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Chapter 3217: Hard Pressed to Escape

When Di Xiaolong heard that Huang Xiaolong was heading straight for them, he jumped in joy, “Are you for real”

“Yes, Your Highness!” The subordinate was extremely happy too.

“It seems like he plans on coming back to the Purple Lightning Manor!”

The joy in Di Xiaolongs heart multiplied once again.

“Nice! Then we shall lay down countless formations here to trap him in the Purple Lightning Manor! We cannot allow him to escape!”

With a single order, everyone got to work.

Caretaker Pang chuckled happily, “Seems like the Purple Lightning Manor is quite important to that guy.

Hes crazy enough to return to the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire despite the bounty on his head, and it seems like there should be something important to him here.”

Di Xiaolong nodded happily.

“However, Huang Xiaolongs strength isnt something we can look down on.

Capturing him wont be easy.”

A frown formed on Di Xiaolongs face.

That was also the part he was the most afraid of.

In the Dao Emperor World, Huang Xiaolong took Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao on alone.

His strength was something Di Xiaolong would never forget.

“Contact Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao!” Di Xiaolong growled.

“Well lay down a super formation to trap Huang Xiaolong.

Once the two of them arrive, they will take him down!”

“After all, they only mentioned that we need to provide Huang Xiaolongs location to obtain the reward.

Theres no need for us to lift a finger!”

Di Xiaolong might admit that Huang Xiaolong was strong, but he was confident that they could trap him for a little while.

“Your Highness, we received a piece of news from Di Xiaolong of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire!” An expert from the True Dragon Celestial Empire reported to Huang Shengdao.

As soon as he opened the report, a look of joy flashed through Huang Shengdaos face.

“Your Highness, this…” The expert couldnt help but ask when he saw the happiness on Huang Shengdaos face.

“Its Huang Xiaolong! They received news on Huang Xiaolong!”

“Hes in the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire right now!”

Soon after, the entire group led by Huang Shengdao charged towards the Hidden Dragon Sacred Land.

When Huang Shengdao made his way over, Fu Luosen did the same.

In the past hundred years, Fu Luosen had always been roaming about the Blazing Dragon World.

As soon as he heard about the old dragons appointment ceremony, he made his way over to the celestial capital.

As such, the two of them were able to rush over the moment they received the report.

Of course, Zeng Ying also managed to obtain the report on Huang Xiaolongs appearance.

She gasped in shock at the news.

She didnt think that Huang Xiaolong would be crazy enough to return.

“Hes really insane! When he escaped death in the Dao Emperor World, everyone thought that he would go into hiding! Who would have thought that he would return!” Zeng Ying frowned.

“Doesnt he know that Fu Luosen and Huang Shengtian are currently in the Blazing Dragon World”

According to her, Huang Xiaolong was asking for death by appearing in the Blazing Dragon World.

“Ive heard that the two of them have already left for the Hidden Dragon Sacred Land.” One of the Silver Haired Old Men spoke.

“Moreover, they got people to seal off the entire region in case Huang Xiaolong tries to escape again!”

“Your Highness, do we try to save Huang Xiaolong” Someone suggested.

However, he was shot down instantly by someone else.

“Save him How are you planning to do so Is there anyone here who can save Huang Xiaolong from the two of them Do you wish to offend Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao by doing so!” Turning to Zeng Ying, he continued, “Sixth Princess, you might be siding with Huang Xiaolong because of your friendship, but you will most definitely offend the two most powerful Sons of Heaven in the universe if you do so.

Please reconsider.”

Zeng Ying chose to remain silent.

It wasnt really worth it to offend them because of Huang Xiaolong.

Not to mention the fact that she did not possess enough power to save him in the first place.

Either Fu Luosen of Huang Shengdao was enough to crush them all!

In the Hidden Dragon Sacred Land, within the Purple Lightning Manor.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the experts led by Di Xiaolong with a cold gaze.

“Since when did my manor become yours, Di Xiaolong” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

“Huang Xiaolong, who do you think you are! How dare you call His Highness by name!” One of the experts behind Di Xiaolong screamed.

The expert was one of the marshals of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire, and he didnt seem weak.

“Are you talking to me” A sneer formed on Huang Xiaolongs lips.

Raising his hand slightly, Di Xiaolong stopped his subordinates from going any further.

He smiled at Huang Xiaolong before speaking, “Huang Xiaolong you should know that you wont be able to escape with your life intact this time! Why are you so concerned for your manor”

“Whats the use of owning the manor if youre dead”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled in response.

“Thanks for the concern, but Ive always been hard to kill.

I wonder if you should be more concerned for your life right now!”

Di Xiaolong was stunned for a second, but he roared with laughter the next moment.

“What! Are you planning on killing me! Huang Xiaolong, this is the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire! If you dare to touch a single hair on my head, your death will be a thousand times worse!”

“You definitely notified Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao about my whereabouts.

Since I wont be able to escape anyway, Ill just bring you along with me.”

A trace of panic flashed through Di Xiaolongs eyes, but he quickly covered it up.

“Hahaha! Huang Xiaolong, youre not capable of killing me!” Waving his hand, several rays of light emerged from the manor and enveloped Huang Xiaolong and Yuan Tianyi.

The space around them was frozen solid, and they were trapped.

“Huang Xiaolong, Ive long since refined all the restrictions around your manor! Ive even strengthened the formations by hiring some experts!” Di Xiaolong roared, “Right now, the formation is countless times stronger than the ones you laid down! Hahaha! I bet you didnt expect that you would be trapped by the formation around your own manor!”

“Moreover, Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao will arrive in ten minutes!”

Looking at the formation around him and Di Xiaolong who was laughing his head off, Huang Xiaolong transformed into a giant golden dragon.

With a single claw, he tore the formation into pieces.

“WHAT!” Di Xiaolong stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

He was shocked, and so were his subordinates.

“You… How can you…” Di Xiaolong couldnt believe that Huang Xiaolong could tear through the formations he painstakingly laid down.

“You wont have to worry about that.

Ill lay down new formations around my manor.” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

So what if Di Xiaolong refined the formations around his manor Strength ruled supreme!

Moreover, Huang Xiaolongs strength wasnt something they could map to the Huang Xiaolong of three thousand years ago.

After the old dragons assistance, Huang Xiaolongs strength reached a whole new level! How could Di Xiaolong begin to imagine the power he could wield

With a sweep of his giant tail, a horrifying amount of energy shot towards Di Xiaolong.

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