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Chapter 3138: Flower of Time

Huang Xiaolong and the others quickly appeared in front of them.

“Little lady, we meet again.” Lei Yu looked at Cheng Xiaoyuan and a smile formed on his face.

When Cheng Xiaoyuan snapped back to reality, she nodded at Huang Xiaolong and the others.

“Fellow cultivators, we meet again.

Many thanks for the assistance!”

She was a little embarrassed to realize that the people she didnt believe the day before who helped her get out of her predicament.

When the members of the Silver Winged Creed and the Azure Dragon Race noticed that the group of newcomers were related to Cheng Xiaoyuan, their expressions fell.

“Who the hell are you Do you know who you just injured Those were the eminent elders of my Azure Dragon Race!” Ao Bi took a step forward and he glared at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong didnt even bother looking at him.

Instead, it was Lei Yu who snickered in amusement.

“Azure Dragon Race What kind of garbage race is that Ive heard of the Lightning Phoenix Race and the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race, but this is the first time Ive heard of the Azure Dragon Race.”

Ao Bi and the eminent elders of the Azure Dragon Race stared at Lei Yu in shock.

Their gazes soon turned unfriendly.

Lei Yu was basically insulting their entire race!

“Your mount is too damn arrogant.” Ao Bi snorted at Huang Xiaolong.

“This is a matter between my Azure Dragon Race and the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Creed.

I hope all of you can refrain from interfering.”

If he wasnt afraid of the power displayed by Huang Xiaolongs group, he would have long since made his move.

“Get lost.

The matter of the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Creed will no longer have anything to do with you guys.

His Highness will definitely be protecting those from the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Creed.” He Zhen couldnt help but sneer at Ao Bi.

“If you refuse to scram, well make your heads roll out of our way.”

The expressions of those from the Azure Dragon Race changed.

Liu Ang and the eminent elders from the Silver Winged Creed stepped forward and chimed, “You dumb pricks.

Are you tired of living! Dont you know who Young Patriarch Ao Bi is Let me tell you guys right now, the Azure Dragon Race is connected to the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race by marriage! Their relationship is pretty good and all of you should know that! Apologize to Young Master Ao right now and make yourself scarce! Otherwise…” Killing intent burst out from Liu Angs eyes.

However, Lei Yu wasnt someone who would listen to the whinings and threats of an ant.

With a single swept of his legs, Liu Angs head detached from his body and landed on one of the distant islands.

As for his body, it slowly fell from the skies and it sank into the Origin Sea.

Everyone who was watching the exchange felt their throats going dry.

Even the members of the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Creed didnt dare to believe what they were seeing.

Cheng Xiaoyuan opened her cherry red lips.

Liu Ang, who had been at odds with the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Creed since a long time ago, was killed in an instant!

“Young Patriarch!” The members of the Silver Winged Creed screamed.

“Kill them!” Countless eminent elders rushed over and roared at the top of their lungs.

Before they could even arrive, Lei Yu, the Black Shadow Devil, and He Zhen, made their move.

Mysterious light started to swirl about their fingertips and a piercing light shot into the eyes of everyone present.

When everyone finally fought to open their eyes, they could no longer see any traces of those from the Silver Winged Creed.

The experts of the Silver Winged Creed who werent at the eminent elder level stared at the scene in shock.

Ao Bi and the others felt the blood draining from their faces as fear gripped their hearts.

The eminent elders of the Silver Winged Creed might not be as strong as them, but they were still respectable experts! However, the other party killed them all in an instant!

“Get lost.” Huang Xiaolong muttered once again.

“Im only going to say this once more.”

Ao Bi and the others no longer hesitated as they ran away with their tails tucked between their legs.

The experts of the Silver Winged Creed who were lucky enough to survive escaped as quickly as they could.

Turning to look at Cheng Xiaoyuan, Huang Xiaolong revealed a smile on his face.

“Ive already sent my subordinate over to your creed.

In two months, the herbs will arrive.”

Cheng Xiaoyuan was stunned for a second, and she didnt know what to say.

“The Origin Sea is a dangerous place.

All of you should return.” Huang Xiaolong continued.

Turning around, he left with Lei Yu and the others following behind him.

As Cheng Xiaoyuan looked at his leaving figure, she didnt speak for a long time.

“Xiaoyuan…” One of the eminent elders approached Cheng Xiaoyuan and asked, “Do we…”

“Lets keep looking around.

We will see how things progress in two months.” Cheng Xiaoyuan said after a slight hesitation.

Two days later, Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived on one of the islands and Huang Xiaolong gasped in shock.

“Your Highness, is that…” Lei Yu and the others widened their eyes in shock.

“Thats the Flower of Time!” Huang Xiaolong wasnt sure, and he looked into the Origin Sea.

He felt a trace of energy in the air when he released his three dao souls earlier.

The fluctuations contained a mysterious energy that seemed to transcend the power of space!

“Flower of Time!” Lei Yu and the others exclaimed in shock.

“Lock down the entire region!” Huang Xiaolong spoke to He Zhen.

Nodding his head, He Zhen started to lay down several layers of formations.

He knew how precious the herb was, and he didnt dare to be careless at all.

He laid down countless formations silently without the slightest trace of disturbance in the air.

Several moments later, when he was sure that he could trap the Flower of Time, He Zhen finally stopped.

Huang Xiaolong stepped into the space above the island, and he was about to obtain the treasure when a group of experts flew over.

It was Lei Qianqian, Hao Zhen, and the experts of their races!

Hao Zhen held the Mysterious Eye of Ice in his hand as he used his cosmos energy to push it to the limit.

It emitted dense rays of light and all of a sudden, a brilliant ray of light shot towards the region Huang Xiaolong was in.

“Up ahead!” Hao Zhen rejoiced as he pointed towards the island in front of them.

Lei Qianqian revealed a smile on her face and she addressed those present, “Everyone, retract your auras! Do not alarm the Flower of Time or the Void Reincarnation Thistle!”

Taking the lead, she shot towards the island.

However, a barrier of light stopped them just as they were about to approach the island.

Lei Qianqian was stunned, and her expression fell.

“This is a genesis level formation!” It was clear that someone had arrived before them.

God damn it!

Everyone on their side revealed an ugly expression.

No matter how hard they tried, they failed to break through the formation set by He Zhen.

As the Myriad Formation Devil, He Zhens lived up to his reputation.

There was no way weaklings at their level would be able to shatter his restrictions.

“Which motherf*cker laid down the formation!” Hao Zhen raged, “Get out here right now!”

As soon as he spoke, Huang Xiaolong and the others emerged from inside the formation.

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