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Chapter 3156: Ill Kill You, You Old Man!

Several years later, when Huang Xiaolong and Yuan Tianyi exited the Sun Moon Furnace, the Purple Lightning Peak entered the Golden Spider Black Region.

Similar to other regions in the Demon World, the Golden Spider Black Region was dim and dark, and it had darkness devil qi that was stronger than most regions, filling the air.

The general human race cultivators would surely find it hard to adapt to this environment, for it was truly challenging for them to survive in this bleak environment with rich darkness devil qi.

Although Lei Yu had stayed for a long time in the Origin Holy World in the past, this was his first time entering the Golden Spider Black Region that was hailed as the strongest amongst the demons, so excitement was seeping out from his eyes.

“Your Highness, where should we head first” Lei Yu asked, looking at the bleak and dark horizon before them and a land that seemed to swallow all light.

There was a slight smile on Huang Xiaolongs face when looking at Lei Yu.

“Go straight to the Golden Spider Black Region.

Ill leave the Golden Spider Race Patriarch for you to deal with.”

Lei Yu blanked for a second, with his mouth agape, before he managed to utter an awkward response.

“In front of the Golden Spider Patriarch, my meager strength is nothing more than flicking his pinkie.

Thanks but no thanks.

Better let Cang Xun, Di Shuang, and the others have fun with the Golden Spider Patriarch.”

Everyone erupted in laughter.

As the strongest expert in the Demon World, how could it be so easy to deal with the Golden Spider Race Patriarch.

Even though Lei Yu usually acted haughtily, he had a clear understanding of his own capabilities.

“Lets go, were heading to the Golden Spider Race Headquarters.” When everyone stopped laughing, Huang Xiaolong spoke.

He retrieved the Purple Lightning Peak and leaped onto Lei Yus back.

Lei Yu sped forward, and the rest followed closely.

The Golden Spider Black Region was bigger than the Origin Holy World, and it was by no means an easy task to locate Huang Rong and Huang Shuai in this vast region.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong intended to borrow the Golden Spider Races power!

As the strongest race in the Demon World, the Golden Spider Race was also the strongest powerhouse in the Golden Spider Black Region, with more than half of the entire region under their control.

With help from the Golden Spider Race, the burden of locating Huang Rong and Huang Shuai would be greatly reduced.

There was a chance that the Golden Spider Race Patriarch already knew of Huang Rong and Huang Shuais whereabouts.

After hearing Huang Xiaolong say that they were going straight to the Golden Spider Race Headquarters, a complicated expression flickered across the Destiny Race Patriarch Li Tianyis face.

“Dont worry.

When we get there, we would help rescue your Zhuer.” Huang Xiaolong promised Li Tianyi.

Li Tianyi looked gratefully at Huang Xiaolong, thanking him.

“Thank you, Your Highness, subordinate will do his best to repay Your Highness grace!”

The group flew at high speed without stopping, traversing across the Golden Spider Black Regions mountains and lands.

Half a month later, they finally entered the Golden Spider Races territory.

The first thing that caught their eyes upon entering the Golden Spider Races territory was the fleet of flying ships in the air.

Experts from every corner of the Golden Spider Black Region seemed to be there, and these flying ships seemed to be heading in the same direction of the Golden Spider Race Headquarters.

“The marriage alliance between Golden Spider Race and Mou Bull Race is the biggest event of our Demon World in recent years.

Many of the neighboring regions\' super races came to attend the celebration.

We must hurry to the Golden Spider Race Headquarters because if were late, we wont even get a place to stand!”

Words from a passing by group of demon race experts could be heard.

The Golden Spider Race and Mou Bull Races marriage alliance!

Huang Xiaolong and the others were surprised to hear that.

The Destiny Race Patriarch Li Tianyis face sank.

If a demon race like the Golden Spider Race chose to form a marriage alliance, they wouldnt select any general disciples other than the Golden Spider Race Patriarch.

The status of the Golden Spider Races princess was the highest and most noble!

When the Golden Spider Race Patriarch forcefully separated him and the Golden Spider Races princess, the Golden Spider Race Patriarch had been coercing the Golden Spider Races princess to marry experts from the Demon World.

Could the person selected for the marriage alliance this time be…

Watching the group of demon experts leave, Li Tianyi became agitated.

In a flicker, he stopped in front of the demon experts, blocking their paths.

The faces of demon experts in the group sank when someone deliberately blocked their path, and just as one of them was about to snap, Li Tianyi reached out and grabbed the strongest one among them and pulled him towards him.

To that demon experts horror, he couldnt put up any resistance at all.

Whats going on

Clearly, his cosmos energy was not restrained in any way, but he was unable to move!

Upon seeing that his subordinates wanted to make a move, he shouted in a hurry, “Stop!”

After stopping his subordinates from possible reckless actions, the demon expert respectfully faced Li Tianyi.

“Lord, what can I do for you”

Because Huang Xiaolong, Li Tianyi, and others had converged their aura, and cast a disguising illusion over themselves, none of the demon experts could tell that Huang Xiaolongs group was actually comprised of human race experts.

“Who is the person selected for the marriage alliance between the Golden Spider Race and Mou Bull Race” Li Tianyis stern tone, and the cold light in his eyes frightened the demon expert.

The demon expert inwardly heaved with relief when he heard the subject of the question and hurriedly answered, “Its the Golden Spider Races Princess Jin Zhu, and the Mou Bull Races patriarch!”

Princess Jin Zhu!

It is really Zhuer!

Hostility and a murderous aura exploded from Li Tianyis body.

Zhuer was his endearment term for the Golden Spider Princess, whereas Jin Zhu was her given name.

The demon expert quivered under the surging murderous aura from Li Tianyi.

“Lord, you, you…”

“Isnt the Mou Bull Race Patriarch already married I remember he has more than one wife!” Li Tianyi asked the demon expert.

Instinctively sensing Li Tianyis hatred towards the Mou Bull Race Patriarch, the demon expert stammered, “T-the Mou Bull Patriarch has indeed married six women, but it is said that upon marrying the Golden Spider Races princess, she would be the main wife, and others would be demoted to concubines.”

Hearing that, Li Tianyis anger boiled, “Old fogey Jin Xin, you unscrupulous old thing!”

“Im going to kill you, you old thing!” Heaven shaking killing intent swept out, tearing the immediate space into shreds.

This was the horror of a perfection level power of space!

Li Tianyi had been cultivating like insane for all these years, and he had finally raised his power of space to a perfection level.

Blood drained from the demon experts faces under the pressure coming off Li Tianyi.

Li Tianyi had a few more questions to ask the demon expert, and after he got the answers, he let them go.

“Your Highness, I was too agitated just now…” When he returned to Huang Xiaolongs side, Li Tianyi had a guilty look on his face.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, and said, “Its fine, any one would have a similar reaction,” he paused briefly then added, “Since the wedding is scheduled for half a month later, we can make it on time if we hurry over now.”

Based on their speed, they didnt need half a month to reach the Golden Spider Race Headquarters.

Even though they had more than enough time, the group did not dally or make any stop along the journey, and they arrived at the Golden Spider Race Headquarters ten days later.

As the Demon Worlds top existence, the Golden Spider Race princess wedding was indeed a grand event of the Demon World.

When the group arrived at the Golden Spider Race Headquarters, the crowd was bigger than Huang Xiaolong had estimated.

“Damn, so many experts! It looks like all the experts that could come have come, and even those from the neighboring regions!” Sensing the many powerful auras, a shiver ran down Lei Yus back

Even he couldnt help feeling pressured from a few of these auras!

These experts could snatch a spot on the Extermination Lists top ten!

Even Cang Xun, and the other nine overlords, Di Shuang, and other beast kings wore solemn expressions.

In terms of one-to-one battle, none of them was afraid.

However, there were too many demon experts here!

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