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Chapter 3258: Transform Barren Land

Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and Huang Chenfei couldnt wait to tour their new place from inside out, every room on every floor had their footsteps!

The more they saw the more they liked the place.

On top of that, they could see the sea from the third floor.

“Xiaolong, this villa must have cost a lot of money, right” Wang Meilan suppressed her own feelings and asked Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and did not conceal the amount from his mother.

“Counting the furniture and everything, its a little over a million low-grade spirit stones.”

“Wh-What! More than one million!” Huang Chenfei trembled slightly.

Huang Jiyuans and Wang Meilans hearts nearly jumped out of their chests.

“Xiaolong, this!” Wang Meilan was about to say something but Huang Xiaolong stepped ahead.

“Mom, this is only a small amount of money, so you dont need to worry about it.” With that said, he took out the purchase contract and said, “The name of this villa is in your fathers name, so keep these documents well.”

While Wang Meilan and Huang Jiyuan were still dazed in surprise as Huang Xiaolong took out ten spatial bags.

“Each spatial bag contains five hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones for you to use, buy whatever you want, whatever you need, and tell me if you need more.”

Huang Xiaolong also gave Huang Chenfei and Huang Datou a spatial bag each.

Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and Huang Chenfei were beyond dumbstruck at this moment.

There were ten spatial bags, and each bag contained five hundred thousand low-grade spirits stones.

That summed up the total to five million!

And counting Huang Chenfei and Huang Datous spatial bag, it was a total of six million! Dont forget, there were also the five cars and the villa, so the amount had already exceeded eight million!

“This, this, Xiaolong, you, all these low-grade spirit stones, you exchanged them from the bank” Huang Jiyuan looked at his son, who had just returned two days ago, in disbelief.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I killed some Golden Core beasts in the past and took their golden cores to exchange for spirit stones from the bank.

There are more than twenty-three million low-grade spirit stones!”

“More than twenty-three million!” Wang Meilans head was buzzing from hearing the amount.

Even for a Tan Familys grand elder, twenty-three million low-grade spirit stones was a huge amount, then what was more to people who had been accustomed to being poor in recent years like Wang Meilan and Huang Jiyuan

“You hunted these many Golden Core Realm fierce beasts!” Huang Jiyuans eyes widened in disbelief.

Otherwise, how would Huang Xiaolong have gotten more than twenty-three million low-grade spirit stones

“Yes ah, Grandfather, Uncle killed sixty-six high-level Golden Core Realm fierce beasts.

Moreover, all of them were Ninth Level Golden Core Realm and above!” Huang Datou interjected with a flushed face and went on to recount what had happened from the time they had entered the ban, and his saliva flew everywhere.

Huang Datou did not forget to tell about what had happened at the BMW dealership.

After hearing Huang Xiaolong had not only bought five cars, but also two flying ships, and a big piece of barren land measuring over two thousand acres, Huang Jiyuan and the others were already at a loss for words.

“So, Mom, you dont need to worry about money anymore.

Buy whatever you want, and if needed, Ill go kill a few fierce beasts,” Huang Xiaolong joked.

“Since Big Brother does not lack money, then Datou and I will accept these spatial bags.” Huang Chenfei laughed generously.

Huang Xiaolong grinned.

“Not far outside the Golden River Residence is the market, so well go there to get something later.

Well have a good celebration today as our personal housewarming!”

“Right, right, I want to buy Golden Flame Spiritual Fruit!” Huang Datou cheered happily.

Wang Meilan chided him good-naturedly, “The Golden Flame Spiritual Fruit is all you know!”

Others laughed happily.

Thus, the family got into the car and went to the local market.

Because parking was inconvenient in that area, they only took Huang Xiaolongs blue off-road.

At the market, Wang Meilan chose an exceptionally big spiritual hog beast, whereas Huang Datou grabbed a lot of Golden Flame Spiritual Fruits.

Huang Xiaolong casually picked some spiritual fruits and spiritual meat with high energy, and specifically went to shops selling seeds of spiritual fruits and spiritual herbs.

There were more than twenty kinds of spiritual fruit trees seeds, one hundred seeds for each kind.

There were even more spiritual herbs seeds, almost sixty kinds and Huang Xiaolong got several hundred seeds for each kind.

Naturally, these seeds did not come cheap, setting back Huang Xiaolong by several hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones.

“Xiaolong, what are you doing buying so many seeds” Wang Meilan asked curiously when she saw that Huang Xiaolong had spent so many spirit stones to buy these spiritual herbs and spiritual fruit trees seeds.

Huang Jiyuan and Huang Chenfei also looked over in curiosity.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Didnt I buy two thousand acres of barren land”

“You plan to plant these seeds on that barren land” Huang Jiyuan began to persuade his son urgently, “Xiaolong, spiritual fruit trees are hard to grow even on fertile lands and require spiritual water.

You also need to hire a herb specialist to take care of them!”

“Spiritual plants are hard to grow.

So, if youre going to grow them on your barren land, it wont work at all!” As if afraid Huang Xiaolong didnt believe him, Huang Jiyuan gave a long list of examples.

In the beginning, many families had thought of earning spirit stones by growing and selling spiritual herbs and spiritual fruits, but they had ended up losing everything, and many of them had ended their lives after they couldnt face the bank and other debt collectors.

Huang Xiaolong listened patiently, as he neither interrupted or stopped his father.

His parents didnt believe in it now, but they would see it with their own eyes in two days.

If he, the Son of Creation, couldnt grow these seeds well, then he could really go and knock his head on Earth.

Inside the Sun Moon Furnace, Huang Xiaolong had many genesis level pills.

However, these things were too high in grade for his parents.

Merely a whiff of a genesis level pills could cause his family to explode to their deaths.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong could only plant these herbs himself to refine pills that could improve his familys cultivation.

After the spiritual trees bore fruits, they could be sold for a million low-grade spirit stones on a daily basis, and that would be over three hundred million in a year.

With this income, even after he left Earth, his family wouldnt live the way they were before.

Of course, these spiritual herbs and spiritual trees were not the best variety available on Earth, so he planned to purchase better ones after arriving at the Huaxia Alliance.

Back at the Golden River Residence villa, Wang Meilan personally cooked a lavish meal while Huang Xiaolong grilled meat, and tantalizing scents and laughter soon filled the air.

The celebration at home went on until eleven something into the night.

After Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan went to rest in their bedroom on the second floor, Huang Xiaolong drove to the barren land several hundred miles outside Huazhou City.

He was going to transform this piece of barren land completely in the night and plant all the seeds he had bought during the day.

Generally, it would take two to three decades for the spiritual trees to bear fruits, and most spiritual herbs took as much time to grow.

However, Huang Xiaolong was going to let them grow overnight!

Huang Xiaolong took out the Sun Moon Furnace, and let it fly high into the air, lighting up half of the barren land.

Immediately, the rubbish, weeds, poisonous insects and everything were reduced to ashes, leaving a completely clean land.

Far away behind Huang Xiaolong, hidden in the darkness, someones eyes bulged in shock at everything that transpired.

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