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Chapter 3228: Ill Kill You

When everyone was still stuck in a state of shock, the world trembled once again.

This time, the shaking nearly threw them off their feet.

Frowns formed on the faces of everyone present.

“Whats going on! Is a treasure about to appear” One of the marshals of the True Dragon Celestial Empire yelled as he swept his gaze across the lands.

Huang Shengdao felt a weird feeling forming in his heart and he muttered, “Doesnt seem like it…”

If that wasnt the case…

When the members of the True Dragon Celestial Empire were still thinking of the possibilities, the world returned to normal.

Staring at each other in shock, no one knew what was going on.

Releasing the dragon qi around his body, Huang Shengdao tried to discover any abnormalities in the surroundings.

When he failed to do so, he used the Dragon Spirit Circlet to look for the source of disturbance.

However, that failed too.

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Eventually, he decided against looking for the source.


There is no need to bother about the incident.

There should only be a little more than ten years left to the closing of the World of Departed Souls.

We need to make full use of our time to locate the Soul Burying Orb!” Huang Shengdao yelled.

“The most important thing right now is to find the orb!”

In the void above the Land of Origin, Huang Xiaolong sat cross legged as gold light covered his body.

He was like a giant golden rock that remained suspended in the air as universe origin energy rolled around him.

It formed a tiny stream as it poured into his body endlessly.

The spirits of the four Origin Divine Fires danced around his body.

Huang Xiaolong slowly opened his eyes to reveal a satisfied expression when he noticed the stream of universe origin energy pouring into him.

After so many years of refinement, he finally refined the Land of Origin!

The universe origin energy that was pouring into him was the energy accumulated by the World of Departed Souls.

Like a giant tree in the universe that sucked up an endless amount of universe origin energy, the World of Departed Souls was releasing all the energy into Huang Xiaolong.

A great world had many uses for universe origin energy, and they would usually perfect the space contained inside it before sending the rest to remain in the spaces contained in the greater holy worlds.

As the World of Departed Souls had existed for an endless amount of time, the amount of universe origin energy it absorbed was insane! Even if Huang Xiaolong only absorbed a tiny bit of it, the amount would be astounding! A tiny fraction of the universe origin energy contained in the World of Departed souls probably numbered in the billions of units.

Moreover, the universe origin energy that was absorbed by the World of Departed Souls went through a round of tempering.

It was extremely pure, and it could be compared to the universe source spiritual vein obtained by Huang Shengdao.

In fact, it was a little better in terms of quality! As for the quantity, one would be comparing a firefly to the moon if they wanted to compare the spiritual vein to the universe origin energy contained in the world.

In reality, the universe source spiritual vein in Huang Shengdaos hand was created by the accumulation of universe origin energy by the greater world!

A universe source spiritual vein could also appear in the Blazing Dragon World, but there were experts capable of refining the universe origin energy there.

Due to the constant refinement by the old dragon, the amount of universe origin energy left in the space wasnt dense enough to form a spiritual vein.

Otherwise, Huang Xiaolongs accumulation wouldnt stop when he reached thirty-two million units of grand cosmos energy.

When he realized that the universe origin energy contained in the World of Departed Souls was boundless, excitement formed in his heart.

With the accumulated universe origin energy in the World of Departed Souls, Huang Xiaolong knew that he would be able to quickly bring the amount of grand cosmos energy in his body up to more than a billion!

Like the various celestial emperors, his strength would reach a whole new level! The amount of grand cosmos energy in the bodies of the various celestial emperors would hover around the one billion mark.

A terrifying possibility flashed through Huang Xiaolongs mind.

With the help of the World of Departed Souls, he could catch up to Huang Dingai, Zeng Le, and Di Cangtian!

He could reach the peak of the grand perfection level!

Suppressing the happiness in his heart, Huang Xiaolong knew that he could also control the World of Departed Souls now that he had refined the Land of Origin.

It was time for him to locate the Soul Burying Orb!

With a single thought, Huang Xiaolongs will entered the World of Departed Souls.

It started to spread at a terrifying speed through every single region.

In one of the holy worlds, Huang Shengdao stared at a faint purple orb hovering before him.

Looking from a distance, the orb seemed like a miniature version of the World of Departed Souls.

“Soul Burying Orb!”

“I finally found it!”

Huang Shengdao no longer controlled his emotions as he yelled in joy.

After refining the orb, he would be able to open the last restriction i n the Dao Emperors Treasury.

He could finally receive the inheritance and gain control over the Dao Emperor World!

“Congratulations, Your Highness!”

The experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire exclaimed in excitement.

Roaring with laughter, Huang Shengdao boasted.

“Ill reward everyone here heavily after we leave the World of Departed Souls! Hahaha!”

A round of appreciation swept through the members present.

Flying towards the purple orb, Huang Shengdao reached out his hands in anticipation.

Just as he was about to touch the orb, he turned into a streak of purple light that shot off into the distance.

The speed was something even Huang Shengdao failed to catch, and no one could react in time.

A stunned expression formed on Huang Shengdaos face as he looked at the spot where the orb used to be.

With his expression sinking, Huang Shengdao roared in rage, “Who did that! Get out here right now!” After he yelled, he sent a punch through the void.

His punch tore through god knew how many regions before it stopped.

However, it was useless.

No matter how loudly he screamed, the orb was nowhere to be seen.

“Get out here right now!” Huang Shengdao roared.

“If I ever discover who you are, Ill kill your entire family and exterminate your faction!”

Huang Shengdaos voice caused the void around him to tremble.

“Exterminate my faction” A voice descended from the skies.

“Theres no need for you to launch an investigation.

Ill kill you right here and now.”

Huang Shengdao couldnt be more familiar with the voice!

They felt like a bomb went off in their heads and Huang Shengdaos pupils shrunk.

“Huang Xiaolong!”

The moment the words left his lips, a figure appeared before their very eyes.

It was none other than the man himself, and Huang Shengdao seethed in anger when he saw Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, we were planning to hunt you down anyway.

You must be stupid to show yourself.

Since youre asking to die, you can remain here forever!”

After he spoke, the Dragon Spear and the Dao Emperors Sword appeared in his hands.


With both weapons shooting towards Huang Xiaolong, Huang Shengdao used the grand cosmos energy contained in his body to the limit.

Two terrifying rays of light emerged.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked by Huang Shengdaos sudden outburst.

He discovered that the other party had already reached four million units of grand cosmos energy, and he was at least twice as strong as he was in the past! It was no wonder he dared to move against Huang Xiaolong without his best friend, Fu Luosen!

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