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Chapter 3145: An Epoch’s Collapse


However, as the beast’s attacks grew frenzied, it was unable to break the Huang Long Armor’s defenses. 

As a creation artifact, the Huang Long Armor was part of the only set of creation artifacts in the entire Huang Long World.

How could it be broken so easily 

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong had comprehended eleven elements of absolute powers, and these eleven elements’ energies provided endless energies to the Huang Long Armor that the power of the beast’s attacks was weakened by seventy to eighty percent.

Although the behemoth beast was unable to break past the Huang Long Armor’s defenses, Huang Xiaolong was still at a disadvantage in terms of speed that he had no chance to counterattack at all.

He was like a dummy subjected to a storm of beating.

Huang Xiaolong was subjected to a torrent of beatings, and all of a sudden, the beast stopped attacking.

Huang Xiaolong looked up and noticed the beast was panting slightly.

This was clearly a sign of exhaustion.

Huang Xiaolong was ecstatic, seeing this.

That’s right, one needed to consume a large amount of cosmos energy just to remain in this place, and the beast had been attacking him with thirteen elements’ powers.

Thus the amount of cosmos energy it required was much bigger. 

Because of his Huang Long Bloodline and perfection level power of nirvana, his recovery was faster, but the beast did not possess Huang Long Bloodline, thus unable to absorb any energy from Huang Long World, or any grand dao energy.

Moreover, its power of nirvana had not yet reached perfection level.

Its recovery rate was slower than his consumption speed.

As realization struck Huang Xiaolong, he noticed the beast moved again, returning to the supercontinent, and began absorbing the rich origin qi to recover his depleted cosmos energy. 

As expected! The beast’s action confirmed Huang Xiaolong’s suspicion. 

Moments ago, the thought of retreating had temporarily emerged in Huang Xiaolong’s mind.

It had taken him some time to think of a method, but now, hope lit up in his chest.

Seizing the time while the beast was still recovering, Huang Xiaolong appeared in front of the beast in a flicker. 

How could the beast not see through Huang Xiaolong’s simple thoughts, and let out a derisive snicker.

“Merely forty percent of my strength is more than enough to send you flying!”

Its enormous paw slammed at Huang Xiaolong.

Merely with forty percent of his strength, the amount of cosmos energy depletion wouldn’t be too fast, and at the same time, its recovery speed wouldn’t be worse to Huang Xiaolong’s in comparison. 

This time around, when the beast’s paw was about to hit Huang Xiaolong, there was a quick flash of lights in Huang Xiaolong’s hands as the Huang Long Twin Blades appeared in his hands and slashed out. 

Huang Long Twin Blades truly lived up to their reputation of delivering invincible attacks, when the blades’ rays drew two vertical lines, they brought about two large spurts of blood. 

“Huang Long Twin Blades!” The beast was both shocked and furious that it was injured, and when it saw the two blades in Huang Xiaolong’s hands had left a cut mark several miles long on both its paws.

Both of its paws were almost cut.

“Courting death!” It roared, and all thirteen elemental energies surged out from his body.

Huang Xiaolong did not collide head-on, but he quickly dodged the upcoming attack in a flicker.

In the blink of an eye, several decades went by.

During these years, Huang Xiaolong persistently fought with the beast. 

Every time the beast’s cosmos energy was exhausted, and he had to return to the Tree of Origin's side to recover, Huang Xiaolong would intensify his attacks.

On the other hand, when the beast was attacking at full force, Huang Xiaolong focused fully on dodging. 

With the Huang Long Armor’s protection, and his agility of his creation dragon form, as well as perfection level power of nirvana, Huang Xiaolong was the epitome of a resilient bug.

Not to mention, the beast was quite apprehensive of the Huang Long Twin Blades.

Thus, in these decades, Huang Xiaolong was having a breeze while there were more than a few deep scars on the beast’s body! 

Although those were merely physical injuries, the Huang Long Twin Blades were forged by Huang Xiaolong’s father, the God of Creation Huang Long.

Therefore, the blades contained cosmos energy, and wounds caused by the twin blades would never heal properly.

Moreover, these wounds throbbed with pain which caused the beast to roar in vex.

It wanted nothing more than to tear Huang Xiaolong from limb to limb, but unfortunately, except for sending Huang Xiaolong flying, it didn’t cause many injuries.

It was fortunate that its speed was so fast that it made it difficult for Huang Xiaolong’s attacks to land, or there would be a lot more scars and injuries on its body.

After decades of battling with the behemoth beast, Huang Xiaolong’s mastery of the eleven kinds of energies increased significantly.

Though the improvement was minuscule, it was obvious that Huang Xiaolong had improved.

As Huang Xiaolong’s battle prowess improved, he discovered that the suppression brought about by his Huang Long Bloodline on the beast grew stronger as well.

The beast also detected the changes in Huang Xiaolong, and it got on its nerves.

In the beginning, forty percent of its strength could send Huang Xiaolong tumbling millions of miles away, but now, the same level of strength had already lost its effectiveness on Huang Xiaolong.


Its eyes were filled with a murderous aura.

As it sent Huang Xiaolong flying once again, it fixed a deathly gaze on Huang Xiaolong, and a blinding light burst out from its body and gathered above its head in the form, thirteen suns of different colors lined in a circle. 

The thirteen enormous light balls gave Huang Xiaolong a very bad feeling.

“An Epoch’s Collapse, Perish!”

The words thundered from the beast’s mouth.

The thirteen light balls shone glaringly as they merged into one, emitting an indescribable destructive power. 

In this moment, Huang Xiaolong had the fleeing thought that the entire Huang Long World would perish under this attack! 

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback while he leaped away rapidly as he activated the Huang Long Armor’s third form! 

All along, he had only been using the Huang Long Armor in its first form.

When the Huang Long Armor’s third form was activated, the scales on Huang Xiaolong’s creation dragon body emitted resplendent rays as if every piece of dragon scale had come alive.

Moreover, the dragon scales were close and overlapping on each other, and not a gap could be seen.


The same instant the Huang Long Armor’s third form was completed, the beast’s attack landed on Huang Xiaolong. 

Huang Xiaolong’s body shot out like a falling meteor from the force.

As Huang Xiaolong’s body shot out uncontrollably, the surroundings collapsed wherever he passed through into nothingness. 

Everything outside the supercontinent and the Tree of Origin was reduced to nothingness!

The horizon had disappeared, and Huang Xiaolong was blasted out of sight.

Even after the beast spread out its dao soul, it could not sense Huang Xiaolong anymore, and it finally heaved in relief.

Huang Xiaolong was carried far, far away by the torrents of violent energy waves, in an unconscious state.

The beast’s complexion had turned visibly pale, and it was panting heavily.

His attack was powerful but it had simply consumed too much cosmos energy.

After executing that move, even with the replenishment from the Tree of Origin’s origin qi, it would take half a year to recover for the beast.

Several days later, four groups of fire emerged from the comatose Huang Xiaolong’s body.

If Huang Xiaolong was awake and saw these four fires, he could recognize them, as these were the four divine fires that had been in slumber inside his body!



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