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Chapter 3265: Kill An Enlightenment Realm Expert

“Yes, there are people watching us, and its people from Huang Familys Enforcement Hall,” Huang Xiaolong confirmed.

How could these Enforcement Halls disciples watching them escape Huang Xiaolongs notice, he was merely too lazy to deal with them.

“What The Huang Familys Enforcement Hall is watching us Why” Huang Jiyuans face ashened as he blurted out in bewilderment.

Wang Meilan, Huang Chenfei, and Huang Datou felt extremely flustered when they heard it was the Huang Familys Enforcement Hall who was keeping an eye on them.

“Because I broke Huang Bos arms and legs, and dug out his eyes last night,” Huang Xiaolong explained nonchalantly.

“I also broke Huang Baoguis spine, hell be spending the rest of his life bedridden.”

Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, Huang Chenfei, and Huang Datou looked like they saw a ghost after hearing Huang Xiaolongs words.

“Xiaolong, you were too rash!!” Huang Jiyuan almost yelled, “Huang Baogui is Huang Houdes nephew, and Huang Bo is his grandson, so your actions will only draw ire from the Huang Family, youre really too reckless!”

Huang Jiyuan was clearly agitated.

In his opinion, Huang Xiaolongs actions were no less than capital crime in the family.

Although he had seen many incredulous things today, and understood that his son was not as simple as he thought, the person Huang Xiaolong had offended now was Huang Houde.

Offending Huang Houde meant offending the entire Huang Family!

Huang Xiaolong was only one person.

Could he go against the entire Huang Family!

“What should we do now Go and beg Huang Baogui for forgiveness We have low-grade spirit stones now.

Yes, thats it.

We have low-grade spirit stones.

We can give them a lot, a lot of spirit stones!” Wang Meilan said anxiously.

Huang Xiaolong felt speechless, but he understood that his parents were concerned and worried for him.

“Mom, even if you take out all the spirit stones you have and give it to Huang Houde, he would not let this matter slide.” Huang Xiaolong stated calmly, “In fact, all of you dont need to worry about me, its merely the Huang Family.

Frankly speaking, if I wanted to, destroying the Huang Family is merely the matter of waving my hand.”

Indeed, had Huang Xiaolong wanted to destroy the Huang Family, it would take no more than the effort of waving his hand, despite having his strength suppressed to the lowest realm, at the peak late-Ninth Level Void Immortal.

With one wave of his hand, he could flatten the Huang Familys main residence to the ground.

However, for every grievance, theres a main perpetrator, and a debtor for every debt.

In this case, Huang Xiaolongs enemy was Huang Houde.

The rest of Huang Family disciples were mostly innocent, and slaughtering the innocent was not in Huang Xiaolongs plan.

He was waiting, waiting for Huang Houde to come back, and then he would deal with Huang Houde and his line of descendants once and for all.

Wang Meilan blanked for a second when she heard Huang Xiaolong claim that destroying the Huang Family was merely the matter of waving a hand, and then chided Huang Xiaolong half-seriously, “This childs joking again.”

Huang Jiyaun agreed without hesitation.

“Xiaolong, youve just returned for a few days, so you dont know the Huang Familys current strength.

The current Huang Family is one of Huaxiaos top ten cultivation families, and the familys overall strength is not something you can imagine.”

“Strength” Huang Xiaolong smiled faintly, and asked both Wang Meilan and Huang Jiyuan, “What if Im capable of killing an Enlightenment Realm expert”

Wang Meilan wanted to say more, but her mind went blank at Huang Xiaolongs question.

So did Huang Jiyuans, Huang Chenfeis, and Huang Datous.

“Ca-capable of-of killing an Enlightenment Realm expert!” Wang Meilan scrutinized Hunag Xiaolong with a strange eye when she finally found her voice, her gaze clearly saidhows that possible!

The other three also looked at Huang Xiaolong with the same meaning.

In their knowledge, the Enlightenment Realm experts were top experts on Earth.

A Nascent Soul Realm expert could live for five hundred years, and some of the Transcendent experts that came from outer space were old monsters that had lived over a thousand years.

A thousand years!

That kind old monsters could flatten a mountain with a wave of their hands, and the power within them could destroy the world.

Perhaps, even nuclear bombs were useless against a high-level Transcendent expert.

A high-level Transcendent expert was an existence even the Huaxia Alliance was wary of.

In the last one hundred years, since Earth had ushered in the cultivation era, they had never heard of any Transcendent expert being killed.

Now, Huang Xiaolong was telling them he could kill a Transcendent expert! It was no wonder that the four of them were looking at Huang Xiaolong with a strange gaze.

“Xiaolong, you, are you alright” Wang Meilan cautiously tried to touch Huang Xiaolongs forehead.

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly.

“Mom, I am fine.” Then, he reached his hand towards the sky and grabbed a passing cloud, letting it suspend above the villa.

Huang Jiyuan, and Wang Meilan stared at the cloud that suddenly descended to the villa.

Huang Xiaolong can control the clouds

“Can a Transcendent expert control the clouds” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The other four exchanged a glance but remained silent.

“Brother, weve never seen a Transcendent expert in action, so we dont know if a Transcendent expert can control clouds or not,” Huang Chenfei answered honestly.

This time, it was Huang Xiaolong who was dumbfounded.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong resorted to taking his family on a flight.

He teleported from Huazhou City to Datong City, then from Datong City he teleported everyone to Laixin City, and finally back to the Golden River Residence villa.

“That is teleportation, almost instantly moving from one city to another city.

Can a Transcendent expert teleport” Huang Xiaolong asked the four stupefied people.

But in the end, Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, Huang Chenfei, and Huang Datous reaction was to shake their heads and say they didnt know.

That was the truth because none of them had any contact with Transcendent experts.

Moreover, discussing Transcendent experts was a taboo.

Even the upper echelons of Huang Family did not dare to lightly discuss Transcendent experts, thus it was not strange the few of them knew very little about what Transcendent experts could do or could not do.

In their scope of knowledge, they only knew that the Enlightenment Realm experts were very strong, and almost nothing was impossible to them, and they couldnt be killed.

Huang Xiaolongs brows were scrunched together, and his head was aching.

How can I make my parents and the others believe my current strength

Suddenly, an idea came to him.

His divine sense spread out and locked on the Huang Familys six grand elders inside the main residences hall in Datong City.

If I drag these six people over, my parents and the others should believe me, right

There were more than ten Nascent Soul experts within the Huang Familys ranks, but only the six of them were at the Huang Familys main residence at the moment.

These Huang Familys grand elders were talking about Huang Xiaolong and the incident he had caused.

“According to me, we dont need to wait for the Patriarch to return.

Ill go and capture Huang Xiaolong and end the matter,“ Huang Chengyi snorted.

Huang Chengyi was Huang Houdes eldest uncle, also the third strongest expert in Huang Family, a peak late-Seventh Level Nascent Soul with one foot in Eighth Level Nascent Soul Realm.

“With Huang Xiaolongs talent that we know of, hes probably already a Seventh Level Nascent Soul now, so it wont be easy to capture him,” another grand elder, Huang Bingquan pointed out, “Moreover, the Patriarch has ordered that he wants to deal with Huang Xiaolong personally, so, wed better wait for the Patriarch to return.

We only need to watch Huang Xiaolong, make sure he doesnt make a run for it!”

Huang Bingquan was not of Huang Houdes line, but his status in Huang Family was not low as he was Old Ancestor Huang Mings second son.

In terms of seniority, he was Huang Jiyuans second uncle.

“However, according to the report from the disciples, theres something strange.

Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan seem to have grown younger, looking like theyre in their forties, moving with ease.

On top of that, Huang Chenfeis injuries have fully healed, and hes off the bed, moving around freely,” another grand elder, Huang Maosheng, informed everyone with surprise on his face.

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