

In the small yard, that same tree was still there, and in a corner, there was a slightly crumbled large boulder.

Seeing the small handprints on it, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist smiling recalling how he tested his strength using that stone boulder every time he had a small breakthrough in cultivation.

Those handprints were left by him in those years.

Walking to his room, Huang Xiaolong pushed the door open, thick dust danced in the air.

Sliding a finger over the frame of his bed, inch thick dust stuck to his finger.

‘Well, time to hire some people to repair Huang Clan Manor.’ Huang Xiaolong thought.

That year, in order to avoid the people from Big Sword Sect, he brought his parents and siblings away from the Huang Clan Manor, then, in order to avoid the Deities Templar, he moved them again to Duanren Empire Imperial City.

In the future, after he destroyed Deities Templar, he would send someone to repair the Manor.

Huang Xiaolong knew that his parents had always missed this place.

“Come on.” Huang Xiaolong said as he walked out of the room, leaving the Huang Clan Manor behind, heading to the Luo Tong Royal City.

A little more than an hour later, both of them arrived at the Luo Tong Royal City.

In the past, Huang Xiaolong needed several months to reach Luo Tong Royal City from the Huang Clan Manor, but now, it was a matter of only a couple of hours.

Standing before the Luo Tong Royal City gates, watching the commoners coming and going, another wave of nostalgia washed over Huang Xiaolong.

Stopping only for the briefest moment, he entered the city with giant ghost Feng Yang.

However, giant ghost Feng Yang’s four-meter stature, even with his ghost aura well-hidden still terrified the common subjects in the Royal City, everyone scurried away or to the sides, giving way to Huang Xiaolong and giant ghost Feng Yang.

Huang Xiaolong did not mind the commotion, walking without a goal along the streets, when he suddenly stopped.

Not far from him was the Delicious Restaurant.

The taste of Delicious Restaurant’s Snow Moon Wine was not bad.

Hence, leading giant ghost Feng Yang, Huang Xiaolong walked into the restaurant.



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