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Chapter 3118: Defeating Xiao Tianqi

Even the nine beast kings felt their expressions changing when they felt the aura rolling off Xiao Tianqis body.

Xiao Tianqi was strong when he wielded the power of absolute earth, wind, water, and blaze, but they were still confident that they could take him on.

However, things were different after he absorbed the power of the Origin Holy World.

He gave off an extremely dangerous aura, and none of the nine beast kings were confident they could even keep their lives if they fought him!

That was the power of the World Master! As long as the power of grand dao and origin energy remained in the Origin Holy World, Xiao Tianqis strength would never wane! That was how terrifying Xiao Tianqi actually was!

Xiao Tianqis voice boomed through the air.

“Huang Xiaolong, as long as you hand the Myriad Formation Devil Over, I wont make things difficult for you!” His voice contained endless majesty as it boomed across the land.

His ordinary voice caused the heads of various experts to buzz as the soundwaves shocked their brains.

Huang Xiaolong remained impassive as he muttered, “Make your move.

I wish to see how strong you really are.” Even though his voice wasnt as loud as the World Master, everyone heard it ringing clearly in their ears.

With his current size, his fists were larger than sacred lands, and Huang Xiaolong was smaller than a speck of dust to him.

“Alright!” Xiao Tianqi no longer held back as his palm came crashing downwards.

Everyone saw a formless giant palm falling from the skies.

As it fell, everyone felt as though the skies were falling down on them.

It was as large as a galaxy, and every single finger was the size of a sacred land.

As the river of stars trembled in the skies high above, the palm appeared before Huang Xiaolong.

When it descended, everyone in the Origin Heavenly Cave felt the world-shaking around them.

They felt as though their bodies were getting smaller and smaller, and they couldnt put up any sense of resistance.

“Whats going on!” The patriarchs of the various creeds yelled in shock.

The Black and White Dao Venerable muttered, “Hes controlling the power of heaven and earth! The World Master has sealed the entire space around Huang Xiaolong, and hes turning it smaller and smaller.

At one point, Huang Xiaolong will explode and die!”

“No matter who it is, they wouldnt be able to withstand the suppressive energy of the Origin Holy World!”

“Even Huang Xiaolongs dao physique wont allow him to do so!”

The Black and White Dao Venerables voice resounded through the World Masters Manor.

“Right now, Huang Xiaolongs cosmos energy should be sealed in his body.

He wouldnt be able to circulate energy through his body to protect himself.”

The Black and White Dao Venerable was right.

When the palm came crashing down, the grand dao energy contained in the world stopped moving.

Huang Xiaolongs cosmos energy did feel a sense of suppression.

As the giant palm locked down the entire area around him, sacred land started to crumble and they shattered into a million pieces.

They returned to their origin and they turned into cosmic dust.

Everyone who saw the scene playing out before them felt their mouths going dry.

Many people in the World Masters Manor could shatter a sacred land with all their might.

However, turning it back into cosmic dust wasnt something possible!

One was destruction, while the other was deconstruction.

They were two different concepts!

The sacred land that was god knew how many trillion miles in diameter turned into a pile of cosmic dust in an instant.

One could only imagine how much pressure was put on it.

The mountain ranges and rivers that once existed on the sacred lands turned into nothingness in an instant!

Before the palm landed, Huang Xiaolongs body was already deformed.

It was just as the Black and White Dao Venerable had said.

Even Huang Xiaolongs dao physique couldnt withstand the power stemming from the Origin Holy World.

As Huang Xiaolongs body started to bend, it seemed ready to snap at any moment.

The giant palm continued to descend, Huang Xiaolong finally used his cosmos energy.

It swarmed out of his body and formed a stream of stars around him, but everything was useless.

No matter how he tried, he failed to resist the power crashing down on him.

The giant palm reached the top of his head and the Black and White Dao Venerable harrumphed, “Huang Xiaolong is dead for sure.”

Xiao Yuncheng, Xuan Kong, and the others from the World Masters Manor turned to look at the dao mirror showing the fight.

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong raised his head to the skies and roared.

The cosmos energy around him started to expand and the world trembled under his feet.

The giant palm started to slow down, and everyone widened their eyes in shock.

“This… the power of two small worlds!” Xiao Yuncheng lost his voice as he screamed too loudly.

How can someone possess two small worlds!

The nine beast kings couldnt believe what they were seeing either.


Huang Xiaolong punched the giant palm that was above him, and four pillars of light emerged from his body.


The four pillars of light started to fuse, and the power of nirvana and poison turned into a single beam of deep green light while the power of lightning and absolute frost combined to form a turquoise ray.

With the cosmos energy of two small worlds backing them up, they pierced through the palm.

As the palm started to fade from existence, Huang Xiaolongs figure started to tremble, and he sent out countless palm strikes onto Xiao Tianqis body.

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Tianqis giant body was filled with palm prints.

By the time Huang Xiaolong stopped, the palm prints on Xiao Tianqis body turned solid all of a sudden and they pierced through the giant figure.

Flying backwards, the giant that was Xiao Tianqi crashed into several sacred lands before smashing them apart.


“Lord World Master!”

The faces of Xiao Yuncheng and the others changed.

Xiao Tianqis body started to shrink, and he turned back into his original form.

Blood flowed from his lips uncontrollably.

All of a sudden, a boundless amount of energy started to descend from the void to heal Xiao Tianqi.

Instead of making his move when the man was down, Huang Xiaolong patiently waited for him to recover.

When Xiao Tianqi returned to his peak state, he looked at Huang Xiaolong with a complicated expression on his face.

“I lost!”

Huang Xiaolongs strength was something even he couldnt comprehend! The power of nirvana, poison, absolute lightning, and frost at perfection level wasnt something he could fight against! What was even more unbelievable was that he had two small worlds in him!

Xiao Tianqi might be able to continue the battle with the help of the inexhaustible grand dao energy and origin energy, but he knew that he wasnt Huang Xiaolongs opponent even if he had the assistance of the endless powers.

That was because he realized that Huang Xiaolong was completely able to suppress him even in his strongest form!

Upon hearing how Xiao Tianqi surrendered, the members of the World Masters Manor fell into silence.

Not a single cultivator uttered a peep.

Turning around, Huang Xiaolong looked at the Death Beast Army surrounding the Origin Heavenly Cave, and he stared straight at the nine beast kings sitting silently in their palace.

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