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Chapter 311: Ghost King Palace

Inside the Ghost City, a very thick scent of blood lingered in the air.

Signs of death and massacre appeared around every corner…

Ghostly and evil aura rumbled outside the Ghost City’s perimeter, whereas inside the city itself, not a shred of these two could be detected.

But Huang Xiaolong knew that this didn’t mean that there were no evil spirits or devils here, more like they were detained, sealed in a certain place.

Once this seal was broken, those evil auras would certainly be overwhelming.

Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi ran gently in his veins as he walked down the streets, he was cautious and ready for any sudden movement.

Despite his strength having been greatly enhanced after refining the Earth Dragon egg, advancing to the peak of late-Xiantian Tenth Order, this was the Ghost City, a place where even Saint realm experts could fall at any moment.

Huang Xiaolong continued in the same manner for more half an hour, the streets remained empty of other people.

Other than the death aura in the air, the only thing that accompanied Huang Xiaolong was the howling wind.

The severed limbs, headless corpses, and mutilated bodies were most likely the result of battles amongst disciples of different sects that had entered the Ghost City seven to eight days ago, their bodies had yet to rot.

Huang Xiaolong spread out his spiritual sense around him and continued moving forward with care and caution.

It was at this time that a faint scream was heard from the front, as soft it may be, Huang Xiaolong could still hear it.

It was a human voice!

Huang Xiaolong made a split second decision and flew in the direction of the voice.

He didn’t see even one living person ever since he stepped into the city, this was an excellent opportunity to ask someone where the sect disciples that entered Ghost City days earlier had gone.

Soon, following the sound of the voice, Huang Xiaolong reached the deserted ruins of a courtyard.

In the middle of the yard, he came to the scene of a young woman that could be considered pretty, pleading fearfully at two brawny men holding sharp blades in their hands.

“I beg you, let me go, as long as you let me go, I promise to do anything.” The woman endlessly pleaded.

“You would do anything for us to let you go” The man in green robe gave a nasty chuckle, “It’s not impossible to let you go, this master’s lower part hasn’t enjoyed some pleasure for a long time, make this master’s lower part happy and I can consider letting you go.” He pointed to the crotch of his pants where a tent rose.

His comrade broke out in boisterous laughter.

The woman stubbornly shook her head, trying to restrain her sobs to a minimum.

The green robed man strode towards the woman, his hand brutally grabbing the clothing on her chest and tearing it off, exposing her jade-white breasts.

Shivering in the wind, it was a scene that would arouse desire and lust.

Watching the scene in front of him, the brawny green robed man swallowed loudly with lust.

He took another large stride forward, wanting to grab the woman’s thigh, but a sharp light glinted in front of his eyes.

Both of his hands paused in midair, his eyes were wide with shock even as he tumbled to the ground in the next second.

Huang Xiaolong appeared in the ruined yard, in front of the three people.

The other man was jarred seeing his comrade’s corpse, his fearful eyes darted towards Huang Xiaolong’s face.

The woman awakened, quickly tidying her clothing before approaching Huang Xiaolong’s side with an embarrassed expression: “Many thanks for Young Noble’s helping hand.”

However, just as her sentence ended, a sharp blade appeared in her hand stabbing down on Huang Xiaolong’s back.

If Huang Xiaolong spine was severed, as powerful as Huang Xiaolong was, he would be gravely injured, even paralyzed on the spot.

The weak and pitiful look completely vanished from her face, replaced with vicious cruelty and bloodlust.

Her sadistic laughter rang in Huang Xiaolong’s ears, “Little kid, you only have yourself to blame for being nosy, but don’t worry, I’ll leave your corpse in one piece.”

The sharp blade fell right into Huang Xiaolong’s spine bone.

At this moment, the other man broke out in manic laughter as he pierced his sword into Huang Xiaolong’s chest, vicious words spewing from his mouth, “Punk, it didn’t cross your mind that we’re actually a group! Seventeen disciples from different sect died under our hands before this, and you’re the eighteenth!”

These three people were actually a group!

The three people in cahoots put on a show, all to lure sect disciples like Huang Xiaolong over, killing them when they weren’t on guard, and pilfering their treasures.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the two faces, a sneer appeared on his face, “Is that so”

Both of them noticed that Huang Xiaolong was calm instead of wailing in pain, and were alarmed.

Two pairs of eyes separately darted towards his spine and chest ‘wounds’ only to realize that their so-called sharp blade and sword stopped right on the young man’s skin surface, not even making a cut through Huang Xiaolong’s skin.

“This!” The man and woman were dumbstruck.

How could this be! The first word that crossed their minds was―impossible!

Huang Xiaolong had a faint mocking smile on his face looking at their wonderful expressions.

He practiced the Golden Linglong Body that came from the Linglong Treasure Pagoda, and throughout his years of cultivations, he had lost count of the number of spirit fruits and elixirs he had swallowed.

Even before he refined the Earth Dragon egg’s essence, his physical body’s defense and toughness were comparable to an early Saint realm expert’s.

Average blades and swords had no way of hurting him, as they couldn’t even break the surface of his skin.

Intense Battle qi surged out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, repelling the two people.

Their sharp weapons were bounced to the air and broke into a dozen pieces, scattering on the ground.

Huang Xiaolong reached out, the suction force pulled the man back, with his throat in Huang Xiaolong’s palm.

An icy cold voice sounded, “Eighteenth” The man’s face turned purple as he struggled to say something, but Huang Xiaolong’s hand exerted a slight pressure, instantly crushing the man’s throat and flung him to the side without another glance.

Then, he turned around and faced the woman.

Paralyzed by fear, the woman hastened to beg, “Young Noble, have mercy, have mercy, ah! It was them, they forced me, they forced me to do this!” Her fingers pointed frantically at the two men’s corpses.

“Speak, where did all the sect disciples that entered the Ghost City go” Huang Xiaolong questioned coldly.

“They, they headed towards the Ghost King Palace.” The woman quickly answered.

“Ghost King Palace” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

“Right, right, all of them went to the Ghost King Palace.

It’s at the north side of the city, the Ghost King Palace was the Ghost King’s residence in the past, I heard there are a lot of valuable treasures inside, cultivation techniques, battle skills, even Ghost King Pellets refined by the Ghost King himself.” The woman quickly listed all the good things to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong then asked the woman what she knew about the Ghost King Palace, and everything was answered honestly.

“Young Noble, can you…” After answering the last of Huang Xiaolong’s question, the woman inquired carefully, eyes seeking mercy.

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent, his hand lifted and a finger pointed directly at the center of the woman’s eyebrows, piercing through her head with an Absolute Soul Finger, “I can leave you an intact corpse.”

The woman fell, her eyes widened in shock, laying on the ground with her milky white breasts exposed to the sky.

“Ghost King Palace.” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself and flew up towards the said direction of the Ghost King Palace.

No wonder he didn’t see anyone on the streets, each and every one of them had rushed to the Ghost King Palace.

If so, then Zhao Chen and Yao Fei would surely be at the Ghost King Palace as well!

Huang Xiaolong rushed all the way, his silhouette was only a blur in the Ghost City’s airspace.

Half a day later, he arrived at the said location.

Standing in midair, Huang Xiaolong looked before him, where the palace structures waved up and down in the horizon line in a complex pattern.

The area was so big that it was hard to estimate, and above the palace, the ghost and devil auras were thick enough to condense into ghost and devil clouds.

This was the Ghost King Palace! The place where the Ghost King cultivated in the past.


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