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Chapter 3208: Well Split Huang Xiaolongs Corpse Equally!

A terrifying pressure descended on the entire group when Fu Luosen and the other two made their moves.


The sound of something popping could be heard, and one of the female experts serving under Zeng Ying exploded.

The sounds soon followed, and a look of despair could be seen on the faces of Chen Zhenghong and the others.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong released a snort.

Golden light surrounded him all of a sudden, and it was as though a supervolcano that remained dormant for several thousand years erupted.


As soon as he released his aura, the entire sea of flames shook.

Even the space around them started to tremble as the flames shook with ever increasing intensity.

A shocking amount of power emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body, and it caused the entire sacred land they were in to shake.

Several sections of the sea of flames exploded as flames filled the air.

A sense of destruction filled the world as the faces of the three changed instantly.

Chen Zhenghong and the others were sent flying by Huang Xiaolongs sudden outburst.

The Yin and Yang shattered as the world exploded.

Time started to flow in reverse as Huang Xiaolong unleashed everything he had.

With his fists flying towards the combined strike of Huang Ji, the Evil Wind Patriarch, and Fu Luosen, the world seemed to come to standstill.

In that instant, Chen Zhenghong and the weaker experts felt as though the world returned to its original state as everything turned to nothingness around them.

Huang Ji and the Evil Wind Patriarch were terrified, and they took several steps back in fear.

Their bodies shook uncontrollably, and Fu Luosen was the only one who could keep his footing.

Despite that, a sharp pain shot through his arm.

The formations laid down by Fu Luosen around the sea of flames shattered instantly.

Everyone around the sea of flames, or even in the various sacred lands around it felt the commotion.

Fu Luosens expression sank.

“WHO!” Huang Ji and the Evil Wind Patriarch stared at Huang Xiaolong with fear in their eyes.

Under Chen Zhenghongs shocked gaze, Huang Xiaolong took a step out and stood right before Huang Ji and the Evil Wind Patriarch.

He formed a fourth front between the alliance of the three.

The four of them released their aura, and the stormy sea of flames calmed down instantly.

Huang Jis heart sank and he stared at Huang Xiaolong in suspicion.

“Who the hell are you!”

He didnt think that Zeng Ying would bring an expert at Huang Xiaolongs level with her!

As for the other two, they glared at Huang Xiaolong as they waited for his reply.

According to the strength he displayed, there was no way he was an unknown figure in the universe.

“Im the Purple Lightning Young Master.”

A stunned expression could be seen on two of their faces as they had never heard of him in their lives.

Even though Huang Xiaolong grew famous in the battle after the auction, he was only able to shake the Blazing Dragon World.

The Evil Wind Patriarch and Fu Luosen werent residents of the Blazing Dragon World.

Surprisingly, Huang Ji gasped in shock when he heard Huang Xiaolongs title.

“Youre the Purple Lightning Young Master!”

Huang Xiaolongs battle made its way into Huang Jis ears in the past, and so did his purchase of the creation level dragon corpse.

However, Huang Ji was shocked to discover Huang Xiaolongs strength.

Wasnt he said to have reached perfection level in eleven elements! The strength he revealed a second ago wasnt something he should be able to!

“Go and investigate his identity.” Fu Luosen ordered one of the subordinates behind him.

Bowing and retreating from the hall, the battlefield changed once again.

Another massive flying ship tore through the leftover formations and charged towards them.

It was clear their battle attracted the attention of those around them.

Looking at the insignia on the ship, it belonged to the Nether Spirit Palace!

Of course, they weren\'t the only ones.

Another massive flying ship with the emblem of a giant dragon followed closely behind.

“Emperor Dragon Flying Ship!”

It was a flying ship that belonged to the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire!

Soon after several figures charged towards the sea of flames.

“Extreme East Old Man!”

“Mysterious Pool Black Devil!”

“Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor!”

They were part of several dozen experts who rushed over.

Fu Luosens expression fell when he noticed their arrival.

It was clear that things had already gone out of control.

However, Huang Xiaolong was also shocked at the sudden change.

He didnt expect the exchange to lure so many people over.

Moreover, a ton of them were people he was familiar with.

Even the Lightning Yang Flying Ship was starting to make its appearance.

When You Ming arrived, he was shocked to discover Huang Ji and the others.

However, he quickly looked at Huang Xiaolong as a sinister smile formed on his face.

“Brat, who would have thought that we would meet again so soon…”

The Extreme East Old Man glared at Huang Xiaolong and sneered, “Brother You Ming, lets split this brat in half.

Well split his corpse evenly, how about it”

You Ming roared with laughter.

“”Alright! Since Brother Extreme East is so interested in him, well do it as you say!”

In the Lightning Yang Flying Ship, Lei Qinghai gloated, “Father, thats him! Thats the Purple Lightning Young Master!”

Lei Bao glared at Huang Xiaolong and roared, “Im taking his head! Please excuse me!”

The Extreme East Old Man chuckled in amusement, “Sounds good to me.”

Even though You Ming didnt speak, it was clear he consented.

The experts in the surrounding area were shocked to discover that the three of them were planning to form an alliance to kill Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Ji and the Evil Wind Patriarch couldnt help but look at each other with a trace of amusement in their eyes.

It was clear none of the newcomers knew how strong the brat actually was.

Fu Luosen didnt speak a word as he looked at the scene playing out before him with a smile on his face.

The Extreme East Old Man stepped forward all of a sudden and snorted, “Brat, wheres the doggy slave of yous Call him out right now! Ill deal with all of you at once!”

Huang Xiaolong sighed.

“There wont be a need for that.

Im going to deal with you personally.

Killing you wont require the assistance of my subordinate.”

Killing you!

Huang Xiaolongs words shocked everyone present.

Those who didnt know who he was thought that they had heard wrong.

The Extreme East Old Mans laughter boomed through the skies.

“Killing me! Hahaha! Brat, do you really think you can do that with your strength What a joke!”

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