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Chapter 3251: Can You Afford It

“Oh, Roaring Dragon Jade!” Chen Yus eyes lit up brightly.

The Roaring Dragon Jade contained fierce beast flood dragons dragon qi, even though the amount of dragon qi wasnt much, it was crucial to Golden Core Realm cultivators.

One piece of Roaring Dragon Jade was worth one thousand low-grade spirit stones.

Chen Yu opened the box and indeed saw a palm-sized jade with a faint red glow, rippling within the jade.

It was indeed the Roaring Dragon Jade.

“You want me to deal with who” Chen Yu calmed himself, he did not pick up the box nor did he push the box away.

He smiled amiably as he asked Huang Bo, “Im afraid that the person Young Master Huang Bo wants to deal with is not simple, right” He deliberately glanced at Huang Bos swollen pig-head.

Huang Bo inwardly scoldedold fox and then briefly recounted what had happened the day before.

He did not conceal anything, telling everything truthfully.

“Oh, releasing true qi out of the body as far as one thousand meters” Chen Yu was genuinely shocked.

“Yes!” Huang Bo confirmed, “Although that persons true qi could extend as far as one thousand meters outward, to Honorary Elder Chen that level of strength is nothing at all to Honorary Elder Chen.

With Honorary Elder Chens Golden Core strength, releasing true qi as far as two thousand meters is not an issue, and defeating that brat is only a matter of a second!”

Chen Yu nodded smilingly.

“No need to flatter me.

Since that person could release his true qi as far as one thousand meters, it means hes at least a high-level Foundation Building expert, so its not so easy to deal with such a person.”

“Does Young Master Huang Bo have any idea as to how to deal with that kid” Chen Yu asked, keeping the box of Roaring Dragon Jade on the table.

Huang Bo almost could not refrain himself from gritting his teeth.

“I want you to break his arms and legs, the kind that is impossible to heal!”

Chen Yu let out a soft chuckle hearing that, “Since that person is Huang Datous eldest uncle, hes considered as part of your Huang Family, but now, you want me to break a Huang Family disciples arms and legs.

If someone from the Huang Family Enforcement Hall comes questioning me, I dont dare to bear the consequences!”

There were faint flames of anger in Huang Bos eyes, as he thought angrily that old man Chen Yu was being greedy!

After hesitating for a while, Huang Bo took out another piece of Roaring Dragon Jade and pushed it towards Chen Yu.

“Two pieces of Roaring Dragon Jade, that should do it, right”

Chen Yu accepted the two pieces of Roaring Dragon Jade with a big smile, “Alright, since Young Master Huang Bo is so generous, I shall avenge this grudge on behalf of Young Master Huang Bo!”

“However, I want to add one more requirement.

Dig out that kids eyes!” Huang Bo added.

Huang Xiaolong had caused him to lose two pieces of Roaring Dragon Jade, which had increased Huang Bos hatred towards Huang Xiaolong.

Chen Yu hesitated then nodded.

“Sure, break his arms and legs, and dig out his eyes, is that right You cant interfere with my method!”

“Sure!” Huang Bo nodded.

He knew Chen Yu would handle it carefully and leave no evidence.

This way, the Huang Family Enforcement Hall wont be able to find any clues.

Huang Bo couldnt be happier about this.

This would save him from any future troubles.

If the matter were to get exposed, and Chen Yu was investigated, he would be brought in for questioning.

“But you have to act as soon as possible, best if you can do it within three days,” Huang Bo stressed.

“I dont want to wait too long!”



Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou stood at the edge of a large forest.

“This is the Xingan Mountain Range” Huang Xiaolong asked Huang Datou.

Huang Datou replied, “It is, Uncle, we should make a detour.

The distance is slightly longer, but its merely an hours journey.

Its better than the risk of crossing the Xingan Mountain Range.

There are peak late-Ninth Leven Golden Core Realm fierce beasts inside, but their strengths are comparable to First Level Nascent Soul Realm experts! Moreover, these fierce beasts stay in groups!”

Huang Xiaolong smirked at his nephew.

“No need, well just fly over this Xingan Mountain Range!”

Before Huang Datou could utter a word of protest, he was brought up into the air by Huang Xiaolong and flown into the mountains forest.

Huang Datou nearly jumped out of his skin in fright.

“Uncle, we better go back out quickly.

There might be Nascent Soul Realm fierce beasts inside this Xingan Mountain Range.

It is said that a few decades ago, a Nascent Soul Realm fierce beast once appeared in these mountains, and it came from the East Sea and stayed here to cultivate! I wonder if its true!”

Huang Xiaolong laughed.

“All the better if its true!”

A Nascent Soul Realm fierce beasts nascent soul fetches a price ten times higher than a high-level Golden Core Realm fierce beasts golden core!

Maybe higher than that!

“Uncle, even if were going to cross the Xingan Mountain Range, we dont need to fly over it.

Its too dangerous.

Were literally targets for fierce beasts to attack!” Huang Datou said everything in one breath, looking extremely anxious, and there were beads of sweat on his forehead.

Flying right across the Xingan Mountain Range was no different from banging on deaths door.

Even a high-level Nascent Soul Realm wouldnt dare to fly across the Xingan Mountain Range and attract the attention of fierce beasts living below.

Once one was targeted, even a Nascent Soul Realm expert wont be able to escape.

As to prove Huang Datous words, several enormous shadows from below soared to the sky, and pounced on the two of them.

These enormous fierce beasts spat out golden cores from their mouths, and clearly all of them were Golden Core Realm fierce beasts.

Huang Datou watched several Golden Core Realm fierce beasts pounce towards them with jaws wide open.

When had Huang Datou ever faced this kind of situation His legs went soft with fear, but just as these fierce beasts entered a ten-meter radius from them, he didnt even see what Huang Xiaolong did, but those fierce beasts all exploded to their deaths.

With one hand, Huang Xiaolong collected several golden cores.

Huang Datou was utterly dumbfounded.

Huang Xiaolong continued flying forward with Huang Datou in tow.

Almost every few minutes, they would be attacked by a group a Golden Core Realm fierce beasts.

As time passed, Huang Datou found it strange that only Golden Core Realm fierce beasts attacked them And all of them were high-level Golden Core Realm

When they flew out from the Xingan Mountain Range, there were another twelve high-level Golden Core Realm beasts golden cores in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

Looking at them, Huang Datou was shocked and speechless, thats worth several million low-grade spirit stones!

Looking at Huang Datous sparkling eyes, Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Pity that Nascent Soul Realm fierce beast is not in this mountain range, and it looks like it left.”

Huang Datou too thought it was a pity.

Not long after they flew across the Xingan Mountain Range, the two reached Laixin City.

Laixin City was a first-tier city in Donglin Province, hence it went without saying that it was a big and bustling city.

Flying ships and electric vehicles could be seen everywhere.

In the hundred years of development, all vehicles now ran on electric power.

Huang Xiaolong saw many familiar car makers names like BMW, Mercedes, and Toyota amongst others.

Huang Datou was extremely envious looking at the flying ships and high-speed electric vehicles.

High-speed electric vehicles cost a bomb, and the cheapest price tag started from several thousand low-grade spirit stones, and flying ships were even more expensive.

Huang Datou had always wanted one, but he had never been able to afford one.

Huang Datous eyes couldnt move away when he saw a yellow colored off-road BMW.

“You like this off-road BMW Wait till after I exchange spirit stones from the Swiss Bank, Ill buy one for you, one for each of us!” Huang Xiaolong teased.

Huang Datou was ecstatic, “Really Thanks, Uncle!”

“Where did these two bumpkins crawl out from Do you know the price of an off-road BMW Can you afford it”

Right at this time, a tall young man walked over from the other end of the street with an arm around a glamorous young woman.

The first thing Huang Datou noticed was the emblem on the young mans chest, and his face changed slightly.

“Its the Zou Family!”

The Zou Family was one of Huaxia Alliances top ten cultivation families, but the Zou Family was stronger than Huang Family, ranking in the top five.

The Huang Family was far from entering that rank.

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