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Chapter 3102: I Wonder How Strong Young Master Huang Is

The Myriad Formation Devil sneered, “How can these pieces of trash be compared to His Highness”

Pang Rui wanted to speak up, but he was stopped by Wangu Xu with a single gaze.

Wangu Xu turned to Huang Xiaolong and smiled, “Young Master Huang, please enter the courtyard.

We have already arranged everything for you, and we shall talk about business during the banquet tonight.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and entered the courtyard with Wangu Xu beside him.

Everyone watched as Huang Xiaolong entered the Mystical Pavilions branch.

Soon after, Wangu Xu personally led Huang Xiaolong to one of the courtyards.

He laughed, “Young Master Huang, this is one of the best palaces our branch has to offer! Its made out of the best material found in the Origin Holy World, and even if the patriarchs of the top ten dao convergences came, they wouldnt be able to harm you!”

He specifically brought them up as he wanted to warn Huang Xiaolong not to try anything funny.

Huang Xiaolong snickered in amusement, “Branch Pavilion Master Wangu is too kind.

Im flattered.”

Wangu Xu chuckled and he continued, “Ive prepared many genesis level spiritual fruits for the banquet tonight.

Weve killed a dragon with a genesis level bloodline for Young Master Huang to feast on too.”

No one knew if that was a threat to Huang Xiaolong or not.

Nodding slightly, Huang Xiaolong didnt harp on the matter.

As the two of them exchanged pleasantries, Wangu Xu and the others finally left.

As soon as they left, the Myriad Formation Devil locked down the entire area and he made his report to Huang Xiaolong.

“Your Highness, the Mystical Pavilions Branch is surrounded by thirty six genesis level formations.

The palace were in is located in the kill zone of the formations.”

The formations surrounding the Mystical Pavilions Branch were supposed to be undetectable.

Even experts on the Extermination List shouldnt be able to sense anything amiss! However, things were different when it came to the Myriad Formation Devil.

Before they even entered, he had already seen through the locations of the formations in the surrounding area!

Huang Xiaolong wasnt bothered in the slightest when he heard that there were thirty six genesis level formations surrounding them.

Instead, he laughed at their intentions.

“Seems like the Mystical Pavilion is planning on taking us all down at once!”

He turned to the Myriad Formation Devil and said, “You can do whatever you wish to do.

Just come back in time for the banquet tonight.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” The old devil took a step back and he turned into a shadow that disappeared into the void.

Even though he hadnt comprehended the powers of space, his ability to control the power of absolute wind was at the perfection level and his speed wasnt lacking too much when compared to someone who had reached the major completion stage in the power of space.

Huang Xiaolong remained in the palace as he exchanged pointers with Lei Yu and the others using his newly comprehended power of absolute wood.

When Wangu Xu and San Song watched Huang Xiaolongs actions in his palace, they were shocked.

“Power of absolute wood!” Wangu Xu gasped.

One of the eminent elders spoke, “Huang Xiaolongs talent doesnt seem too bad if he can comprehend the power of absolute wood.”

After all, the number of experts in the younger generation who could comprehend one of the absolute powers could be counted on both hands!

The eminent elder who spoke was Mu Guang, the leader of the eminent elders in the Mystical Pavilions Branch in the Origin Heavenly Cave! He was only weaker than Wangu Xu, and he was even stronger than the vice branch master, Pang Rui!

Pang Rui snickered.

“The power of absolute wood ranks third from the bottom.

So what if he managed to comprehend it At the very most, hell be able to rank in the top fifteen of the Mystical List.

It seems like he only managed to step through the initial gates of comprehending the power anyway.”

Wangu Xu nodded.

“Huang Xiaolong is far too weak compared to Qinger.

He wont be able to take thirty strikes from her!”

Wangu Qinger was ranked sixth on the Mystical List, and compared to Huang Xiaolong who they felt had the ability to only rank fifteen, she was like a sun in the midday sky.

“All of you should do as we planned tonight.” San Song growled.

“Yes, Lord San Song!”

The day passed in a flash, and the veil of dusk fell.

As silvery moonlight covered the city, it looked exceptionally mesmerizing.

The old devil returned as promised, and Huang Xiaolong addressed everyone.

“Lets go.

The banquet should be starting soon.”

As soon as they stepped out of their courtyard, they saw a group of disciples led by Tang Fei walking towards them.

Tang Fei spoke to Huang Xiaolong, “Young Master Huang, Lord Branch Pavilion Master ordered us to bring you over to the grand hall.”

Seeing how they sent out a mere disciple to escort them over, Huang Xiaolong questioned, “Is your branch pavilion master too busy to come personally”

Tang Fei snickered, “There are many patriarchs and eminent elders present for the banquet.

Lord Branch Pavilion Master has to be present in the hall, and I hope Young Master Huang understands.”

Nodding his head, Huang Xiaolong realized that they were mistaken about something.

They felt that he was trapped the moment he entered the Mystical Pavilions Branch, and they were no longer playing nice.

They quickly arrived in the hall.

There were many people moving about, and there were indeed a lot of patriarchs, doyens, and hall masters who attended the anquet.

Huang Xiaolong knew that all of them were loyal vassals of the Mystical Pavilion as Wangu Xu wouldnt allow any trouble makers to ruin his plan.

When they made their move later, all the experts present would be perfect accomplices!

As soon as Wangu Xu saw Huang Xiaolong, he walked over with a grin on his face.

“Young Master Huang, I planned to personally pick you up, but I was too busy! I hope you understand.”

Waving his hand slightly, Huang Xiaolong brushed it off.

“Let me introduce you to some experts of our Origin Heavenly Cave!” Wangu Xu chuckled and introduced those present.

Out of four hundred over experts present, all of them seemed to hail from the top twenty factions in the Origin Heavenly Cave! Even the Everlasting Creed who ranked in the top ten came! The Everlasting Dao Venerable personally led his doyens and hall masters over for the banquet.

The Everlasting Creed was ranked fourth among the dao convergences in the Origin Heavenly Cave!

Pointing to one of the young men present, Wangu Xu addressed Huang Xiaolong.

“Thats Patriarch Liu Qiuan of the Tyrant Beast Creed! Young Master Huang should remember them, right” He smiled and continued, “Xie Li, who died in the hands of Lei Yu, was their hall master!”

Liu Qiuan laughed.

“Ive heard of Young Master Huangs reputation! Youre really a dragon amongst men!” After he spoke, his expression turned frosty.

“I wonder how strong Young Master Huang really is.”

“Youll see.”

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