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Chapter 3186: Impersonating Our Young Patriarch!

As the place wasnt too far away from Huang Xiaolongs Purple Lightning Manor, the four of them arrived in slightly less than an hour.

The reason behind naming the manor the Purple Lightning Manor was because of the Purple Lightning Peak, and Huang Xiaolong had no intentions of coming up with another name for it.

Because of that, many powers thought that he was the young patriarch of the Lightning Yang Race.

The Lightning Yang Race was one of the ancient races in the Blazing Dragon World, and it was also one of the strongest.

There were rumors going around that the old ancestor of the Lightning Yang Race was born from the first bolt of lightning in the Blazing Dragon World.

Members of the Lightning Yang Race were extremely elusive, and they would hardly appear in the outside world.

To the guesses of the outside world, Huang Xiaolong could only remain impassive.

He couldnt do a thing about what others wanted to think of him.

Just as Huang Xiaolong and the others were about to enter, Li Shuo turned to him and reported, “Your Highness, those are the people from the Nether Spirit Palace!”

Turning to look in their direction, Huang Xiaolong saw a group of experts walking over.

It was a coincidence that he was standing at the fork of the road.

The female disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace looked the same as before, and all of them were clad in black with veils covering their faces.

There was a handsome young man who stood at the very front of them, and from his extremely pale skin, he looked more like a girl.

Whatever the case, his body was that of a man and it possessed a weird charm.

Young Palace Master of the Nether Spirit Palace!

He was one of the most famous individuals in the Blazing Dragon World!

It was obvious that the disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace noticed Huang Xiaolong and Chen Yingxue quickly whispered to him, “Young Master, thats the Purple Lightning Young Master!”

Staring at Huang Xiaolong, he quickly made his way over.

“Purple Lightning Young Master, we finally meet.” You Wuyi smiled, and his smile was even more captivating than the ladies behind him.

“I am You Wuyi from the Nether Spirit Palace and your reputation has long since made it into my ears.”

He didnt bring up anything about how Huang Xiaolong had destroyed the bodies of the disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace, and the look on his face made it seem like they were long lost friends.

Glancing casually at You Wuyi, Huang Xiaolong didnt bother stopping to reply as he continued on his way.

When Yuan Tianyi walked past You Wuyi, he glanced up and down before sneering, “Freakish Physique…”

There was an extremely rare dao physique under the heavens called the Yin Yang Physique.

The person who possessed it would possess exceptional talent, and their cultivation would remain unimpeded.

Of course, You Wuyi possessed the Yin Yang Physique.

But from what Yuan Tianyi implied, his body was one that was one that wasnt male nor female.

You Wuyi was stunned beyond belief.

No one had ever said something so insulting to him.

Yuan Tianyis words stunned him to the core.

His expression sank the moment he calmed himself down.

Killing intent roared in his heart as a frosty gaze flashed in his eyes.

He glared at Huang Xiaolong and the other three, and his glare lingered on Yuan Tianyi.

How dare a slave say that I am…

“How dare you!” The disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace finally reacted, and they roared in anger.

Before they could make a move, You Wuyi stopped them.

“Let him live for a few more hours.

Ill deal with him after the auction ends.” His voice seemed to originate from the depths of hell.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Several moments later, Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived at the auction venue set by the Radiance of Spring Chamber of Commerce.

As there was only an hour left before the auction began, there were countless experts waiting eagerly in anticipation.

The auction would take place outdoors, and the skies were lit up by various spiritual stones.

The glow was extremely comforting, and a sense of majesty emanated from above.

Countless pavilions could be seen floating in the skies above, and anyone who could enter the pavilions were of extremely high status in the Blazing Dragon World.

For someone like Huang Xiaolong whose background was unknown, no one assigned him to any of the pavilions.

Not too long after he arrived, the members of the Nether Spirit Palace arrived.

Without delay, You Wuyi was invited into the pavilions.

When You Wuyi entered his pavilion, he stared at Huang Xiaolong who was standing in the plaza below and a snort left his lips.

Everyone turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong when they felt the killing intent rolling off You Wuyis body.

“Who is that guy Why would the Young Palace Master of the Nether Spirit Palace want to kill him” a random world master asked.

“That man is called the Purple Lightning Young Master! The Young Palace Master invited him to join the Nether Spirit Palace, but he refused the offer! He even destroyed the bodies of the disciples sent to make the offer…” someone else replied.

“Thats him!”

Several experts gasped in shock.

It was evident that most of the people present had heard of what had happened.

“He offended the Nether Spirit Palace, and he deserves to die! You Wuyis methods are cruel, and he probably doesnt know what he got himself into.

In the past, You Wuyi exterminated the Fantasy Moth Race alone, and he even refined the souls of their old ancestor and patriarch!”

“Some people said that the young man is the young patriarch of the Lightning Yang Race… I wonder how true it is!”

Many people started to guess Huang Xiaolongs identity.

The Fantasy Moth Race was one of the ancient races in the Blazing Dragon World, and even though they werent one of the strongest ones, they were pretty strong.

When You Wuyi personally exterminated their race, the ripples that were sent across the Blazing Dragon World werent small.

It was also where You Wuyis reputation started to spread!

As everyone was stuck in discussion, an announcement pierced through the air.

“The Young Master of the Lightning Yang Race, Lei Qinghai, has arrived!”

Silence fell upon the land instantly as everyone turned to look at the man.

They saw a well-built expert clad in blue robes strolling into the plaza, and his body was covered in terrifying waves of lightning qi.

The weaker experts present felt a crushing pressure pressing down against them, and they couldnt help but gasp in shock.

“Thats a powerful aura…”

“The experts of the Lightning Yang Race seemed to all have comprehended the power of absolute lightning! Their Lightning Yang Dao Physique is really something else!”

“Lei Qinghais aura doesnt seem any weaker than You Wuyi…”

In front of everyone, Lei Qinghai entered one of the pavilions floating in the skies.

No one expected the elusive Lightning Yang Race to appear, much less the personal appearance of the young patriarch of the race!

Perhaps, he was also there for the corpse of the creation level dragon!

Whatever the case, Lei Qinghais appearance crushed the illusion that Huang Xiaolong was the young master of the Lightning Yang Race.

As soon as the members of the Lightning Yang Race entered their pavilion, one of the eminent elders roared, “Ive heard that theres someone impersonating our young master.

I wonder who grew a pair of balls as big as the sun so be daring enough to do that.

Get out here and apologize right now!”

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