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Chapter 3089: Kill to My Hearts Content!

As though he didnt hear the old devil, Huang Xiaolong closed his eyes and continued to comprehend the power of life within absolute wood.

After a thousand years of comprehension, Huang Xiaoong hadnt been able to understand the power of absolute wood.

He was at the cusp of understanding it, and it was also the reason he had bought out all the Liquid of Life the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce possessed.

With more than a thousand drops, he refused to believe that he couldnt understand the power of absolute wood!

When the Myriad Formation Devil saw how nonchalant Huang Xiaolong was acting, he couldnt help but sneer in response.

Sinister laughter escaped his lips, and when Feng Yuxuan was affected by the soundwaves, she felt her head splitting in two.

Even though she wasnt an expert on the Extermination List, she was ranked ninth on the Heaven Secret List! She was stronger than patriarchs of the top thirty creeds, but she was unable to stop the laughter from the Myriad Formation Devil from affecting her!

Her face drooped and fear set into her heart.

The maidservants behind her experienced the same fate.

This was the first time she had felt so hopeless, and one had to know that she was weaker than a bug before the Myriad Formation Devil! As for her maidservants, they felt completely hopeless.

Feng Yuxuan might survive due to her fathers reputation, but they wouldnt be able to live through the exchange! The Myriad Formation Devil was someone who showed no mercy!

“I was initially planning to leave after obtaining the Pure Soil.

But, since youre so stubborn, I dont mind killing everyone here!” The Myriad Formation Devil snorted when he saw how Huang Xiaolong ignored him.

Feng Yuxuan was shocked.

Wasnt the old devil referring to her too

As soon as he spoke, the old devil pointed at Huang Xiaolong.

A terrifying wave of power appeared before Huang Xiaolong, and even an expert at the level of Feng Yuxuan couldnt see how quickly he moved.

Before it could pierce through Hung Xiaolongs head, a bolt of purple lightning shot out from the core of the mountain and turned into a sea of lightning that enveloped the peak.

It stopped the old devils attack.

“Huh” The old devil gasped in shock.

He didnt expect his attack to be stopped so easily.

“This treasure is pretty good!” The more he looked at it, the more he desired to obtain the Purple Lightning Peak.

Once again, he used the same attack.

This time, the power contained in the energy beam was even more concentrated.

The space around his finger shattered but a beam of fiery light slammed into his attack before it could land.


The Myriad Formation Devil was taken aback.

He stared at the Old Monster Flame and frowned, “Major completion stage Power of absolute blaze!”

It was clear the Old Monster Flame had made his move.

The ladies were once again shocked when they looked at the skinny old man.

The power of absolute blaze at the major completion stage wasnt something they could play off.

They didnt think that the skinny old man, who listened to Huang Xiaolong, was someone at that level!

If that was the case, he was definitely an expert capable of entering the top fifty ranks in the Extermination List!

After their shock receded a bit, Feng Yuxuan and her maidservants heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.

If the Old Monster Flame was really an expert at that level, their chances of survival had increased by quite a bit.

Calming himself down, the Myriad Formation Devil felt excitement boiling in him.

“An existence comparable to experts ranked in the top fifty ranks of the Extermination List! Nice! I love killing people at that level! Ill go all out today!” As soon as he spoke, his palm came crashing down on Huang Xiaolong and the others.

Killing ordinary peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables was something that bored him.

Only existences at their level could allow him to feel a sense of excitement.

An azure palm appeared above the mountain all of a sudden and it was formed by the power of absolute wind at the grand completion stage.

It covered the skies, and it was god knew how many millions of miles large.

Before it even fell, the terrifying howling of wind deafened those present.

The howling of the wind signified death to anyone who dared to stand in his way!

Right before it could come crashing down, a purple pillar tore through the skies and sundered the palm.

As the palm made from the power of wind crumbled, the purple light started to scatter.

Feng Yuxuan was stunned, and she looked at the three headed-beast before her, who unleashed the counterattack to stop the giant palm from descending.

The three-headed beast stood tall as its aura expanded like a sea.

It covered the entire mountain and lightning qi started to emerge from his body.

It was a power she only felt when her father unleashed his true strength, but at the same time, she could tell that the beasts aura was still increasing!

The maidservants felt their jaws dropping when they looked at the beast.

Wasnt it the three-headed beast Huang Xiaolong was riding on previously

The Myriad Formation Devil Stared at Lei Yu, and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock.

“Power of absolute lightning at perfection stage!” His expression finally started to turn serious.

No longer hiding their auras, the Old Monster Flame and the others released everything they had.

Their power enveloped the entire mountain peak.

Feeling the power coming from all thirteen experts and one beast, Feng Yuxuan felt her world going dark.

Some of them were strong enough to rank in the Extermination List!

The Myriad Formation Devil was equally as shocked.

He wasnt shocked by their strength.

Instead, he couldnt understand how they would follow behind a nameless brat!

Lei Yus other two heads finally roared back to life as he unleashed his powers completely.

“Ranked fifteenth on the Extermination List!” The Myriad Formation Devil yelled when he looked at Lei Yu.

Turning to Huang Xiaolong once again, he finally felt that something was off.

Why would the ranked-fifteenth Lei Yu allow a mere youngster to be his master

His expression turned extremely colorful in that instant.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong who remained impassive this whole while.

However, his gaze solidified when he thought about the Pure Soil.

Even if Huang Xiaolong was an important figure, he didnt give a **! He wouldnt be afraid of going up against the entire army of Death Beasts, much less a brat he didnt know the name of!

When he looked at Lei Yu again, he finally recalled his name.

“Youre Lei Yu!”

“Thats right.” Lei Yus voice boomed through the skies.

Laughing in amusement, the Myriad Formation Devil growled, “Alright! Ill kill to my hearts content today!” He no longer hid his aura, and he unleashed his power of darkness and wind to their full extent.

The power of two energies at perfection level wasnt something to scoff at as he added the power of absolute earth at the major completion stage into the mix.

When he was finally ready, he appeared on the peak of the mountain with a single step.

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