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Chapter 3205: Someone is Here!

You Ming glared at Zeng Ying.

However, the four experts of the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire whose strength were comparable to the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor and the Mysterious Pool Black Devil released their auras and locked onto You Ming.

Zeng Ying didnt plan to hide her strength either as the cosmos energy in her body started to emerge.

Even though she was the Sixth Princess of the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire and You Ming would be stupid if he dared to kill her, she had to prepare herself for any accidents.

Yuan Tianyi didnt remain idle either.

A cold light flashed through his eyes as he glared at You Ming.

The only person who could remain calm was Huang Xiaolong.

As the air around them started to solidify, the smell of gunpowder drifted through the air.

A booming laughter from You Ming broke the silence.

“Since hes Princess Zeng Yings friend, Ill spare his life on your behalf!”

“Many thanks to the Nether Spirit Palace Master.”

Turning to Huang Xiaolong, You Ming sneered, “Youre lucky the princess is here to protect you.

Next time, you wont be so lucky!”

“Lets go!”

The Nether Spirit Flying Ship tore through the air after the members of the Nether Spirit Palace returned.

Before they left, You Wuyi turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong with a mocking gaze.

“Your Highness should we…” Yuan Tianyi turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

Shaking his hand slowly, Huang Xiaolong decided to let the members of the Nether Spirit Palace run free a little longer.

They were there to look for the Mysterious Magicians Treasury, and before they opened it, there was no need to look for trouble.

Huang Xiaolong turned to Zeng Ying and chuckled, “Many thanks to Princess Zeng Ying for the timely assistance.”

Even though he didnt need her help at all, he decided to remember the favor she did.

Zeng Ying chuckled in response.

“Theres no need to stand on ceremony.

After all, youre my friend.”

The two of them laughed, and the Nine Phoenix Flying Ship continued on its way into the Black Gold Holy World.

They met a ton of experts on their way, but luckily for them, they didnt run into anyone from the True Dragon Celestial Empire, Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire, or the Excessive Darkness Celestial Empire.Neither did they run into the members of the Lightning Yang Race, the Extreme East Old Man, the Mysterious Pool Black Devil, or the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor.

Nothing happened along their way, when those standing around saw that it was the Nine Phoenix Flying Ship, they quickly made way.

Not everyone was as crazy as You Ming.

Regardless of whether it was the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire or Princess Zeng Ying herself, no one wanted to antagonize them.

After all, they were existences who possessed extreme power.

Huang Shengdao and Fu Luosen might be the five greatest Sons of Creation in the universe, but Zeng Ying was also a force to be reckoned with.

She might not be comparable to the five, but she was ranked right below them!

Several days later…

The Nine Phoenix Flying Ship stopped in the air above one of the random sacred lands.

When they arrived, Zeng Ying heaved a sigh of relief.

They were finally there! The Mysterious Magicians Treasury was located somewhere in the sacred land, and she was extremely afraid of attracting any wrong attention.

They finally arrived without any mishap!

When she thought of the treasury left behind by a peak-level expert like the Mysterious Magician, she couldnt help but feel a sense of excitement burning in her heart.

Huang Xiaolong and the others might not know how precious the treasury was, but she knew!

The Mysterious Magician wasnt just someone who had one step into the God of Creation Realm! He was also a pill master! He was someone obsessed with the pill dao, and he reached a shockingly high level in it!

It didnt take long for them to locate a sea of fire in the sacred land, and one couldnt even see the ends of it from the Nine Phoenix Flying Ship.

The fire that filled the sea was extremely mysterious, and it was made up of many different types of flames.

There were dragon flames, phoenix flames, and even the flame from the core of the world...

Hao Yi, Xu Fu, and Bai Xugang gasped in shock.

The flames might not be something precious to people of their level, but it was the first time they saw such a combination of flames gathered together!

It was said that there were ten thousand different types of flames in the universe, and it seemed as though there were several thousands gathered in the sea itself!

Huang Xiaolong was also taken aback.

The only person who remained indifferent was Zeng Ying, and she quickly explained the background of the sea of flames.

“The sea of flames didnt contain too many flames to begin with.

The Mysterious Magician traveled the universe, and he gathered all sorts of flames himself.

With a special restriction, he gathered all of them here.

As the Mysterious Magician is extremely adept in the art of refining pills, he needs them to refine all sorts of pills!”

Everyone felt a lightbulb going off in their heads when they heard her explanation.

Opening the Nine Phoenix Grand Formation, Zeng Ying directed the Nine Phoenix Flying Ship into the sea of flames.

She brought out the map of the treasury and started to chart out a path while they tore through the flames.

Huang Xiaolong discovered that the power of the flames grew stronger the deeper they went.

There was even the Grand Dao Flame, the Nether Frost Flame, and the Extreme Light Flame present in the sea! All of them were powers barely weaker than the power of absolute flame!

As they went deeper, everyone saw countless pill furnaces floating around them!

That was right! There were countless pill furnaces drifting through the flames!

Counting the number of furnaces, they realized that there were exactly ten thousand of them!

Zeng Ying stared at the pill furnaces with a serious gaze and she muttered, “In order to open the treasury, we will need to break three great formations.

The Ten Thousand Furnace Formation is the first one, and the final one is the Five Directions Grand Formation.

We will need five experts who reached the peak of the art of formations to open it!”

“Lets join hands to shatter the first formation!”

As soon as she spoke, she waved her arm to summon countless phoenixes.

All of them contained the power of absolute flame, and they were created with the power of a phoenix bloodline flowing through the veins.

Hao Yi, Xu Fu, and Bai Xugang made their moves too.

When He Zhen noticed that Huang Xiaolong had nodded his head slightly, he got to work.

After leaving the Origin Holy World, He Zhen cultivated diligently.

With Huang Xiaolongs help, he reached perfection level in the power of earth, and he comprehended the power of space, nirvana, absolute blaze, and radiance.

His strength was no longer the same as before, and with the power of space supplementing his understanding of the art of formations, his strength increased by at least three times.

Very soon, the first formation was shattered under the combined power of the five experts.

The second formation was much harder than the first, and the five of them took five whole days to shatter it.

Finally, they arrived at the third formation, the Five Directions Grand Formation!

Zeng Yings expression turned to one of absolute seriousness and she explained, “The Five Directions Grand Formation might not be able to enter the top ten formations in the universe, but it comes close.

The formation can create five separate worlds, and every single one of them contains a hidden killing mechanism.

All of you have to be careful when you try to break the formation from inside the five worlds!

Hao Yi and the others nodded solemnly.

“Enter!” Zeng Ying yelled as the five of them charged into the Five Directions Grand Formation.

However, the moment they entered, Huang Xiaolongs gaze turned serious and he turned to stare in the direction of the outside world.

“Someones here.

Someone entered the sea of flames.” He decided to caution everyone standing outside the formation.

Everyone stared at him in shock, and the Silver Haired Old Men released their dao souls instantly.

“Purple Lightning Young Master, are you sure We didnt detect anything.”

Everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong suspiciously.

It was clear none of them felt anything.

Casually looking at them, Huang Xiaolong explained, “You wont be able to detect him, hes an expert who reached perfection level in the power of space!”

Everyone widened their eyes in shock.

Power of space at perfection level!

Huang Xiaolong turned serious.

Could it be an expert of the Dragon Race! What if he was from the True Dragon Celestial Empire

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